KocerRoxy Review 2024

Updated: January 5, 2024

KocerRoxy is a one-stop solution for any proxy needs from residential, datacenter, or rotating and sticky proxies.

They also have a referral program that will pay you up to 8% commissions for each sale.

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KocerRoxy’s Mission

KocerRoxy has made customer satisfaction their #1 priority and they prove that by providing fast, knowledgeable support around the clock.

To ease the user experience, they have an elaborate easy-to-use dashboard and provide a range of payment options.

They offer new customers a 2$ trial which provides 1 day datacenter of their choice of region with 250 threads and 400 MB of Residential proxies to try.

KocerRoxy has both a referral program and a loyalty program to reward you for both using and promoting their platform.

What Makes KocerRoxy A Great Choice

High Quality Proxies

Always quality over quantity and a 99% uptime

Highly Affordable

High quality doesn’t have to be expensive. KocerRoxy offers affordable prices

Fast Support

A customer centric service center that is staffed with knowledgable folks

Interactive Dashboard

A simple to use customer dashboard.

KocerRoxy Proxy Plan Features

Residential Plan:

  • A huge pool of 11 million IPs from locations worldwide (User:Pass and IP auth)
  • Country specific options to choose from including US, UK, DE, JP, ESP, BR, FR, IT, CA, RU, AU, NL, PL and DK
  • Option to create static sessions (rotation fixed at 10 minutes and can be used in User:Pass format only)
  • Option to choose different formats in User:Pass proxies
  • Rotation on every request
  • Expires in 60 days from the time of redemption
  • Supported Protocols: HTTP(S)/SOCKS5
  • You will receive only one proxy port through which the proxies will be rotated There will be no proxy list given except in static sessions
  • Compatibility with any target is subjective, depending on several factors. Please check compatibility in the technical section of the FAQ or consult live support for specifics

Datacenter Plan:

  • Truly unlimited bandwidth. Default plans fixed at 500 threads. Custom plans are also available
  • Two Location Pools – USA and European Mixed (Region can’t be changed once chosen)
  • Fixed Pool with 15K Proxies (Protocols Supported: HTTP(s) and SOCKS5 (testing stages)
  • Rotation on each request
  • Only IP Auth available (Max of 1 IP auth on 1 Sub)
  • You will receive only one proxy port through which the 15K proxies will be rotated. There will be no lists provided.
  • Compatibility with any target is subjective, depending on several factors

KocerRoxy Referral Program

To be eligible to promote KocerRoxy as an affiliate you need to sign up for a free account. It takes just a few minutes.

The commission structure breaks down like this:

  • Earn 8% commissions for datacenter purchases
  • Earn 5% commissions for residential purchases

KocerRoxy Loyalty Program

The KocerRoxy Loyalty Program reward their customers as they spend more on the site.

To be a part of the Loyalty Program, you simply need to have registered on KocerRoxy.com and make purchases.

The rewards will be calculated in the following way and added to the account balance:

Example: A user named Hacky has been purchasing from KocerRoxy for a few months now and has spent 400$ on the site.

As the program is in effect, on his next purchase, which can be of any amount, he will get a cashback in the form of credits as an unclaimed reward in the Loyalty Reward tab, and since his total spend is 400$, he will be getting 4% of the order amount.

So, if he purchases 100$ worth of proxies, he will receive 4$ as an unclaimed reward.

KocerRoxy Conclusion

As a customer of KocerRoxy, you’ll get the best proxy solutions for the lowest price in the market.

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As an affiliate with KocerRoxy, you’ll earn a generous commission for your promotional efforts.

Doing business with KocerRoxy is smart.

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