IronFX Affiliate Program Review 2024

Are your website visitors interested in online trading? If so, the IronFX Affiliates program can reward you with up to $1,500 CPA for every qualified trader you refer to them.

Moreover, for a limited time only, you can become an IronFX Affiliate and receive a $500 Cash Bonus for your referred clients.

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Who Is IronFX?

IronFX is globally recognized brand in the competitive arena of online trading.

IronFX provides affiliates with a virtual library of marketing resource tools to help them maximize their profits. That includes an excellent tracking system that operates in real-time, allowing affiliates to quickly test and track campaigns and make changes on the fly.

Why Join IronFX As An Affiliate?

IronFX has a wonderful array of commission plans including:

  • CPA By Country: Affiliates will receive a fixed commission for each qualified trader referred to IronFX. Commission rates varies depending on the trader’s country of origin but go up to $1,500.
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  • FTD Tiered CPA: Receive a fixed commission for a qualified trader referred to IronFX, depending on the traders deposit, with up to 5 levels available.
  • FTD Amount: Receive a commission based on the qualified traders FTD.
  • Hybrid Strategy: Combination of 2 types of all available commission, CPA + revenue share/rebates.
  • Revenue Share: Receive up to 50% of the profit share.
  • Rebates: Receive up to $10 per lot traded by the referred client.

After you are accepted into the the affiliate program, your affiliate manager will analyse your webpage and/or traffic sources to create a tailored commissions plan for you.

Highlights That Make IronFX The Perfect Choice For Affiliate Publishers:

  1. Cookie Life
    Nothing like sending a referral over and missing out on your commissions because of a short expiration window. IronFX gives you a nice window of 60 days between the click and the last day your referred click to become a qualified trader. This is especially nice in the trading arena when it commonly takes more than one click to convert.
  2. High-Converting Landing Pages
    IronFX has you covered with time tested high-converting landing pages as well. All referral landing pages are well laid out, user-friendly and mobile responsive. Equally important, all of their registration pages meet the highest quality standards which also boosts your conversion rates.
  3. Marketing Banners That Grab Attention
    IronFX has put together a collection of professionally designed banners you will use in communications with IronFX affiliate clients and referrals. They have translated banners in more than 15 languages and in all of the standard sizes you need. 
  4. Live Tracking & Reporting
    Access all the information you need to monitor your traffic’s live activity via IronFX’s user-friendly affiliates portal. You will get all of the detailed stats, trend reports, commissions, clicks, payouts and more to keep your campaigns on track and your profits on the rise. 
  5. Ongoing Promotions
    IronFX regularly hosts demo and live trading competitions as well as trading bonuses and other innovative promotions. Their real-time analysis of online traders needs allows them to responsibly act fast to satisfy them. As an affiliate, you can use these promotions to generate high traffic through event marketing.

How To Get Started As An Affiliate With IronFX:

Step 1: Sign Up

If your website visitors are interested in online trading, click the red button below now to create a new account and join the affiliate program within minutes.

Step 2: Advertise

Once you’re in, you’ll gain full access to the advanced affiliate portal where you can choose from a wide range of marketing tools specially designed to generate traffic and boost your conversion rates.

Step 3: Earn Revenue

Start earning money! IronFX Affiliates provides you the tools you need to succeed. Use all of the available resources provided to scale out your campaigns. 

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IronFX is one of those rare platforms that over-delivers to its affiliates. They understand that when you succeed, it makes them stronger and more profitable too.

IronFX doesn’t just want you to send them more online traders; they want to partner with you in a mutually beneficial business partnership.

The tools, tracking and payouts offered by IronFX make this program a winner.

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