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If you are interested in earning big ticket commissions and building an online business, without having to do any selling yourself, then you are on the right page.

With the program that I’m about to describe, you’ll learn how to create a passive income from the comfort of your own home without all of the hassles of running a traditional business. Now if the thought of running your own business seems overwhelming, please let me assure you that:

  • You don’t have to have any technical knowledge or experience
  • You do not need to have or create your own product or service
  • You don’t need any sales skills since you won’t be doing any selling

Dean Holland’s Internet Profits Overview

Since I am a partner of Internet Profits myself, I will unbox this program and take you on a tour inside my own member dashboard so I can show you everything that you’ll get for joining me and many other money makers.

What lies inside is the solution to long-term high income that you’ve been searching for. It will take some hard work, yes. But hardest part, which is selling, will be handled by the pros. All you need to do is follow the blueprint that is included and the rest will be done for you. 

But before we dig into the program itself, lets take a step back and look at who created this unique opportunity to partner with other internet marketing leaders.


Who Is Dean Holland?

Serial entrepreneur Dean Holland started his money attraction ways at a very young age. He began his business career by buying and selling sweets to other kids in his school. As a teenager he started numerous money-making ventures, but never discovered the one model that he was always looking for. Something that allowed him to start small but scale quickly and efficiently.

In 2004, Dean discovered the business vehicle he had been looking for… internet marketing.

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Once he learned internet marketing he quickly become fascinated by the industry, and driven towards success. He jumped in and learned all he could and began to sell digital based products online.

By 2011 Dean had successfully sold over half a million dollars of digital products online and has since shared his unique marketing and sales concepts with thousands of entrepreneurs in dozens of countries around the world.

Now a world renowned author, speaking, coach and consultant there’s nothing Dean loves more than helping others implement better systems and processes that generate more leads, customers and high paying clients into a business. Dean’s latest book, The Iceberg Effect, is also a great read.

I know this from personal knowledge, since he’s my online mentor.

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Become An Internet Profits Certified Partner

Yes, I’m a full paid partner myself. What that means is that I will personally be vested in your success in this venture if you join with me. I have over a decade of full-time experience in internet marketing. I can help you with your website, traffic generation, social media management and just about anything else you need.

 In short, if you join with me, you and I will become accountability partners. Once you complete Dean’s 30 Day Blueprint, we will create a plan for you going forward to continue your momentum. 
The 30 Day Blueprint is the first thing you will complete when you join:

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Day 29 brings you how to generate long-term sustainable lead sources – including premium traffic training:


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IPP premium traffic training

Day 30 brings you full circle and allows you to conclude your certified partner training.

What’s Included In Internet Profits?

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  • Once You Join, You Are A Lifetime Partner Which Means You’ll Earn All Commissions From Any Referral For The Lifetime Of That Customer
  • Done For You Ultimate Funnels That Will Pay You Up to $3,000 Per Sale
  • 30 Day Blueprint To Get You Up And Running
  • Drag & Drop Software Suite
  • Done-For-You Promotional Content
  • Free Traffic Console
  • Paid Traffic Mastery
  • Live Coaching & Mentoring Twice Weekly
  • My Own Personal Commitment To Help You Succeed As A Partner

Who Is Profit Partners For?

  • Beginners who want to learn how to build an online business the right way from the very start
  • Experienced affiliate marketers who are not making the kind of money they believe they should be making
  • Expert affiliate marketers who are looking for a new income stream selling high ticket offers
How Much Money Can You Make As An Internet Profits Partner?

I’m going to show you some screenshots below showing you what’s possible as certified partner. But before I do, I want to make something perfectly clear here…

You get out of the program what you put into it. Some partners follow the roadmap, use the tools provided and go through all of the training modules and end up multiplying their investment many times over. Others put little effort in and their results are predictably poor.

Therefore I can not make any guarantees about your ability to get results like the ones displayed below or implied elsewhere. The program does come with a money back guarantee which is your insurance policy if you decide its not the right fit for you.

With that said, here is what’s possible with this program: 

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internet profits partners paid traffic training image
How Much Is The Investment In The Internet Profits Partner Program?

To become a Partner with lifetime access, all the training modules and tools plus lifetime access to promote all the current and future products is a one time investment of $1,997. 

This is a real investment. I made this investment myself and consider it one of the best decisions I’ve made for my online business. The training programs alone are worth the sticker price, but you get a lot more than that.

  • You become a part of a private community of like marketers all working together toward everyone’s success
  • I will personally help you along using the decade of knowledge that I have accumulated as a full-time internet marketer 

If you’re tired spinning your wheels as an affiliate marketer or of making nickel and dime commissions while others are making thousands of dollars per sale, you should give this some real consideration.  

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