Everflow Platform Review

Everflow is a smart partner marketing platform that allows your company to track, manage and understand their affiliates, influencers, apps and every media buying channel.

The Everflow platform allows you to take your partner marketing to the next level with clickless tracking, real-time analytics, partner discovery, optimization, fraud detection and more.

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How Everflow Will Support Your Success:


  • Easy launching with full team training and tracking setup
  • Instant Shopify setup without any technical work
  • Fully ITP Compliant – No tracking cookies are needed

Ad Network

  • Better pricing than Tune or Cake
  • Everflow handles the full setup and data migration
  • Reliability and speed through Google Cloud
  • A full suite of the best anti-fraud tools

Affiliate Manager

  • Reporting for affiliate performance
  • Curated Affiliate Marketplace for partners that drive: scale, media buying, or unique opps
  • Starting at only $395/mth with click-based usage pricing

Media Buyer

  • Direct Linking: Track via landing page instead of link
  • Impression Tracking and view-through attribution
  • Smart Links that auto-optimize towards your KPI rules

Mobile App

  • Integrated with all of the major MMPs
  • Automated Optimization using MMP Data
  • Manage your publisher relationships directly

Why Companies Love The Everflow Platform:

Everflow customers end up become raving fans and long-time partner clients.

1. Everflow Provides Fast Expert Support

All companies promise quick professional help to their clients, but few follow through like Everflow does.

By choosing Everflow, your team will receive:

  • Full onboarding training to familiarize them with the platform
  • A well-laid out plan and roadmap for success
  • Direct support for setting up tracking
  • After setup, you’ll always have access to answers right away via in-platform live chat
  • If you have an existing platform, they handle your full data / setup migration and can implement any other key platform integrations

2. Easy To Read Performance Data Without A Spreadsheet

To increase your optimization, you need to be able to make quick decisions based on real-time data.

Everflow gives you the ability to break down your data across any metric at date point in real time, and block all poor quality traffic.

3. Curated Partner Marketplace For Partners That Drive Scale, Media Buying, Or Unique Opps

Everflow offers a fresh approach by providing you with access to their carefully curated list of key partnerships that can form your all-important partner channel.

EverXChange lets you discover a list of curated performance partners and automatically connects you to them without any setup needed.

4. Auto-Optimization And Fraud Blocking

Everflow will provide you a suite of automated processes including:

  • Smart Links – That will auto-optimize your landing pages based on revenue, CVR, EPC and more
  • SmartSwitch – Will allow you to set required metric goals and block any placements that fail to achieve these goals
  • Anti-Fraud Defenses – Block proxies, bad IPs, duplicate clicks and enable you to scrub away bad conversions
  • Powerful Targeting – Allows you to filter and receive traffic only from the countries and devices that you want to reach

5. Clickless Tracking Through Five Different Channels

  1. Affiliates & Media Buying – Use Direct Linking to send the user directly to the landing page, instead of using redirect links that are often blocked by Facebook & Google
  2. Influencers & Referral Partners – Track through coupon codes & tracking code URLs whenever they can’t send traffic directly using the Direct Linking method
  3. In-App Publishers – Use Postback tracking combined with Server-Side Clicks to track CPI/CPA campaigns while being IOS 14 SKAdNetwork compliant
  4. Emailers & Subscriptions – Use Email Attribution to associate an email address with a conversion event, and pay your partner for every subscription renewal
  5. QR Codes – This tracking channel is unique and one that you are welcome to get creative withD

Everflow Platform Conclusion

Everflow gives you a white-label platform that allows you full control over your relationships and API access.

You’ll have both flexibility and total control over your Partner Marketing platform. You can recruit the partners and advertisers that are the perfect fit for your initiatives without any outside approval.

Your platform can be white-labeled and customized to reflect your brand and messaging.

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Anything you see inside of the platform is accessible via API for pushing/pulling into your tech stack. You won’t need to worry about anything changing as your performance marketing channels evolve since Everflow will always get along nicely with your other solutions.

Everflow allows you to be able to consolidate all of your performance marketing into a single platform that will allow you to understand and analyze every channel and partner driving results and how they compare against each other.

No other tracking platform offers the advanced solutions, tools, tech and support that Everflow does.

Everflow Referral Program

You can get paid by promoting Everflow to businesses who are looking for a better tracking platform.

All you need to do is make the referral and the Everflow team will do all of the selling for you.

For every new referred client, you will earn 10% of the referrers’ clients’ monthly bill with Everflow for an entire year.

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