Beginners Guide To The Bluehost Website Builder

Updated: January 7, 2024 by Bill Burniece

Complete beginners can build a beautiful website with this drag-and-drop-easy platform by Bluehost

You can get started in minutes.

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Step By Step Guide To Using The Bluehost Website Builder:

3 Simple Steps To Bring Your Website To Life
  1. Get Your Bluehost Hosting Account & Domain Name (if you need one)
  2. Follow The Simple Instructions To Install WordPress
  3. Start Making It Your Own Using The Bluehost Website Builder

Step #1)  Getting Your Own Bluehost Hosting Account:

Click the button below to get started:

After clicking the blue button you will see that page pictured below.

This page will open Bluehost in a new tab so you can click back on this tab to continue the step-by-step instructions on this page.

bluehost screenshot 1

After you click on the Get Started button, you’ll land on a page with your plan selections.

You can start with the cheapest ‘Basic’ plan if you only need one website to start. You can always upgrade your account later if you need more websites. Even the basic plan includes everything you need to get started:

  1. Hosting Account
  2. Domain Name (if needed)
  3. The Bluehost Website Builder
  4. Email Account For Your New Website

 Please note that the plans are usually billed annually, which will save you money in the long run.

bluehost screenshot 3

After choosing your plan, you’ll be sent to the domain name page.

If you’re not ready to choose your domain name you can skip this step for now by clicking that option on the page.

Choose a good, short, easy-to-spell, and relevant domain name for your business. Keep in mind that the best .com names are long gone so get creative or use a .net if you need to.

If you already have a domain registered elsewhere, you can have the domain transferred to Bluehost for free and receive an additional year of registration added on to the end of your current term.


bluehost screenshot 2

If the domain name you choose is already taken, you’ll be instructed to choose a different one.

After you select your domain name and hit the NEXT button you’ll go to the account info page here:

bluehost screenshot 4

You’ll have some optional services to select from but you don’t have to choose these now. These options include:

  • Domain Privacy Protection
  • Site Backup Pro
  • Search Engine Jumpstart
  • SiteLock Security

Pay for your selected package and you’ll be directed to choose your password:

bluehost screenshot 5

Congratulations; you are all done with Step 1.

Step #2)  Setting Up Your New WordPress Website:

Now that you have purchased your new Bluehost hosting account, you are ready to start building your site using the free Bluehost Website Builder.

  1. First, click the tab titled My Sites located on the left side navigation menu.
  2. Next, click the button titled Create New Site.
  3. You will see the options to build a WordPress site or a Bluehost Builder site. Click the option to Use Bluehost Builder.
  4. Now, the Bluehost Website Builder will guide you through the simple setup:
    1. Category and Name: Choose a category for your site, then name it. You will be able to change the name later, but the category cannot be changed later once it is set. When you are ready, click Continue.
    2. Cover Image: Choose a stock photo or upload the photo you would like to use for your cover, then click Continue.
    3. Logo: Upload your logo, then click Continue. You can skip this step for now if you don’t have a logo for your business yet.
    4. Font: Choose the fonts you wish to use to customize your website, then click Continue.
    5. Colors: Choose either a light or dark theme, select your color options, then click Continue.
    6. Navigation: Navigation determines how and where your menus will appear. Choose your preferred style, then click Continue.
    7. Contact Details: Set your contact details, then click Continue.

Once set up, you will have the option of taking a brief ‘tour’ tutorial. I recommend that you do this. Get familiar with the building editor, and start designing whenever you are ready. It’s really; you’ve got this.

If you get stuck along the way, use this guide as a reference to get back on track.

Step #3)  Start Designing Your New WordPress Website:

First, you’ll need to access the Bluehost Builder Editor.

To access all of the design elements, you will need to add a section.

To do this, navigate to the Page or Post you would like to add a section to.

Click the + (Add Section) icon anywhere on your page, then choose which type of element you would like to add:

  • Address – This element will show your address on a map. When you add the ‘Address’ element, you will be able to choose a template and update your address any time you need to. To update your address, click the ⚙ ‘gear’ icon.
  • Apps – The Apps element will connect your Google Calendar, SoundCloud, Mixer, Twitch, Twitch Clips etc. Simply enter the username or URL (whichever is asked for) for your profile to link your account.
  • Blog – Add the blog element to manage your website’s blog. If you have a website, you should have a blog section. You can create blog posts, edit, publish, or delete them, set blog photos, and add categories or SEO settings.
  • Business Hours – This element will display your business hours, address and/or phone number. This element is optional.
  • Call to Action – This element allows you to create a call to action to prompt your site visitors to take any action you would like them to take. You can create a call to action button that links to another page, an email opt-in form, a phone number, a file, or anything else you like.
  • Contact Form – This element to adds your contact form to your site. This is one element that you shouldn’t skip. To use the Contact Form element, click the ⚙ ‘gear’ icon to edit form fields, the email address submissions will be sent to, and the confirmation message users will see when contact submissions are successfully sent.
  • Countdown – Use the countdown element if you would like to count down to important events or deadlines.
  • Cover Image – The Cover Image element will add a cover photo for your website. Choose a template, then use the Settings tab to control what shows up on your photo and the Background tab to choose the image you would like to use.
  • Embed URL – Use this element to add an iframe. An iframe is used to insert content from another source into a web page. Use the Settings tab to customize the layout and set a URL and the Background tab to set a background for your iframe content.
  • Event – This element can be used to create an event calendar on your page. Simply, hover over the calendar item, and use the icons that appear to resize or change your images, add links or alt text. Click the Add item button to add another event to your calendar.
  • FAQ – Add this element to display FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) to your web page. You should use FAQ’s throughout your website to enhance the user experience. Plus Google likes to see FAQ’s and rewards pages that use them.
  • Facebook – Use the Facebook element to choose a template to display your Facebook page (if you have one). Click the ⚙ ‘gear’ icon to pull up the Social Accounts window, and enter your Facebook page URL.
  • Gallery – This element will allow you to add a photo gallery to your post or page. Choose a template to determine how your photos will be displayed and arranged.
  • Map – The Maps element will allow you to showcase a location using a map. Click the Manage Markers button to set the map address.
  • Media/Text – Use the Media/Text element to add text or images. Choose a template to determine how your content will be displayed.
  • Menu – The Menu element will allow you to create a menu for your products or services.
  • PayPal – If you use PayPal, this element will allow you to list products linked directly to your PayPal account. Click the Add Item button to add your products. Use the Settings Tab to customize the layout and the Background Tab to set your products’ background. It’s easy.
  • Pricelist – Use this element as an overview of any pricing plans you would like to display. Click the Add Item button to add your pricing plans.
  • Products – This element will allow you to show off products or services from your store. Use the Settings Tab to customize the layout and the Background Tab to set your products’ background. Click the Add Item button to add your products or services.
  • Progress – Use this element to display your business’s progress towards any goals . Choose a template, then click the ⚙ ‘gear’ icon to set the progress percentage and appearance.
  • Promotion – This element allows you to promote a product or service with a discount or special offer.
  • Social – To add Social Media Buttons, use the Social element. Choose a template, then enter the URL or username for any social accounts you would like to display buttons for and link to.
  • Statistics – This element can be used to show statistics about your business, such as how many stars, partnerships or clients you have. Just click the Add Item button to add new statistics.
  • Store – This element can be used to add a store to your page. Please see Bluehost Website Builder – How to Add an eCommerce Store.
  • Subscribe – If you want to add a subscription option, use this element to create a form to allow your site visitors to add their email address to your mailing list.
  • Team – The Team element allows you to showcase your team members, employees or contributors. Click the Add item button to add extra team members.
  • Testimonials – Use this element to display testimonials from customers that like what you do.  Click the Add Item button to add your testimonials.
  • Text – This element will add your text. Choose a template to determine how your text content will be laid out.
  • Timeline – The Timeline element will allow you to show your site visitors a timeline of important events, like your business’s or product’s history.
  • USPs – A USP is a ‘unique selling proposition.’ Choose a template, then set information about your products or services. Click the Add Item button to add your USP to a product or service.
  • Video – Use this element to add a video to your post or page. Click the ⚙ ‘gear’ icon to set the URL of the video you want to display.

Choose a template to display your content.

Stock photos and filler text will be used as placeholders to give you an idea of where and how your content will appear.

The Bluehost Website Builder Feature Overview:

This website builder includes some impressive features that anyone can use – from complete beginners to advanced builders:

  • Live editing
  • Custom CSS
  • Mobile editing
  • Full WordPress Access
  • Drag-and-drop editing
  • Stock image repository
  • Mobile-ready templates
  • Protection from design errors
  • 300+ quick-start smart templates

Bluehost Website Builder FAQ:

Q: Does Bluehost have a web builder?
A: Yes, it’s called the Bluehost Website Builder and is an online website creation tool with a simple to use drag-and-drop interface.

Q: How much does Bluehost charge to build a website?
A: The Bluehost Website Builder is included with any new Bluehost hosting plan.

Q: What website builders work with Bluehost?
A: BlueHost offers several website building options on their hosting platform – including Weebly and WordPress using the Bluehost Website Builder own website builder.

Q: How do I get Bluehost builder?
A: By signing up for any paid Bluehost hosting account.

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