Need Some Quick Money To Build Your Online Business?

One of the biggest challenges, especially when you’re still finding your way, in online marketing is the constant battle of cash flow.  Since you need to spend money up front on many things (such as hosting, software, training, traffic, email systems, etc.) you can find yourself challenged by having enough capital to keep building your business day to day.

What will solve this problem for you is a working capital loan.  Working capital loans used to be a pain in the ass to apply for since they required the same amount of paperwork as most other loans (auto, home, equity line, whatever).

Kabbage changed all of that – especially for internet marketers like you and I.  Link any of your business’s online services to qualify on the spot.  It takes about ten minutes to apply – that’s it.  Unlike traditional lenders, they approve businesses by looking at real life data, not just a credit score.  No paperwork, faxing, or waiting in line.  But you will need a history of making money though either Amazon, eBay, Paypal, a business checking account, or another merchant account.  The amount of money you’ll qualify is based on a snapshot of your past sales.  Here’s How It Works:

Qualify for working capital lines from $500 to $100,000
Click Here Now To Apply Kabbage has simplified the lending process.  Get approved for lines from $500 to $100,000 and take funds as often as once a day.  Pay only for what you take. No hidden costs.  There are no early payment fees.

The cost of a Kabbage Loan:
  • Fees are 1% – 13.5% of your selected loan amount the first 2 months and 1% for each of the remaining 4 months. No early payment fees.
  • Every month, for six months, you pay back 1/6th of the total loan amount plus the monthly fee. You can pay early and save.
  • Each draw is treated as an agreement between you and Kabbage. Draw against your line as often as once a day. Pay only for what you take.

Click Here Now To Apply You know what else?  Kabbage also has an affiliate program where you can make $150.00 for anyone you refer who qualifies for a working capital loan.  Sign up by clicking Here

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