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 Do you often buy ready-made website templates? Are you a big social media fan? Do you have crowds of followers there? If you answered any of these questions positively, then you simply cannot pass by TemplateMonster’s Social Stock giveaway. Intended for all avid social media fans and simply web design lovers, it provides you with an opportunity to get any premium template for free, alongside with a number of cool prices. Let’s dig deeper into details.

Social Stock is a contest initiated by TemplateMonster a couple of months ago. With thousands of participants enrolled, it is currently one of the greatest and long-lasting contests on the web. Providing everyone who enrolls with a 10% discount on all themes, TemplateMonster gives you an opportunity to let all your social media followers save some money on the purchase of trendy web design stuff. As a participant of the contest, you are interested in the active involvement of your friends and just accidental acquaintances, since the more often your promo-code is used, the greater chances to win more valuable prizes you have. Each promo-code usage equals one point on your personal Social Stock account. So, the more you collect, the more you win. The number of prices that you can get is not limited. Here is the entire list:

It doesn’t matter if you have ever bought anything from TemplateMonster or this is the first time that you hear about the company – everyone is welcome to participate. Terms and conditions were made very simple. Here is all that you need to do:

  • Register in the contest by leaving your valid email address;
  • receive an email with your unique promo-code; 
  • share the promo-code in social media. 

TemplateMonster has prepared a set of funny memes, banners, demotivators, and even emails for you, so that there will be no need in thinking about promotional texts or doing design work on your own. Just replace the default promo-code with yours and you are ready to go.

Giveaway Terms & Conditions

To claim your participation you need to join social stock program, generate your own promo code and share it on social networks. Then click back to this page and leave a comment below this post with a print screen or a link to your page / blog where you shared the promo code.

The giveaway runs from October 1 till October 15 2016.