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Wide Markets Ltd has announced the launch of a new medium for smart advertisers in the Fashion industry to use. While other companies stick on trying different formats for mobile, tablet and desktop devices, Wide Markets Media, formed a more comprehensive solution for advertisers who are looking to reach their audiences on every screen with an internet connection.

Wide Markets Media have done it, by co-operating with premium publishers from different environments, including VR apps, TV apps, and even Radio apps. The results for advertisers is efficient and straightforward, connecting them with their audience through multiple devices.

Strengthened with data for a better People-based marketing

Wide Markets Media can target diverse kind of audiences in the fashion industry. We are proud to offer relatively 38 different sorts of settings to customize your advertising campaigns. The millennial’s and Z generations have been extremely adopting new technologies and its challenging advertisers every day, to have the right impact when the audience is ready to hear about you. For that Wide Markets Media provides advertisers with the data of fashionistas who browse the web on different fashion blogs, Instagram profiles, and other channels.

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Combined with Wide Markets Optimization™

Many advertisers need to run several campaigns until they find the right audience that drives the sales they were expecting. Wide Markets Optimization™ tools offer the intelligent and data-insights every advertiser need to have a successful campaign without spending large amounts of money running A/B tests.

This tool that is built-in on Wide Markets Media and will provide you with essential abilities to target and increase conversions in your fashion site.

Premium Publishers Access

With this new solution, advertisers can have access to very high-quality traffic generated by premium publishers from the fashion industry. It will bring your fashion site, much more high-intent purchase visitors and immediately improve your ROI thanks to the lower costs you will have on user-acquisition campaigns.

To assure publishers will drive the right audience for your brand while providing the best user experience for the shoppers looking for your products and services, premium publishers must pass through strict tests that include, traffic volumes, traffic sources, content quality assurance, average user time spent on site and much more.

Influencers Capabilities

Wide Markets Media can help advertisers to run media campaigns on Instagram, Pinterest, and other social platforms that will help them reach the right audience at the right time. Combining thousands of direct contracts signed with each influencer, advertisers can be safe watching how their brand is being reviewed by the most popular influencers in USA, Canada, and U.K.

Bottom line- Advertising for Fashion stores is getting better

With multiple solutions being developed by Wide Markets through the years, the fashion industry is getting every day new tools to optimize and make the advertising spend much savvier and bring higher ROIs to brands.

Wide Markets Ltd is proud to have these exclusive solutions and to be extremely committed to the evolution of the fashion industry and how it is being advertised.

Wide Markets CEO’s, Eitan Bronfman, said: “We work hard day by day, to create meaningful connections between advertisers and their audiences, through relevant and non-intrusive advertising methods to fuel industries’ growth. This way assures the industry to have a win: win situation which is the base of the internet foundation.”

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