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Email marketing offers you, the affiliate marketer, the opportunity to make a higher return-on-investment (ROI) than any other single activity that you engage in.

That is if you’re doing it right. And if you are doing it right you should be making around $1 per month from each person on your list. So if your list consists of 5,000 names you should be making around $5,000 per month from that resource.

Why the money really is in the list. 

But that income certainly doesn’t come from everyone on your list. Far from it. In fact nearly all of that income will come from only a minute portion of your list. The truth is that most of your list will be unresponsive. But why is that?

Facts About Email Marketing

  • Email marketing spend is expected to increase 20 percent each year, growing to $6.5 billion in 2018.
  • With this general investment in email marketing, it should come as no surprise to brands that consumers are subscribed to more than one retailer’s newsletter. On average, respondents say they are signed up for emails from 2.3 brands, which send a combined 13 messages per week.
  • Two thirds of those getting six emails a week said it was too much. Lowering the count to five or less made emails easier to stand, with only 21 percent thinking this was overkill.
  • Only a quarter of emails are opened, which many respondents attributed to the lack of relevance of the offer or message. On average, consumers feel that only 5.5 percent of emails reflect their personal interests.
  • Only 17.9 percent of consumers agree with the statement that retailers understand them.
  • Forty-five percent of consumers have unsubscribed to a retailer’s email list in the last six months. While this is partially based on annoyance at email frequency, it is also tied to irrelevancy.
  • Balking these trends are the 8 percent of people who say they love getting email. Contrary to the average, these shoppers are happy to get 10 or more messages per week.
  • These email lovers are more apt to open their brand messages, with an open rate of 59 percent. They are also more apt to find something personally appealing about the message, saying that 28 percent of emails are relevant to them.
  • A key defining characteristic of the email lover is a keen interest and pleasure in shopping. The group was 73 percent more likely to say they like or love shopping.*

As an email marketer you have to be very careful not to piss off your list. The most common complaint from email recipients is being sent too many emails each week. I’ve been guilty of this myself. Sending too many emails to your list makes your flock feel like you’re spamming them and they will either ignore future emails or unsubscribe from your list. (or both).

Here are some tips to keep your list happy and engaged:

  1. Always provide value. In fact, you should give more value to them for free than anything you’re asking from them in return. (i.e sales).
  2. Infuse your personality into each email. Remember each name on your list represents a real person so be conversational to create real human connections. Keep it real!
  3. Segment your list by topic or interest. This is a little bit more advanced but most email providers will give you the ability to do this. Nothing increases engagement more than laser targeted messages will
  4. Ask for feedback and promptly return all messages personally
  5. Always make sure your list knows that they can simply opt-out any time they want and make sure you let them know how to do so

The bottom line in email marketing is this… be a giver first. 

You will get unsubscribes every single day since it’s part of the business model. In fact, a certain percentage of subscribers only want your lead magnet and will never open another email from you once they get it.

And if you are not getting daily unsubscribes you’re not doing enough selling and need to push a little harder. 



Photo Credit: Scott Cyrus via Compfight