Tips to Help You Optimize Your Website In 2019

In this digital age, having a website while also being on social media is no longer enough. If you look at the playing field closely, website optimization tips 2019you will notice the steep competition, no matter which niche or industry.

For businesses, it means stepping up and putting the brand forward in all aspects of digital marketing. One of the priorities when it comes to a sound marketing strategy is ranking high in the search engine results.

Whether it is on Google, Bing, or Yandex, optimizing your website to get onto the first page with a search engine is a clever move that doesn’t have to cost you a thing. After all, search engine optimization is free and organic. In fact, it is found that search engines drive 93% of all website traffic. But how can you manage to land a spot in the search engine results? What can give you an edge from thousands, or even millions, of competitors?

This is where search engine optimization comes in. SEO is a tricky business that requires patience, constant updates, and lots of practice. Some SEO tactics that used to bring in tons of traffic to your website five years ago may not be as effective today. That is why it is important to understand the current trends in SEO. Here are some of the tips that can help you optimize your website in 2019.

Improve Link-Building Quality

It is no secret that link-building is an essential part of the SEO process. It is also the hardest tactic to complete. Links are there to provide your website with a sense of validation. But while it once relied on the quantity of links on your site, the updated algorithm is not as easy to manipulate. Today, the quality of your links is more important than their volume. It is only sensible for companies to build their links with this in mind.

Integrate Social Media

Another important aspect of SEO is the integration of social media. It is, in fact, an integral part of Google’s algorithm. Marketers should ensure that websites have social media links and vice versa. Social media accounts and discussions where brand names or keywords come up have a significant impact on organic search results. Social media provides a platform where customers can interact with the company, cementing brand awareness as well as reputation.

Pay Attention to Content

As one of the key pillars of SEO, content is indispensable. Most search engines have moved beyond ranking websites that pepper their content with irrelevant keywords. Today, quality content is a huge factor when it comes to topping the search engine results. When you have good content, readers are more likely to share it and increase your traffic significantly.

Company websites that have blogs have 434% more search engine–indexed pages compared to those that do not have one. In the case of Google, the search engine trawl on each and every page of a website works so that a blog post can actually help enhance your SEO strategy. Aside from its high quality, good content should also include images, videos, keywords, internal links, and external links.

Realize the Power of Video

Video has dominated the search engine results nowadays. More and more websites are incorporating a relevant video with their content because Google has tweaked its algorithm and has promoted video content as a valuable resource. By 2019, 85% of all US internet traffic is expected to surround video.

Implementing this particular strategy on your website can help significantly improve your search engine ranking.

Getting onto the first page of search engine results takes a lot of work. It is a continuous process that requires your attention and effort incessantly. By optimizing your website for SEO, you will be able to reap endless rewards.

Take a look at the infographic below to learn more stats and trends about SEO that can help you with your current strategy this 2019.

72 SEO Statistics to Help You Rank #1 in 2019:

Guest post by: Hristina Nikolovska

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