Killer Tips For Delivering A Spellbinding Webinar 

You have just learned the benefits of a webinar, on how you can use it to showcase your business without spending thousands of dollars on conferences and seminars. So now you are ready and excited to hold your very first webinar, but do you know how to wow your audience? Here are 11 practical tips that will see you ace your webinar like a guru:

1. Create a Road-map for the Webinar

The first thing you should know is that you aren’t going to create and hold a great webinar by winging it. It doesn’t matter whether you are a great orator or have a first-rate studio; you need a good and executable road map for your webinar. How will you introduce the topic? Are you going to open with questions, anecdotes or statistics? How are you going to promote your products? How long should the question-and answer session last? These are some of the essential things your road-map should cover.

2. Remember That Your Audio Is Key

A webinar may involve different types of media and graphics, but the audio is still key to a great presentation. Make a mistake of using distorted audio and nobody will get your message. This means that you need to test your gear, such as microphones, before using them in the actual webinar delivery. If you plan on using a home studio, you need a quiet place (your studio) where your kids or Fido the dog won’t create disturbances during that delivery.

3. Texts Shouldn’t Mimic Your Words

Spellbinding webinars are typically accompanied by other presentation tools and media such as graphs, pictures, and slides. Take care that those things don’t just mimic the audio track; they need to enrich or explain what you are saying. For example, if you are talking about how effective Instagram marketing can produce results for small businesses, you can have a graph showing how a brand increased it’s sales by engaging in Instagram promotions. If the words on the slides are mere copies of what you plan to say, then why do you have them in the first place? Are they subtitles for your audio track?

4. Get Some People to Help

Listening to a solo speaker isn’t as engaging as listening to a discussion of two or more people. You can present your webinar like an interview, a discussion or a presentation of multiple speakers or one of you can act like a moderator. It cannot be emphasized enough the importance of sticking to the script even if you have multiple speakers.

5. Get Technical Assistance

Despite your best preparation, there is always a risk that something will go wrong during the presentation. Your power system may fail, the microphone may develop a malfunction, or your main internet connection may start acting up. Do you really want to interrupt your presentation and start running up and down looking for a solution? Having an assistant will help you avoid such catastrophic failures.

6. Make Notes

Making notes serves two main points. First, it ensures you won’t forget any of your major talking points; human memory is fallible and even great presenters forget things now and then. Secondly, the notes will force you to stick to the main idea or main points you plan to talk about. Webinars don’t run long enough to allow for lengthy explanations; so, going off on a tangent or explaining every little detail will waste time and take away from the main idea.

7. Practice Your Delivery

It’s also a good idea to practice your webinar to confirm that you have the hang of everything. There is a difference between reading about something and actually doing it. Even if you have the best road-map and killer content, your webinar will not have any impact if the technical aspects of your delivery aren’t up to par. The practice will also confirm to you that your setup is ready for the job.

8. Avoid Monotony

If your presentation is boring, then by extension your products or subject will also be considered boring. You don’t want this to happen, so you need to do everything possible to keep both your content and method of delivery interesting. Since monotony is the mother of boredom, ensure that your webinars aren’t monotonous. Achieve this by mixing up your content and presentation styles. For example, you should:

• Keep your slides short and keep them moving
• Vary your tone (voice)
• Use graphical features
• Avoid endless lists
• Use varying slide transitions

9. Use Collaboration Tools

Depending on your webinar’s topic, you may find it difficult to cover or share everything your audience needs to know. For example, if you have a bunch of graphs or PDFs that explain your points better, you may find it difficult to fit them in the webinar. Instead of trying to fit everything in the webinar, use collaboration tools (whiteboard, anyone?) to share those extra contents.

10. Keep It Interactive Throughout

You can either deliver your webinar like a sermon, a lecture or like a discussion, but most audiences prefer the latter. Therefore, if you want to stay with your audiences to the end, keep your presentation interactive. This involves asking questions (even open-ended ones work) or even taking polls at suitable intervals or towards the end of the webinar. Otherwise, you may start the webinar with alot of people and only end it with a handful, after losing many during the presentation.

11. Mind the Different Time Zones

If your audience is spread around the world, then you can’t risk any references of time or date in your presentation. You don’t want to talk about “this evening” while half of your listeners have just woken up. It’s also crucial to pick a reasonable time that resonates with your audience; don’t just focus on your convenience.


Once you have mastered the art of crafting and delivering killer webinars, make sure you promote each webinar thoroughly to get your audience psyched up for the actual delivery. You won’t gain much by presenting a spellbinding webinar to a only handful of people, which is exactly what will happen if you ignore the promotion part of the process.

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