vTIMEout Review 2022

vTIMEout presents a unique online money-making opportunity for affiliate marketers and social media influencers.

The way it works is:

vTIMEout.com is a skill-based competition platform where visitors can participate in quick competitions to win stipulated prizes.

To participate in a competition, entries are allocated to each participant. At the end of the competition, the competition winner receives the prize.

There are competition prizes in every product category. So no matter your niche, you would find competitions whose product-prizes are very relevant to your affiliate marketing niche and relevant to your product review page.

Promoting vTIMEout competitions, that are relevant to your niche, to your visitors/audience is a monetization strategy where you can potentially earn huge commissions as a referring affiliate.

Below, I will lay out how the program works and how you can start earning today as an affiliate.

Who Is vTIMEout?

vTIMEout is a trading name of Vigwe Global Limited (VGL) -a company registered in England and Wales.

They offer skill-based competition activities that result in the winning of awesome prizes by participants.

How Does The vTIMEout Program Work?

This affiliate program is designed to maximize the earning potentials of your web traffic. It is a unique program that works best for digital marketers who currently promote e-commerce products and services to earn sales-commissions in return. Especially e-commerce products on Amazon, eBay, HomeDepot, Esty, Walmart etc.

Studies show that the average-performing affiliate marketing websites yield the below results:

At Best, Only 60% Of Your Website Traffic Clicks Through Your Affiliate Links

Only 20% Of Your Click Throughs Convert Into An Actual Affiliate Sale

For example, let’s say your website gets 10,000 unique visitors per month.

This means only about 12-20% of your website traffic convert into sales in the best-case scenario.

So what about the 80-88% of visitors that do into convert into sales and consequentially not make you money?

There are two primary reasons these 80-88% do not make a purchase.

  1. Some visit the website from google, read up the interesting review and comparison posts about a product, end up not clicking over to the seller’s website.
  2. Some read and get interested in the product, but get discouraged by the product price after they have clicked over to the seller’s website. Especially when they don’t have enough budget to purchase the product at that moment.

As these visitors are clearly interested in the products but may or may not have enough budget to buy the product, why not present them with a chance to win the same product in an interesting skill-based prize competition while you earn a commission on their participation.

Now, this is where vTIMEout comes in.

How To Promote vTIMEout

All you must do is sign-up for the affiliate program and promote competitions relevant to your affiliate marketing niche to allow your visitor/audience to participate while you earn up to 20% commissions on their participation, with a 30-day tracking cookie.

On your vTIMEout affiliate dashboard, you will have access to product linking tools which include the responsive native ads, that you will place below your affiliate offers.

Here is an example of what a vTIMEout native ad looks like:

This responsive native ad is a light-weight link you can create with a click of a button from your vTIMEout affiliate dashboard.

While the example above is a screenshot, live ads will display the competition countdown in real-time.

You would also have access to a full-fledged performance tracking dashboard to help you track your referrals and earnings while you receive your payouts on the first working day of every month.

What Types Of Prize Competitions Are Offered On vTIMEout?

As an affiliate and promoter of vTIMEout, you can choose from a wide variety of prize categories including:

Accessories: Competitions for phone and electronic accessories

Adrenaline VIP: With higher winning odds

Automobile: For supercars, electric cars and bikes

Camping: For camping gear and accessories

Electronics: For electronics and mobile phones

Furniture: Includes home interior and patio furniture

Fishing: For fishing accessories

Gaming: For gamers – consoles and accessories

Garden: For gardening lovers and the horticulture enthusiast

Grooming – Men: For men’s lifestyle and care products

Grooming – Women: For women’s lifestyle and care products

Holidays & Cruises: Appealing competitions for fully-paid holidays and cruises

Home & Family: For home appliances, family items etc.

Health & Fitness: For health and fitness accessories

Luxury: Competitions for high-end luxurious items

Office: For office appliances and accessories

Photography: For picture and video content creators

Power Tools: For the handyman and professional DIYer

Real Estate: Homes and home accessories

Wedding: Couples’ competition to win a full wedding expenditure sponsorship

420 Friendly: Competitions for the 420 friendly

Is Linking To A Prize Competition Page Safe For My Website?

Yes, it is. But to keep the Google Gods happy – who love relevance, you must select prize competitions that match your website content.

In other words, you must only link to competitions that are relevant to your post.

Linking to an iPhoneX prize competition from a “Top 3 iPhones Review” page is great. But linking to the same competitions from a “Best Mattress For Young Couples” would be considered out of context and irrelevant to the page.

Google doesn’t like that.

The Bottom Line:

If you’re an affiliate marketer in the US, you may be wondering why you should consider promoting prize competitions.

In the UK, prize competitions are big socio-commercial activities with over £4.3B processed in prizes in 2019 alone, according to statista.com.

Competition-draws are run in schools, churches, malls, and can be run by for-profit or non-profit organizations. They are a fun way of promoting educational or skill-based contests, offering prizes, promoting a product, or raising awareness for a cause.

They may not have caught fire here yet, but they draw many people around the world who love participating in them as they are common in over 160 countries out of 195.

Affiliate Disclosure
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