Affiliate Marketing Traffic Is The Endgame

Affiliate marketing is a numbers game. Every affiliate offer has a conversion rate. Regardless of whether the offer converts at 5% or 1% the more people you send to that offer the more income you’re going to make.

So once you choose your niche, build your site, and select your offers the most important factor that determines your success is the amount of traffic you drive to your offers.

> Traffic  > Sales  > Income

There are dozens of ways to drive traffic to your offers including these:

Traffic Sources

  • Article marketing
  • Blog commenting
  • Community participating
  • Content spreading
  • Email marketing
  • Forum posting
  • Free blogs
  • Guest blogging
  • Paid traffic
  • Photo sites
  • Pinging
  • Podcasts
  • RSS directories and aggregators
  • SEO – Search engines 
  • Social bookmarking
  • Social media traffic
  • Social networks
  • Social news sites
  • Video marketing
  • Web 2.0 sites
  • Website and blog directories
All of these traffic-generation methods work well. Interestingly the effectiveness of all these methods have their ups and downs as the internet evolves, search engines update algorithms, and new traffic sources become available. 

Hot Traffic Sources

Several times each year a traffic generation technique gets heavily promoted as it becomes the go-to method at that point in time. But like anything else, after everyone else jumps on it , that technique becomes less effective over time. Which is why it’s vital for you to follow these trends so you can get in when the gettin’s good. 

The latest traffic party was Facebook ads. But like most parties it came to an end and now is just another method on the list.

So the big question is… what’s the next traffic trend?

Photo Credit: ikarimsadek Flickr via Compfight cc