Video Synd Alpha Review

So What’s It All About?

  1. Getting your content ranked on page 1 of Google
  2. Securing multiple listings on the first page for any keyword
  3. Driving floods of laser-targeted traffic directly to your site
  4. Generating instant authority, trust and confidence with the search engines
  5. Launching high impact fully-automated SEO campaigns instantly
  6. Boosting your online income 

Video Marketing Is Huge Right Now

Forget everything that you’ve heard about video traffic…

The game has just changed because now you can MASSIVELY increase your video traffic x 1000 INSTANTLY! Video Synd Alpha has just launched and can do all of this for you on almost complete autopilot.

What Is Video Synd Alpha?

First Things First…Why You Need Video Content?

Because it’s by far the easiest and fastest way to get your content ranked on page one of Google right now.

Why should you listen to me? Because I know SEO. My site, that you’re on right now, gets a high volume of free traffic every month  from the search engines because it’s ranked on page one of Google for many of my market’s keywords. Some that are very very competitive.

Example: for the keyword phrase “best affiliate programs” my website is ranked #1 on page 1 of Google search among nearly 36 million other sites. Proof:


Video Synd Alpha Overview

First, let’s take a look at what you can do with this incredible software:

  1. Video Synd Alpha allows you to syndicate a single video a multitude of times across thousands of video channels.
  2. Of course you can use more but using just 1 video is the least common denominator to tap into the power of VSA.
  3. How simple is that? This intelligent feature simplifies having to use several different videos in a niche so you can use 1 main video to target your money site per campaign.
  4. You’re getting multi-use from a single video instead of having to create 10 videos or more.
  5. A simple 1 minute whiteboard video or an outsourced Fiverr video will go a long way here.
    VSA will auto-randomize various video files sizes to automatically create several off-radar uploads to fill up the video channel.

As Part Of Video Synd Alpha You’ll Also Receive:

Add Video Syndication Accounts:

1) Click the bulk profiles creator

2) Select how many accounts to create

3) The trick here is to do a sequence of accounts that when repeated just 10 times compounds into the thousands of accounts, profiles and channels.

  • Can you click a button 10 times to have all of that?
  • Imagine the sheer marketing reach you can have when using the power of VSA?…

Add Social Bookmarks

  • Bookmarking URLs is a vital step in the SEO process that should only be underestimated at your peril. In fact, if you build enough bookmarking profilesthis alone is enough to rank most long tail keyword phrases.[A] Click the Create New Profile button[B] Click the Randomize button to fill the top section
  • Lightning Fast Social Bookmark Account Creator And Poster
  • You can see below how we can do a lot of bookmarks quickly as they populate fast!

Add Linkwheels

  • Add Gmail accounts for your Youtube Channels
  • One Click To Linkwheel Your Linkwheels, Crazy, Lazy, SEO

Upload Video

  • Add in your money site url or the url of a video you want to rank. You can also add in multiple URLS if you would like to spin text…
  • In the Videos upload section, click the Add button, once you have saved the project, you can the hit the Start Uploading Video button.
  • VSA will begin uploading your video, spinning it each time so that it has a different title, description, keywords plus the file size is altered so that it appears (in fact it IS) a totally unique video each time it gets uploaded into your different channels.
  • You’ll have access to a full suite of video tutorials to walk you through each tab of the VSA software to get you up and running syndicating thousands of your videos across the internet fast and efficiently!
    Video Synd Alpha, is an

ALL-IN-ONE video syndication tool.

  • As you can see VSA allows you to market to the world right from your workstation performing a simple succession of button clicks and fill-ins.
  • In fact, it’s so simple and easy you may get bored performing these 2nd nature tasks…
  • BUT forget bored…instead be floored when you see your high-ranking site positions and REAL profit potential VSA puts right at your fingertips.