How To Upload A GIF To Facebook

Anyone who uses Facebook knows that they’re constantly making functionality changes to their platform. Some changes are welcomed by FB users while others are complete disasters.

Facebook has been testing a GIF button for over a year but has yet to roll it out platform-wide. If you’re lucky you may have even seen a GIF “button” appearing and disappearing on your FB dashboard while this testing was going on.

The Fix: Easiest Method To Add Animated GIF To Facebook

Instead of waiting on FB to come up with a solution you can simply use the FREE Giphy platform. Giphy is the easiest way to search, share, and discover GIFs on the web. You can either upload and share your own or use the thousands that are already located there. 

How easy is it? Just paste the link to the GIF of choice in the Giphy status update bar, and press post. That’s it! And it’s FREE! You can post your own GIFs or find them on Imgur, Tumblr, Google Image, and any other platform you wish. Plus Giphy has their own meaty catalog of GIFs you may choose from.

GIF Marketing On Facebook Drive FREE Traffic?

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  1. Research, Ideas & Inspiration: Research viral gif images on 9gag, sort them according to their popularity. Find viral posts on Pinterest for inspiration to post on your page. Find ads on Facebook for specific keyword and website. Take inspirations, get ideas for your campaign from here.
  2. Fully Customized Image Editor: Edit any existing image or create new images for your Smart Social campaigns. Fully customised, drag-n-drop editor with built in image library. It’s like photoshop inside just with no monthly fees.
  3. Image/Video Gif Creator: Upload your images, set your options, click and your gif is ready to post anywhere. Want to create a gif from videos? Easy, paste a link, specify the timings and software will turn that scene to gif images quickly.
  4. My Gif Library: Mygif, a library for all the images/videos you created to you can easily access them. No need to download them on your PC. Copy the link we created for you and use it for your Facebook campaigns,websites or emails anywhere.
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