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Let’s face it. Air travel has gotten more complicated in the post 9/11 world. Baggage fees, TSA shakedowns, and reduced flight schedules are just a few of the problems today’s traveler faces.travelpayouts affiliate network logo

With these hassles, today’s travelers demand some kind of deal to compensate them for the additional time and trouble they go through to get from city to city. Most are looking for simple tools to make cost comparisons on both flights and hotels. This is where you come in. Welcome to the wonderful place called Travelpayouts.

What is Travelpayouts?

Travelpayouts is the most robust affiliate program I’ve found thus far in the travel niche.  Travelpayouts offers travelers the comparison tools and deals they want and the big commissions you need as an affiliate marketer. In fact, its an affiliate’s dream. The technical features, promo tools, and affiliate dashboard you’ll work with is absolutely first class.

Let’s talk commissions:

Commissions are earned by the following methods:

Flights: your visitor books flights
Hotels: your visitor clicks on one of the hotel supplier links (hotel lead)
Referral program: 2nd Tier: you are referring new affiliates and they generate revenue

Commission rates are between 50% to 70% of our earnings generated by your traffic:

50% – if you didn’t fill your payment method;
60% – if our earnings generated by your traffic don’t exceed USD 3500 in the reporting month, excluding pending, cancelled sales and clawbacks from previous periods;
70% – if our earnings generated by your traffic exceed USD 3500 in the reporting month, excluding pending, cancelled sales and clawbacks from previous periods.

  • 30 Day Cookies: All user purchases made within this period via Jetradar or Hotellook will be credited to your account, with purchase details displayed in your Dashboard.
  • High Conversion Rate: We’re constantly developing and improving Travelpayouts Affiliate Tools.
  • High Income: Revenue share is up to 80% for each sale. The more you sell, the higher your income. On average it’s 1.6% for a flight booking and 6% for a hotel booking.

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Dashboard and Promo Tools

This is where it gets cool.  Check out the detail in the stats dash:

If that’s not enough check out your promo options:

Customizable search forms for your site like this one:

Also text links, banners, and get this… a WordPress Plugin

The travel niche is always relevant and evergreen. Get on board and start making some consistent money with Travelpayouts today.

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Affiliate Disclosure
Disclosure: The operator of this website is a 3rd party marketer with a material connection to product/service providers appearing on this site in that we are compensated for sales made through our affiliate links.

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    I have been an affiliate of travelpayouts and their affiliate program is really great. My only problem is traffic, how to drive traffic to my travel blog..can anyone help? anyways thanks for this great and inspiring post about travelpayouts…

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    We’ve just released new awesome tools for our affiliates:

    1) Forms Analytics showing you CTR/STR/… for each form, as well as most popular directions

    2) Combined White Labels, so you can provide your visitors with both airplane tickets and hotels on the same domain, multiplying your revenue.

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      Thanks Nikita. Travelpayouts is now our Featured Vendor for the Travel niche.


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