Travel Visa and US Passport Expediting Affiliates 2022

Updated: May 9, 2022

Travel Documents Affiliate Programs

Travel documents affiliate programs cover the identity documents issued by a government or international treaty organization to facilitate the movement of individuals across international boundaries.
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1. Featured Travel Documents Affiliate Program

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2) Travel Guard

Affiliate Commissions: $16 flat rate per sale.

Affiliate Signup Link: Click Here

Website: Here

Affiliate Description:

With more than 25 years of industry experience, Travel Guard is one of North America’s leading travel insurance plan providers. We specialize in providing innovative travel insurance, assistance and emergency travel service plans for millions of travelers and thousands of companies throughout the world. Our industry-leading, comprehensive travel insurance plans are distributed by more than 12,000 travel companies through virtually every distribution channel in the travel industry.

3) Fastport Passport

Affiliate Commissions: Up to 20$ commissions.

Affiliate Signup Link: Click Here

Website: Here

Affiliate Description:

Fastport Passport is a passport and visa expediting company. Registered with the U.S. Department of State, Fastport Passport has been securing U.S. Passports for American travelers for over ten years. We have a success rate above 99.9%, quickly and safely securing over 100 passports a day. With over a decade of experience, Fastport Passport has become one of the most trusted sources for fast passport and visa service. If you need a passport in two weeks or less, or as fast as 24 hours, then Fastport Passport is the team to help you.

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4) Passport Visas Express

Affiliate Commissions: Earn up to 15% commission.

Affiliate Signup Link: Click Here

Website: Here

Affiliate Description: is a professional expediting company officially recognized by and registered with the U.S. Passport Agency.

  • We assist you in obtaining your passport in as fast as 24 hours or less
  • Our customer care experts have been assisting customers for over 15 years
  • Our simple step-by-step instructions make the application process clear and easy to follow
  • We consistently outperform competitors in price, quality of service and turnaround time
  • There simply isn’t a faster, more accurate and safer way to get your travel documents

5) TDS

Affiliate Commissions: You earn 10% commission for the TDS Service Fees on each order placed by a customer you refer to our site. You also earn commission for any order you place on the site while logged into your connected account.

Affiliate Signup Link: Click Here

Website: Here

Affiliate Description:

Travel Document Systems, Inc. (TDS) is a leading visa and passport processing agency. For the past 30 years we have served travel agents, tour operators, cruise lines, NGO’s as well as corporate and individual international travelers. TDS specializes in travel that involves visas for more than one country.

We provide expedited visa processing for U.S. citizens for countries which require a visa, Canadian citizens where there is no diplomatic representation in Canada, and U.S. permanent residents of other nationalities with visas for many countries. Our offices are located in Washington DC, San Francisco, New York, Houston, Atlanta, Seattle and Los Angeles, just steps away from the embassies, consulates, and the U.S. Passport Agency.

TDS is your “one-stop-shop” for visa and U.S. passport processing. Many visas that might otherwise take weeks or months to obtain by direct correspondence can readily be processed within days because of our frequent contact with embassies and consulates.

6) Travel And Transport

Affiliate Commissions: Click through for current payment terms.

Affiliate Signup Link: Click Here

Website: Here

Affiliate Description:

From our innovative corporate travel solutions, to our expertise in planning unforgettable vacations, Travel and Transport creates one-of-a-kind experiences for our partners. Success to us means doing what it takes to earn your business every day through passion, innovation and a steadfast commitment to our customers’ needs.

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