Trader Simulator’s New Affiliate Program Is Fantastic

I look at new affiliate programs across a wide array of different markets every single day. It’s part of my job as the creator and custodian of this website.

So many emerging affiliate programs are similar in structure and terms that it’s not often that a new affiliate program gets me excited. But before we get into that…

What Is Trade Simulator?

Trader Simulator provides anyone looking to begin a career in trading with a safe, easy-to-understand, and zero-risk training platform. It provides aspiring traders access to all the tools that professional traders have and allows them to gain experience and learn at their own pace, free of the financial risks that inexperienced trading often brings.

“Trader Simulator was established to fill a niche in the market: people with zero experience in trading that want to enter the market. Traditionally, these traders have been termed “noise traders,” suggesting that they don’t know how to trade. Trader Simulator looks to address the weaknesses of beginner traders by providing access to the markets at a level you’re comfortable with.”

What really makes Trade Simulator special is the fact they have the only simulated software that tracks daily historic performance, and that is HUGE:

Who’s Eligible To Join The Trader Simulator Affiliate Program?

Anyone Can join. Current clients are automatic affiliates and receive a unique url to use to referral their friends, family, and colleagues.

Established affiliates can build a business by accessing their attractive media creatives to post on your blogs or websites.

Trade Simulator’s Affiliate Platform

TSAffiliates is the official affiliate program of TraderSimulator. It is the first comprehensive affiliate program in the financial field.

In a very short period of time they have established a reputation of helping their affiliates earn the best possible revenue on their referrals. Unlike any other program out there every subscriber is an affiliate and can earn Cash Back Credits Easily.

Your choice between two types of payment plans:

Why You Should Join The Trader Simulator Affiliate Program:

  • FREE to sign up
  • The trading niche is as hot as ever!
  • Available as a web-trader on Windows, Mac,  and mobile devices
  • A fullest robust back office including detailed reports
  • A trading interface that is customized for you

Trader Simulator has heavily invested in the future to ensure their prominence and expansion within the industry. They’re interested in building long lasting relationships with both their clients and their affiliate partners that are founded in professionalism and mutual benefit. Take one look at their website and you’ll see evidence of this commitment. This one is a winner

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