Top Instagram Marketing Tools For 2019

Social media has emerged as a very attractive marketing channel for brand managers as it allows them to interact with users on atop instagram marketing tools image more personal level and build the engagement that drives enduring customer loyalty and delivers a superior ROI. Among all the social media platforms, Instagram has quickly become a market leader for brand marketing.

Not only is its one-billion-plus monthly active users represent a very attractive population to market a diverse range of products and services but also it has the best rate of engagement across all social media networks.According to, millennial users, typically the most affluent segment with the highest intent to purchase, comprise over 60% of Instagram’s user base.

Given the very attractive nature of Instagram for brand growth, there are many businesses that in a radical departure from traditional product development concepts are developing products and services that are especially marketable to Instagram users.

Marketing on Instagram can be scaled up very quickly with the help of some very useful tools. A quick look at some of the top tools that can assist brand managers to better leverage Instagram’s strengths to build brand awareness, increase reach and boost conversions.


Marketing on Instagram assumes that you have a sufficient number of followers to focus on marketing efforts on. When you first set up your Instagram account, your priority is to grow your following and typically you can only do this effectively by liking and commenting on the posts of the people whom you want to be your followers. However, the organic growth of the Instagram follower base can take a lot of time and effort.

Using SocialCaptain, an automation tool can help to take the pressure off by interacting with other Instagram profiles that it identifies with the help of artificial intelligence to ensure you can target real Instagram users that represent your ideal target audience. The tool can be configured to like posts, follow users, and comment in a meaningful way on content types that you have specified.

Even though SocialCaptain can be very useful in speeding up the follower acquisition process, experts suggest that you should not rely completely on it but also use manual methods to grow your follower base. Complete reliance on automation can make your approach spammy and rob it of the credibility that is essential for every brand interaction.


Hootsuite is one of the pioneering social media scheduling tools and despite having been around for a long time has lost none of its original appeal for managing social media accounts, including Instagram. You can now publish content directly to Instagram using Hootsuite, a feature that was sorely missed earlier.

The most useful feature of this tool is the capability of scheduling your Instagram posts in advance thus leaving you free to attend to other vital marketing and account management tasks. By using the post scheduling feature, you can ensure that your posts can be published at the most optimum times for different audiences around the globe across different time zone without anybody needing to stay wake round-the-clock.


Grum is a versatile scheduling tool that is functionally similar to Hootsuite; however, it has been specifically developed for Instagram users. If your publishing strategy is primarily focused on Instagram, you will find features like scheduling a post for the future easy to set up and execute, as you do not need to reconfirm it later as you would need to when using Hootsuite.

Another feature that campaign managers will like is that it is possible to add the first comment to any of your own posts automatically. This is very useful as many experts think it is better to use the most important hashtag in the first comment than in the photo caption that often tends to dilute the punch of the caption by making it look cleaner. For example, a post that polls the question does Instagram tell you when someone screenshots can have the #instagramscreenshot in the first comment.


Tailwind is a versatile tool incorporating multiple features like scheduling, analytics, social listening, and management of user-generated content, monitoring hashtags, besides managing target audiences. It is specifically designed for team-based collaborative activities. It also enables marketing managers to manage multiple Instagram accounts simultaneously. Its status as an official Instagram partner has enabled it to win a lot of popularity and it boasts of a number of large brands among its user like Walmart, eBay, Viacom, General Mills, etc.


Paying close attention to Instagram analytics is crucial for making your marketing campaigns effective and maximizing the return on investment. With the Hashtracking too, brand managers can track the progress of the marketing campaign, analyze its performance, refine the content strategy, grow the follower base, and do everything to make the campaign more effective.

Hashtracking incorporates ColorTracking, a feature that analyzes the colors in your posts that drive the maximum engagement and lists the results accordingly. This helps brand managers to establish what color schemes are the most preferred by the followers so that posts in the future can be dressed up in the suggested colors to drive better engagement.


Minter is a popular Instagram analytics tool that not only has a full set of features for obtaining detailed insights into the performance of your Instagram marketing campaigns but also allows you to monitor the competition in your sector. This feature helps brand managers to keep themselves updated on what is happening in the Instagram environment so that they can tweak their content strategy for better engagement with their target audiences. The analytics data can be exported in various file formats to which your logo can also be added, which is very useful for agencies that are monitoring client campaigns and need to send in regular performance reports.


Social media, and in particular Instagram, represents a very exciting opportunity for brand managers to expand their reach, raise brand awareness, and engage with their target audiences in a more personalized manner. Taking the help of the numerous Instagram marketing and analytics tools available can enable brand managers to conduct their campaigns more efficiently and effectively.

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