5 Newest Tools to Get More Targeted Leads and Boost Sales

Every sale begins with lead generation. Without having the right leads, your campaigns will be inefficient at best. In today’s lead getting tools imagecompetitive market, you can’t approach your goals with a “hit or miss” mentality. Targeted leads is the easiest and most effective way you can ensure that you’ve acquired the contact information you need.

Thankfully, acquiring targeted leads isn’t as difficult as it was before. With the development of artificial intelligence, a revolution began. The advancement in AI led to the development of many useful tools that businesses can use to their advantage.

In this article, we will highlight the top 5 newest tools that can help you in the targeted lead generation and boost your sales.

The importance of lead generation

In this digital age, lead generation is the staple of all forms of marketing. Online advertising gives a voice to anyone who wants to be hard, which increases overall competitiveness. Due to a large number of competing companies, you have to be seen and heard. Inefficiency and predictions are not an option if you want to boost your sales.

There is no better way to establish communication between you and your customers. By generating leads, you gain their information and a chance to gain their trust. With a constant habit of generating leads, you will create your own core customer group. They will find out everything about you.

The moment this happens, you will be able to tell your story and establish a relationship. A relationship where the qualified leads are your brand ambassadors and also the long-term customers.

66% of organizational goals focus on one major thing – that’s lead generation. We are clearly talking about something big. Generating leads allows both big and small business to own attention, not just to rent it.

In an age where brand loyalty has become a rarity, it is important to establish stable relationships. With a customer core, you can focus more on customer acquisition, as well.

However, with technology, marketers and brand managers don’t have to do everything on their own.

Why should you use tools?

There is such an abundance of information online that it’s impossible to keep track of everything manually. For small businesses, the situation is even more difficult. Due to limited funds, you have to plan both your finances and your time carefully.

Technology has revolutionized the way we approach lead generation and data acquisition. Nowadays, companies don’t have to spend much time acquiring data. Instead, they can use lead generation tools to accomplish their goals.

All over the internet, you can find a multitude of tools that make lead generation an automatic process. By relying on tools, you will know that leads will be generated in a precise and efficient manner. There won’t be any human mistakes. The only thing the marketing team has to do is follow the best practices to attract qualified leads.

We’ve asked Renee Ainsworth about this view on the benefit of tools for getting more targeted leads. She’s marketing manager at an Australian digital agency and also provides consulting to many cheap writing services.

Renee says, “Automation is definitely the future of marketing. I use Marketo and also explored NextOS for some time. The results have been overwhelming. The lead generation increase that I have been able to manage for my small company is almost 80%.”

If you want to grow your business, you have to allocate all your resources correctly, from the start. To help you accomplish this, we’ve decided to assemble a list of the 5 newest tools to get more targeted leads and boost your sales. Each of them has a distinct purpose, but combining them is the best.

For example, you can hire a writer to create your content or selling scripts to get more leads, that means that a human writes for you and it is possible that there could be a human risk factor there. But if you use BestEssays as a tool, where some part of proofreading relies on programs and services, you could escape the largest part of the risks.

So, here are 5 of the newest and best tools for getting targeted leads

1. Marketo

Marketo is very useful software that takes care of many parts of your campaign. It can improve the outreach of your sales and accelerate data acquisition. By pinpointing the best areas where to advertise and establish contact with customers, Marketo makes your campaigns more efficient.

With AI-empowered software, Marketo not only helps you acquire targeted leads, but it also improves the quality of them. Several algorithms are specifically implemented just to qualify buyers that have the most potential to become conversions. Marketo offers three sets of plans – Pro, Elite and Enterprise, for companies of all sizes.

2. PureChat

For lead generation, your company could also use automated chat software. Navigating a website for the first time is hard for a lot of people. To aid them in finding what they want, you should add a chat assistant to the home page of your website.

PureChat offers automatic and triggered messages, as well as an advanced keyword recognition software. You will also get details about the time spent on each page and the history between your website and that particular IP address. They offer integration with other software, so you can combine the two for optimal results.

3. Quora

While most people use Quora as an alternative to Yahoo Answers, it can also be a powerful lead generation tool. By making an account, you can interact with people in your niche and answer queries. Being helpful will increase your reputation and allow you to generate more leads, more efficiently.

Surveys are a good way of lead generation but they lack one thing – involving the people and knowing their opinions in an open forum. This is how Quora is different. If you collect opinions in form of facts, that gives you a ‘definitive data’ to work on for lead generation.

As your presence grows, you can promote your website and service. One of the biggest benefits of Quora is that it’s completely free, making it ideal for small business. Reaching out to followers makes Quora the best option for B2C interaction. If used right, Quora will grow your business.

4. Growbots

AI in sales has been used for quite some time, but Growbots may be the pinnacle of the combination between these two sectors. They have a ready-made contact database, which enables the AI to find the most interesting prospects in your niches. Also, you can set up automated campaigns and pre-schedule them even years in advance.

In spite of the integrated automation options, you can also add your contacts and expand the network. They offer a variety of plans, so there is something for companies of all sizes and specialties.

5. NextOS

Nextiva has made life easier for marketers with their NextOS tool. An all-around lead generation tool, NextOS provides customer service CRM, automated campaigns and even live chat tools. For small businesses looking to make an investment and focus on more creative aspects, this is an ideal choice.

Its AI software scans the sentiment about your brand online and lets you know about the general consensus. With this data, you can tailor your campaigns to fix mistakes and better what already works.

Final Thoughts

Lead generation is essential in today’s digital work. Instead of manually gathering data, use this combination of tools to establish full automation. With them, you will be able to focus your time and funds to other aspects of conducting business. Leads are your qualified prospects that serve as your loyal customers and also the brand ambassadors so you can’t afford to ignore the importance of the tools.

Guest post by Tiffany Harper



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