Content Marketing Trends At We Truck Through 2018

While implemented to increase leads, content marketing has been a growing tool in the digital world for a number of years now, and that growth is only going to strike higher in 2018. However, new marketing trends today are popping up nonstop on the digital horizon and strategies that worked perfectly last year, might not work again this year.

A static content marketing tactics cannot be winning again because the world of content marketing is constantly changing. Here we will focus on the top-rated content marketing techniques predicted for the nearest twelve months to help you build your brand and business.

Modify your content formats

The customers are overloaded with information. It is crucial to find efficient techniques to stand out and become noticeable. Spend time building a content marketing strategy that will be compatible with various formats and suitable for your targeted audience. The options may include:

  • Blogging
  • Social media
  • Whitepapers
  • Email
  • Video
  • Webinars
  • In-person events
  • Podcasts

Meet the requirements of voice search

Siri and Alexa have developed new consumption abilities, and the voice searches are becoming more popular. The consumers don’t want to type the names of the items they intend to purchase. When generating your content, don’t dismiss the feature of voice search.

Think how your potential audience might search and the words they would probably use. Concentrate more on long keywords and questions containing how, who, what, where, when, and why. For example, if you provide academic writing services, you may apply “where to get cheap help with essay writing?“ or “who can write an essay for me?”

Build authenticity

With more and more businesses moving online, personal interaction seems to be disappearing at all. The consumers demand connection, transparency, and trust. They wish to speak to someone face to face more than ever. It is essential to find the best content marketing tools to be authentic online. Try to focus on means with which you can gain trust from your consumers. Personalization as a way of showing your clients that you know and understand them will help you increase your credibility. Video can also make you more approachable, and it will be easier to connect with them.

Don’t forget to try the Facebook private message option to reach out to customers outside their public Pages and Walls. The feature gives you another method to interact with the followers in your online network.


When we mention video, we mean YouTube that appears to be the second largest search engine in the globe. Create a branded channel on YouTube and allow comments and new subscribers each time you publish a new video. Show your consumers what makes you special with the help of behind the scenes, day in the life, how it is made, and plenty of other videos to maximize their returns.

Consider your YouTube advertising plan to target a very specific audience selectively. Apply a social media icon to promote your channel and invite new followers to your website or blog. Sharing your video links on your Twitter feed is efficient. In addition, you can add the YouTube application to your Facebook profile.

Live streaming

Statistics from Livestream shows that the customers prefer watching live video from a brand than reading a blog. Modern customers choose to be a part of the event in real time, which is why live videos are becoming popular. Online video supplies customers with the most amount of content within the shortest time. The best thing about the live video is that there is no need to purchase high-priced equipment. Your mobile phone helps you going live on Facebook.

You can also provide your customer support with live streaming. Simply cover the most frequently asked questions and let your clients get their inquiries answered. Another way of incorporating live streaming into your digital marketing strategy is live interviews or educational and training videos.

Data security is number one priority

Being an incredibly significant tool from a perspective of your customers, data enables various companies to form real trust and confidence. As soon as the customer’s trust is lost, it is difficult to gain it again. The more data you are using and storing, the more important keeping that data secure is.

Guest Post by: Harry Southworth

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