5 Essential Tips for Engaging Your Audience on Facebook

As you are well aware, Facebook is home to over 2 billion active monthly users. What does that mean for your business? Some facebook engagement imagegood news there. You can imagine how many people will get to see your business if you did well with the share on Facebook. Facebook is a game changer in the world of social media marketing. Being on the platform by itself is a smart move.

However, you need more. Merely having a Facebook page will not reap you all the benefits you should be getting but this point. You need to engage your audience for you to create a strong brand. More engagement leads to more leads, more conversions, more sales and a lot of money of course. The following are the top five tips that you can use for engaging your audience on this platform.

1. Create A Facebook Business Page

Most of the business owners will create personal Facebook profiles for their brands. It will not work out well. You need a real business page. Why is the fuss? Well, did you know that unlike personal Facebook profiles, business pages come with extra features meant to enhance your marketing campaigns? For instance, you will get to benefit from promotional ads, content creation tools, analytics tools and so on.

2. Add An Identifiable Profile Picture

You will need to put up a profile picture that your audience can easily single out. They need to identify your brand immediately it pops up. And, how exactly do you go about this? A company logo would do. If you are a freelancer, a headshot of you would still be perfect. Those are just examples. There are more ways you can get a catchy profile picture. Allow yourself to get creative on this one. Remember that it is the first thing that your audience will see when your page comes up, so you need to be wary of what you let the world see.

3. Post Visual Content

It is time to stop clinging to posts that are in text form. You will engage your audience better if you post photos and videos. Visual content is more likely to be shared. Videos and pictures will help you show your audience a deeper insight into what your organisation is about. Do not be hesitant to invest both resources and time to create quality videos for engagement. It will be worth your while.

4. Add A Call-To-Action (CTA)

Call-to-action is meant to prompt an immediate response from your audience. To get the traffic you desire, you will be required to write a perfect call-to-action. If you are a software company, the ideal call to action to start with is a free-trial CTA. Your chances of converting the free client to a paying one will be heightened. Your call-to-action should reflect on the benefits that your audience should anticipate if they come on board. You will be surprised by how much traffic this CTA will bring you.

As updates keep rolling out, Facebook has also included a CAT button, and you should make use of it if you haven’t already. More so, you have an option of choosing the type of call to action you want to work with, the URL you would love to use and the content that you would wish the CAT to direct your audience to. It couldn’t get better, you can now be able to know how your call-to-action is doing by just clicking on a drop-down arrow and you get to see how many people have clicked on it.

5. Know The Best Time To Post And Post Frequently

Do you want to generate the best engagement? You need to know when your audience is active and when it is not. Posting when it is your audience nap time is like going on a lost cause. Use the analytics tool to discern when your audience engages most. On top of knowing the perfect time to share your content, it is essential that you do it as frequently as you can: not forgetting that quality is still relevant.

Frequent posts will not only make your brand visible, but you will be able to create a trusting relationship with your audience. The more frequently you post, the more authentic your brand is perceived to be. Yes, it may be time-consuming but do not despair. There are scheduling tools that you could make use of. Schedule your posts and let them work for you.

You can never go wrong with the mentioned tips in enhancing engagement.

Guest post by: Robert Kolaski