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The Canvas Opportunity  

  • Product Creator: Dropmock
  • Product Category: Video header creation
  • Reviewed By: Bill Burniece
  • Review Grade: A+
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What Is Canvas?

Canvas is a new tool that allows you to create professional Facebook Business Fan Page video headers. 

Here’s Why Its A Great Money Making Opportunity:

The fact is that online video is still king. Very recently Facebook quietly rolled out a massive enhancement to business fan pages and most marketers are completely unaware of it. This enhancement allows you to put video on your Facebook Fan Page headers. Since this is new, hardly anyone knows how to do it.

With Canvas, it’s a simple three step process that anyone can do without experience:

    Pick your template from 20 slick, eye-catching ready-to-edit templates – produced in-house by an expert video production team.
  • STEP 2: EDIT
    Quickly and easily weave in your own content with one-click uploads of videos and images.
    Touch a button and watch your beautiful and professional-looking Facebook header come to life and without taking up any space on your computer

Canvas Is Live. Click Here To Check It Out

Here’s an example below:  (Keep in mind this is only a screenshot so if you click on the video it won’t play on this page. But on Facebook it WILL!)

Bonus Package:

Use Canvas As A Hot Money-Maker With A Commercial License

With Facebook Video Headers being one of the hottest commodities in social media right now, this is the perfect time to jump in and profit from this brand new opportunity. If you buy the Canvas app today, you’ll also get a commercial license to use it to sell others the service. Let me explain…

Most business owners, who have Facebook Fan Pages, are unaware of how to produce header videos for their pages. In fact, many don’t even know what they’re missing out on yet…

Leading to this –


What will only take you 5 minutes to do in Canvas, local business owner will be clamoring over themselves to give you their money for this service. Most companies charge you a HUGE, premium up-charge for a Commercial License – after all, you’re taking the customers they could have for themselves. With Canvas, they’re giving you the unique opportunity to lock down customer after customer without the need to ever pay any additional license fees.

All you need to do is sell one Canvas Video Header and it will double or triple your investment today​​​​​​​. 

In fact, that’s chump change to hungry businesses who are crying out for their Facebook pages to stand out – and Canvas is exactly the way for them to do it. It’s an easy sell. And the profits you can make by selling just one single header are easily ten times what you are going to invest today.

By the time you’ve sold 30 video headers at $500 a go , you’re on your way to $15,000+. (Even at $250 a pop, you’re still making $7,500!) And even if you only sold 20 video headers – (you won’t, you’ll likely sell more!) – you’re now easily hitting $5,000…

But that’s the point, you have to act FAST. Like the Google Adwords craze, Facebook Ads Penny Clicks or even Bitcoin… Those who got in first profited the most.

Maybe you’re full of regret from missing out on those opportunities – Or simply getting to the party too late.

You’re reading this page at EXACTLY the right time. You’re lucky. For once, you’re in the right place at the right time. Just imagine how angry you would be with yourself if you let yet another profitable opportunity one get away from you.

Especially one that only costs this little.

We all know at least 1 business that could benefit from a show-stealing, eye-catching, competition-busting Facebook Video Header.

Canvas Is Live. Click Here To Check It Out

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