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Sunwise Capital and have combined forces to provide you with a market leading, pure-performance-driven, affiliate program to promote.

Sunwise Capital focuses their lending on small businesses that can’t afford to wait for banks to sort through the endless amount of paperwork involved with traditional loans. Many entrepreneurs and small to medium sized business owners do not know where to go when traditional banks cannot fund their loan requests to working capital, expand their businesses, or better manage their cash flow. Sunwise Capital is 100% focused on small business. And this is great news for you as an affiliate…

Attention Affiliate Marketers: This is the program you’ve been waiting for. This brilliant partnership will bring you the highest payouts, weekly earnings deposits, and detailed real-time stats.

What Sunwise Capital Offers

No hassle, small business loans. Small businesses have always had trouble getting bank loans. Many are declined because banks base their evaluations solely on the owner’s credit standing. Others need capital immediately and banks are unable to respond in time.

Most people can’t afford to wait for banks because they require large amounts of paperwork, financials, tax returns, personal guarantees, collateral and high credit. Sunwise has made the process easy. Look at the following graphic: 

How To Promote Sunwise Capital:

Sunwise is not new to affiliate marketing but the the newly launched program adds the power that only can. Here are some highlights of what’s in it for YOU the affiliate marketer:

  • FREE Customized Website
  • FREE 22 Unique Landing Pages That are Industry Specific
  • FREE HTML Banners and Text Ads
  • FREE Robust and Flexible Affiliate Tracking Software That Will Track ALL Clicks and Sales to Help You Grow.
  • FREE Video Tutorials and Training
  • FREE FAST START Step by Step Training Manual
  • FREE Email Campaigns That Work
  • Choice of Commissions
    • a. $35 PER LEAD PLUS $5 Per Lead Bonus*
    • b. $15 PER LEAD PLUS Up to 3% Per Loan PLUS $5 Per Lead Bonus*
      (Invitation Only – Ask Me How)
    • c. Earn 3% to 4.5% on Revenue Based Loans (Invitation Only – Ask Me How)
    • d. Earn 4% to 8% on Collateralized Loan (Invitation Only – Ask Me How)
  • Fast Timely Payments
  • Ads To Post On ALL Social Media i.e., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  • FREE Marketing Resources
  • Learn How To Get 10000 Leads In Ten Minutes
  • Free 25 Page – 100 Point Marketing Plan on How to Become a $100K Producer
  • FREE INSIDER Tips & Techniques to BLAST Your Sales
  • Build and get paid on your own affiliate network
  • Live Webinar Training

What About The Payouts?

You choose which plan best suits your needs:

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Need More?

Benefits to you

  • Higher payouts than competitors
  • New revenue opportunities
  • Win/Retain more customers
  • More time to focus on core competency is an innovative business affiliate network that understands the financial needs of business owners. They bring passion and focus to their operation and their approach to business relationships motivate their business partners to find ways to improve. – Tim Shields President of ClearNexus

What Are You Waiting For?

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