Ways To Make 2015 Your Most Profitable Ever

Have you mapped out the new year yet? How are you going to make sure that you make 2015 your most lucrative year ever?  Is there one thing that will mean the difference in actually achieving your goals rather than experiencing another year of unfulfilled promises?  Is there anything that you’ll do to enhance some aspects of your life that you’ve neglected in the past that will help you get to the next level?  

Will you make enough money this year to experience complete financial freedom?  Have you thought about how you’ll invest a portion of your income when you earn it to keep your financial success on track?     

Here are thirty-three ideas to help spark your creativity.  Why 33?  Hell, I don’t know… it worked for Rolling Rock Beer didn’t it?  

1 – Write down your goals NOW. As in TODAY. This by far is the single most important job you have this new year.  Please don’t make the critical mistake of dismissing this exercise.  If you don’t set goals for yourself and review and adjust them daily, you will fail. Period.  Actually get out a pad of paper and a pen and write them down.  Don’t write your goals using your computer and a word document.  Something more goes on in your brain when you’re forced to physically write things down on paper.  

Use the SMART Goal Formula:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Accountable
  • Realistic
  • Timeframe

2 – Commit to read one book a week.  You will not believe what this single exercise will do to improve both your life and your income.  I do it by selecting a book and dividing the number of pages by seven to know how many pages I need to read each day to stay on track.  Reading stimulates your entrepreneurial brain like you cannot believe.  And they don’t all have to be motivational/business/success/marketing books either.  Mix it up.  

3 – Start a business plan. This is separate from your goal setting but should obviously tie into it.  If you’ve been sitting on a business idea for a while and haven’t acted on it, it’s time to do something about it. Write down your ideas and start working on a business plan. If you don’t know how to write a business plan read a book on it.  (See I have you reading already!)

4 – Start a bucket list.  If you already have one then update it and like your goal-setting write them down.  The items on list are the motivation and purpose that will fuel your success and keep you busting through and exceeding your goals.

5 – Write down a brief personal mission statement or mantra.

6 – Commit yourself to physical fitness in the new year.  It doesn’t matter how much money you make if you let your health flounder.  Exercise and avoid looking like a flounder.

7 – Clean up and organize your workspace.

8 – Reconnect with your family.  If you’re like me you work alot.  I’m a workaholic and have to make a conscious effort to make sure I set enough time for my family and friends.  Make sure you do the same.

9 – Do your most important tasks at the beginning of every day.  Do nothing else until these tasks are done. 

10- Build value every single day. Affiliate marketing like all business is all about building trust relationships.  People do business with people they trust and people who make them feel special. 

11 – Treat every customer like a million dollar customer.  Don’t discriminate based on purchase size.  Anyone who buys from you who has a positive experience will likely buy from you again.  Maybe next time it will be a big ticket item.

12 – Never let anyones opinion bother you.  Determine your own course and stick to your guns.

13 – Increase your awareness.  Think about what’s about to come out of your mouth before it exits. Words are powerful so know what you sound like to the listener 

14 – Stop using credit cards.  I stopped about five years ago and use only debit cards now.  This keeps you from living beyond your means and enforces a degree of frugality.

15 – Learn to say NO.  This was a big one for me since I like saying yes so much.  But there is only so much time in a day so I’ve gotten much more comfortable in saying no.   

16 – Personal accountability:  get a mentor.

17 – Change your appearance.  Nothing crazy necessary.  Just get some new clothes and perhaps a new hairstyle or haircut.  Looking different will make you think differently in a subconscious manner.

18- Think about what setbacks you had last year.  Analyze your mistakes, take stock and keep moving forward. 

19 – Plan a trip to a place you have always wanted to go.

20 – Review your expenses.  I hadn’t looked at my cable bill for years and only after analyzing it did I realize that I was paying hard-earned money for services I never used.  I was also able to bundle some of my business expenses together that saved me thousands of dollars per year.

21- Take the stairs.  What I mean by this is doing the things others won’t do.  Especially your competitors.  

22 – Trim the negativity.  Create an environment that will foster your own success. Stop working with or hanging around anyone who’s a negative influence in your life.  Life’s too short to listen to bitching, moaning, whining, and complaining.  And for fu@ks sake stop watching and reading the news every day.  99.9% of that negative crap has no bearing at all on your life.

23 – Increase your personal productivity. Implement the 80/20 rule.  If you don’t know what that is go buy this book and put it on your reading list

24 – Build your network. Focus in 2015 on building lists of prospects, customers, and colleagues.  Your lists are the most profitable asset you’ll ever own.  And YOU are in control of it.

25 – Do something this year that scares the sh@t out of you.

26 – Give something back.  Spend one day this year volunteering your labor at a facility that helps people less fortunate that you.  This will really give you a sense of appreciation and…

27 – Gratitude. No matter how much you may struggle at times I’m sure you can take a moment to reflect on how it could be much much worse for you. Take a life inventory. How are your relationships with family and friends? How often do you laugh? Are you doing the things you love the most?  What’s missing? 

28 –  Stop the OCD Loop.  What’s the OCD loop?  It’s when we lose ourselves on the internet surfing one site to another when we’re supposed to be working.  The internet is a wonderful place but schedule time to work and time to screw around on it.  Not simultaneously. 

29 – Write a not-to-do-list. “There is a difference between being busy and being productive. What are you wasting time on? What are you doing that doesn’t produce revenue? Here’s a powerful exercise. In 15- to 30-minute increments, keep track of each of your activities during the workday. Do this for a week. Then annualize the total amount of time for each activity that doesn’t lead to a sale or increased cash fl ow. How much more would you make per year if you did not do those activities any longer? How much more free time would you have for family? For health? Put those things on your not-to-do-list and pay people to help you with the stuff that doesn’t produce the sales and lifestyle success you desire.” *

30 – Clean out your closet and donate unwanted clothes to charity.

31 – Do something nice for a neighbor.  It can be anything.  We have an elderly neighbor so whenever it snows we shovel his driveway for him.  Takes fifteen extra minutes but the karma dividends it pays is priceless!  

32 – Always be thinking about the future.  Become a student of history and look at the trends that occur.  For example, it doesn’t take a genius to see that we are heading toward self-driving cars, commercial drones, robotics, and artificial intelligence.  Become a trendsetter and explore possible niches in these emerging markets.   

33 – Have a beer!  If you don’t drink alcohol that’s fine.  Have a coffee!  The point is to set aside time to celebrate your successes.  After all that’s why were doing all of this work anyways, right?  Cheers!

Have an amazing year and thank you for reading.

* This one’s from Todd Duncan, sales expert and author of the best-selling High Trust Selling: Make More Money in Less Time with Less Stress

Photo Credit: vecree.com via Compfight cc

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