StoryMate Review

Generate And Post Viral Facebook & Instagram Stories In Minutes

Why Stories Work

Because story posting is red hot right now as we roll through earth year 2019. In fact, story posting is growing 15x faster than news feed posting.

Facebook and Instagram users used to be limited to only making status updates, but now stories are taking over and appearing at the top of your news feed on both platforms.

By using story telling in your internet marketing, you’ll be one of the early adopters which presents a huge opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition. 15-25% of story viewers are swiping up to engage a call-to-action and engage directly with a brands website.

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Why StoryMate?


Utilizing Instagram and Facebook stories in online marketing will be a major trend for 2019. The people who embrace this shift and huge opportunity will prosper and the ones who don’t will likely be left behind.

But the problem with stories are that they require quite a bit of technical and artistic know-how to get them right. You need to create videos and graphics, which can be expensive if you outsource them, and since stories are only visible for 24 hours it makes that cost hard to justify.

When you use Storymate all you have to do is:

  1. Pick on of the 25 stunning, professionally designed templates
  2. Fill in the blanks to customize the content in any way you want
  3. Click a button to render the video and instantly post your story to Instagram and Facebook

Watch this quick video demonstration and see for yourself: 

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With StoryMate:

  1. You Can Create Beautiful, High Converting Stories In Seconds: With templates created for Stories with swipe up calls to actions, animated videos and editable text you will be miles ahead of your competition instantly.
  2. You Can Make Stories For Niche Specific Business’s: Storymate has templates for a wide range of niches from eCom stores, local businesses, eBook downloads, direct to sale sites, affiliate offers and more.
  3. You Don’t Have To Worry About Being On Camera: Many people are not comfortable being on camera so with Storymate you have the option to upload any content you wish or use royalty free content to create high-converting stories.
  4. You Can Send Users Directly To Your Website And Your Offers On A Mass Scale: You’ll get a pre-made call to action builder like ‘swipe up’ and ‘opt in here’ to allow you to not only create high quality stories, but also provide a call to action that will convert visitors into sales for you.
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