Starting From Zero To Profit 2020

New Audiobook: How To Crush It Online Starting From Zero

There a really cool new audiobook available that you can grab immediately.

The audiobook is called: “Starting From Zero To Profit” and it shows you the exact 5 steps that we’re used to create over $30M in online sales for the author. Now he’ll share his 5-step process with you.

Who Wrote This AudioBook?

I want to introduce you to my good friend and virtual mentor: Fred Lam.

I met Fred a few years back at the Traffic & Conversion Summit in San Diego. Fred is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. He’s not only a titan online but a gentleman in the flesh.

He released an ebook version of this 2 years ago and it went completely viral in the digital community. Fred is one of those guys who makes a ton of money online without making a big spectacle of himself which I really respect. He has helped generate over $20 million in sales solely from the blueprint that he’s prepared to share with you.

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Table Of Contents: 

Introduction: The Golden Age Of Entrepreneurship

Chapter 1: The 30,000 Foot Overview

  • Turn $100 into a profitable e-commerce business
  • A brief summary of the 5 step system to success
  • Rags to riches: from restaurant dishwasher to CEO

Chapter 2: Your Opportunity Within The Falling Empire Of Retailers

  • Retail is going downhill
  • Amazon revolutionized retail
  • How retail is still profitable
  • The old-fashioned retail method vs the modern method
  • Why e-commerce is right for everyone

Chapter 3: The Digital Goldmine Opportunity

  • The multi-billion dollar industry
  • Niche selection
  • Secure your domain
  • Creating brand presence

Chapter 4: The Wizard Behind E-commerce

  • Technology turns any newbie into a store owner
  • Comparing the two industry leading technologies
  • Shopify tutorial
  • Processing credit cards
  • The power or Paypal

Chapter 5: The Inventory Arbitrage

  • Inventory? No way
  • Inventory arbitrage
  • Access to millions of pieces of inventory
  • Sell branded goods
  • The guide to finding products that sell online
  • The pricing formula
  • Configure your shipping

Chapter 6: “Build It And They Will Come” Is False

  • Whats in it for me?
  • Why a Times Square lease is so expensive
  • The importance of traffic
  • The 3 ways of getting traffic

Chapter 7: The Magical Alignment Of Your Buyers

  • The #1 platform for retailers: Facebook
  • Stalking on Facebook
  • Define your first plan of action on Facebook
  • Facebook ads: the easy way
  • The 3×3 Facebook ads formula – the advanced way
  • What I learned at Facebook headquarters
  • Understanding the psychology of your customers journey
  • Interpreting the data to find your goldmine
  • The 4 levels of optimization systematization
  • The #1 advertising trick that lifted Amazon’s sales

Chapter 8: Scaling Up To Multi-Millions

  • The $10 million story
  • Scaling up with emails
  • Using Mcdonalds strategy to make more without spending more
  • Scaling up your traffic
  • Instant investors (Paypal working capital)
  • Strengthening your brand
  • Diversifying your product line
  • What’s next? Rinse and repeat
  • Flip your store like real estate
  • Final thoughts
starting from zero online book image
starting from zero online book image

The inception of Starting From Zero comes from the life mission of Fred Lam. We wanted to create a hub and community where serious individuals who wanted to control their financial destiny and learn how they can start their online venture starting from zero.

We believe with the right education and training, anyone who has little to no experience can start building an online business they’ve dream of. We want to become your inspiration. We want to provide you with all the resources you need to take you first step forward.

In life, nothing is impossible. The only thing setting you back is yourself.

Fred Lam and his entire team at Starting From Zero will provide all the training, resources and education you need to get started from building, growing, and scaling your business. However, in order for you to start becoming a successful online entrepreneur, you have to take what you learn from Starting From Zero into action.

We truly believe in every single person who takes our education seriously. We know that anyone can build an online business and embrace financial freedom even if you are starting from zero.

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