Specktra CBD Affiliate Program Review

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As the CBD market continues to grow in leaps and bounds, so do the number of affiliate programs in this red-hot niche.

The Specktra CBD affiliate program should get your immediate attention with their high 30% commission payouts, award-winning CBD products (including the most potent CBD Patch in the market), on-time affiliate payments, and a 15% OFF discount you can give to your referred customer.

Who Is Specktra?

Specktra is a nutraceutical company specialized in the development of full-spectrum CBD formulas for targeted health benefits.

They have the most potent 96-hour pain relief CBD patch in the market. Other products include tinctures and vapes to support sleep, pain, anxiety, focus and much more.

Every product is third-party lab tested, has a 100% money-back guarantee and contains organic essential oils and phytocannabinoids for maximum therapeutic relief.

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Their product line is perfect to reach a wide target audience and they are always available to support their affiliates.

The Specktra CBD Affiliate Program

Earn High Commissions

Earn 30% commissions on all sales made. 100 conversions will net you $2700+ on average (our AOV is $90+). You can also easily set up a discount code to give 15% OFF to your audience.

Fast Professional Support

The Specktra affiliate team is always available to help you succeed – from launching successful promotions to setting up your affiliate links and content for maximum conversion.

Reputable And Reliable

Specktra is a highly respected player in the CBD industry. Their affiliate program is free to join and easy to use. And they will pay you via Paypal at the end of each and every month.

The Specktra CBD Products

The CBD industry is not as well regulated as most people think. Many CBD companies cut corners by using subpar ingredients to save money and increase profits.

Specktra is not one of those. They implement a 4-step strategy to ensure they produce the highest quality products:

  1. Third-Party Lab Tested: Every product batch is tested by a third-party lab and they provide lab reports and raw materials sourcing
  2. All Natural Ingredients: They use no fillers or pesticides and nothing artificial. Only organic essential oils and full-spectrum CBD
  3. Innovative Formulas: Developed by aromatherapists and scientists, their formulas have all you need for maximum benefits
  4. Happiness Guarantee: Specktra loves their customers and they offer a 100% hassle-free, no question-asked refund policy. Always.

Tincture Recovery

Get the deep, restorative sleep you need so you can fall asleep faster and optimize all facets of life.

Transdermal Patch

Fast-acting, water-proof, and discreet, you just have to stick it and get back to the life you deserve.

Vape Tranquility

Ease into your days with more inner peace and calm. Delicious watermelon flavor.

Specktra CBD Affiliate Program Conclusion

When it comes to the CBD niche, there are a ton of choices for affiliate programs to promote. 

If you want to make your CBD customers happy and coming back to buy more, Specktra is the number one choice. You’ll earn a generous 30% commissions on all sales made while giving your referred customers a cool 15% discount on their purchases. The Specktra affiliate program is a true win-win.

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