Create Your Social Stock with TemplateMonster And Get Cool Prizes Easy!

The new year is coming. It’s the time to get presents and create your New Year’s resolutions. What would you lie to achieve the next year? Work your way up the career ladder? Travel the world? Any of these wishes can come true if you invest some efforts. But there is another cool way of getting you some new things without a big budget. It’s the Social Stock contest from one of the coolest web design companies in the world.

Social Stock is a project. This company offers a great number of web design solutions for various goals. If you run a small business, local store or simply need a personal website – you should definitely visit marketplace. There anyone can find the theme according to their tastes, with the best functionality, high-quality design for the most popular platforms and CMSs.

The latest additions to the marketplace – multipurpose and multi functional templates save the time for developers. They include the latest web design trends, the most urgent options and a variety of child themes and pre-designed pages.

TemplateMonster’s Social Stock

The project was launches some time ago this year and already gathered a huge community of fans. Everybody can take part and win. Education, level of web design and development knowledge, work skills – all this doesn’t matter if you really wish to this event. You will actually need a social profile or any other platform you can share the info. But it’s not a problem today isn’t it?

The conditions are clear and equal for everyone: get a unique promo code that offers a 10% discount for any template in the TemplateMonster store, share it with your friends and followers. Count sales with the use of your promo code. The more sales will be performed – the more opportunities to get nice prizes you have.

And these prizes! They are really good and useful. Need some money? Here you have a chance to get $100 to your PayPal account. Wish to get some cool gadgets? Choose among smartwatches, iPad or iPhone. If you’re ready to wait a bit, get some more scores and achieve a Harley-Davidson vehicle or an innovative Tesla Model.

Here’s the full list of prizes you can get:

  • $100 to your PayPal account for 10 uses of your unique promo code;
  • Smartwatch Pebble for 20 promo code uses;
  • For 50 purchase made with your promo code you get iPad Mini;
  • iPhone 6 will be your for 100 purchases with your promo code;
  • 250 promo code uses – and you get a Canon EOS 6D camera;
  • Macbook Pro for 500 purchases with the use of your promo code;
  • 1,000 purchases with your promo code can bring you a Harley-Davidson Street;
  • And an amazing number of 10,000 uses of your promo code will make you a Tesla Model S owner!

Impressive list! and you can get any prize from the list. Or two… Or all of them! You can get all the prizes if you have enough promo code uses for this. The more points you get – the more prizes you can choose.

Say, you have earned 100 points. You can get $1000 to your PayPal account. Or $500 to PayPal and an iPad Mini. Or other combinations. You can save up your points to get the main prize, of course. Just fulfill all conditions, earn points and win!

Registering to the Social Stock Project

Entering the Social Stock contest doesn’t require too many efforts from you. Let’s check out again the conditions you should meet to get your reward:

  • Register to the Social Stock program by leaving your email on a special Social Stock page;
  • Get the email with your unique promo code for a 10% discount;
  • Share this promo code wherever it’s possible: in your blog posts, social media accounts, emails etc.;
  • Collect sales and get rewarded! Each purchase with the use of your unique promo code adds to your score and makes you a step closer to the prize you wish. You can get prizes starting from 10 promo code uses.

Promoting Your Promo Code

Of course, to earn more rewards, you need to promote your code. TemplateMonster has taken care of you and prepared a bunch of cool stuff to help you with promotion. Thus, you have a ton of nice images and memes to share on social media and attract your followers attention. Or a number of banners you can add to your website or blog.

You can also get lots of pre-written text messages to promote the promo code. You just need to put your unique promo code in place of a sample text and send your message to your subscribers by email. Or post this text on your social media accounts.

By the way, the good news is that your Social Stock account has full integration with your social media profiles. It means that you can post your stuff right from your Social Stock page. You have Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ buttons, so it’s just a few clicks that you need to share your message with your followers.

You’re welcomed to create your own messages, videos, GIFs, and memes, of course. Use your imagination and create the images, videos or texts that your audience will definitely notice. You can also showcase the best themes from TemplateMonster to your audience to make their choice easier.