Smart Member 2.0 Review

Are you familiar with Udemy?

Udemy is really cool. It’s basically a marketplace for online learning. Unlike traditional academic collegiate coursework, Udemy is a platform for experts of any kind (including you) to create your own courses and get paid for them.

What Is Smart Member 2.0?

Just like Udemy, Smart Member allows you to create and launch your own courses, build your own membership sites, and make passive monthly income from them.  But unlike Udemy, Smart Member gives YOU more control, allowing you to:

  1. Keep your leads and build your list
  2. Use your own sales pages
  3. Collect money directly from your customers
  4. Pay your own affiliates instant commissions
  5. Integrate with 3rd party platforms like JVzoo

What’ The Story On The Original Smart Member Version?

Smart Member launched just last year in June of 2015. The product was extremely well received and in fact grew more rapidly than expected leading to a vast expansion in both Smart Member staff and resources to meet the demand from its headquarters to Austin Texas. Smart Member has since invested an additional 6-figures into the infrastructure and growth for the company.

This expansion has resulted in more than 100 added features, including fixing every single little bug in the first version. (There are always minor bugs that need ironing out in new products like this!) Anyways, all of these improvements have lead to a new robust version: Smart Member 2.0 and also the last chance for you to get access to a Lifetime Unlimited Account as part of this mega-bundle including DPP 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, comment software, conference tickets, and more…

What’s Included In Smart Member 2.0?

With Smart Member you have a turnkey system for launching your own course, and the ability to gain access to tools and resources that NO OTHER tool provides!

Create your course, upload it to Smart Member, add your product listing on JVzoo, give JV’s review access, and benefit from all the traffic, leads, & sales they drive!

Plus use our 3rd party integrations for more options!

Smart Member is the perfect solution for creating a bonus site to offer your buyers as an affiliate marketer.

We integrate flawlessly with JVzoo using their JVZIPN, which means that when customers buy through your link, they will automatically be granted access to your membership site, and automatically be placed on an autoresponder and your email list instantly!

You can quickly build out a micro-niche site on any topic you want, using 3rd party videos from YouTube, Vimeo, or anywhere else that allows iframe video embedding.

By offering these niche sites for FREE to prospects, you are able to build out a massive email list and make residual income with the click of your mouse by sending out emails with relevant product offers.

Smart Member comes pre-installed with Bridge Pages, allowing you to create lead capture pages in minutes!

But these lead capture pages are dynamic, meaning that the text, images, backgrounds, and videos can change based on the user that is viewing them, such as a unique background for men vs. women, or getting even more creative with Facebook Ads & Intersecting Audiences!


You will quickly see just how much thought and detail was put into this launch, including the hundreds of thousands of dollars that have been invested in it.