The Shifting Net

A key element to becoming a successful digital marketer is not only to find the right sales formulas in the right markets but also to stay aware of the constantly evolving medium we rely on called the internet.

You may not notice it’s evolution day to day but if you take a step back and look at how things have changed online in a period of a year or even a decade things look vastly different than they once did.

The only way to deliver the type of content your audience demands from you is to keep up to date on what changes, trends, and progressions are taking place online. I read a fascinating article today posted on entitled ‘2015 Is The Year The Old Internet Finally Died’ that examines how things have changed dramatically online in the past ten years.

The premise of the article is that the old internet has been “replaced by a new internet that reimagines personal identity as something easily commodified, that plays less on the desire for information or thoughtfulness than it does the desire for a quick jolt of emotion.”

It’s an internet driven not by human beings, but by content, at all costs. And none of us — neither media professionals, nor readers — can stop it. Every single one of us is building it every single day.”*

We Are All Feeding The Syndication Beast

The rise and dominance of social media platforms has allowed us to navigate the information blizzard that’s thrown at us every day. It gives us a tool to find the articles, stories, and news that interests us without having to wade through it all. It’s also turned every media outlet and content producer (that’s us) on the internet into a syndicator.

The assertion put forth is that this shift to mass-syndication has put branding and personal identification in the back seat (for now). Simply put, people now are putting more emphasis on the content and not the content source, the community, or the messenger.  

“Two things have happened to change all of this: the rise of mobile, and the rise of social media. Mobile has ultimately downplayed the importance of words. Indeed, the fewer, the better… Images and video are king.“*

In today’s world of instant gratification people demand more content that’s easy to identify, quick to consume, and effortless to share. Not that 2000 word articles are dead but more emphasis should be placed on bite-sized content that pops and gets straight to the point. And content that uses either video or images or both.  

The future belongs to the fleet, to the fast, to the instantly assembled hot take. Thoughtfulness is almost beside the point, in many cases, if you can produce something enough people will want to associate with the curation of their core beings.*

Food for thought. What are your thoughts?


*Excerpts from article by Todd VanDerWerff

Photo Credit: e³°°° via Compfight cc