Focus On SEO Strategy Not SEO Tactics

So you’ve decided to learn some Search Engine Optimization to start jockeying your site up the search engine rankings. That’s good, But do you have an overall strategy for SEO or just a list of tactics that you feel you need to focus on?  

It’s vitally important to understand what you’re trying to accomplish with SEO before you decide how to do it. This short video from the site will get you on the right track:  

The 5 Core Strategic SEO Questions You Need To Answer:

  1. What does our organization create that helps solve searchers’ questions or problems?
  2. What is the unique value we provide that no one else does?
  3. Who’s going to help amplify our message, and why will they do it?
  4. What is our process for turning visitors from search into customers?
  5. How do we expose what we do that provides value here in a way that engines can easily crawl, index, understand, and show off?


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  1. john

    Hey Bill,

    I really like this site! I am trying to develop an affiliate program for my website and you have a BUNCH of good info on this site.

    There has been limited traction on my program thus far and wanted to see if you’d Check out my program, and let me know what you think