SEO Stats You Need To Understand And Track

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important element to understand for any internet marketer. That is unless you would rather pay for traffic to your website. That works too by the way but as we approach 2019 it’s as competitive as ever.

Personally, I’ve always enjoyed the challenge and competitiveness of SEO and the valuable, targeted free traffic it brings to my sites.

If you too rely on organic search engine traffic via Google, Yahoo and Bing it’s likely that you have endured the ever-changing and complex algorithms that determine where your websites rank for your niche keywords.

Technically, it’s nearly impossible (unless you have an IQ of 140+ and you are into tech) to precisely zero-in on the factors that are improving your SERPs. Even if you could, they are constantly changing and being tweaked by equally intelligent techies. 

Below is a relatively fresh infographic (2018) listing SEO facts and statistics that the folks at accumulated to get some insights into the influential factors and figure out the best SEO strategies. They compiled this information from authentic sources, including experts’ research results.

Enjoy, learn and implement: