Selling to the affluent takes a different approach.
Do you have what it takes?

A few days ago I ran into this article on entitled

‘$75 for ice cubes. And other absurd things rich people are blowing their cash on.’

The article reminds us that, despite the sputtering economy, the affluent are making more money than ever and many have more money than they know what to do with do with right now. 

As the divide between the haves and have-nots continues to widen those on the right side of the fence continue to spend like never before.  That’s great news for us marketers, but only if you know how to approach this market segment.  The affluent market truly is different and it’s vital for you to know the difference to ensure your hard work is not wasted.

So how do you approach and sell to the super-rich?

7 Tips For Selling To Rich People:

1) Do your homework. I know that’s an obvious statement but what I’m driving at is you need to understand how the affluent market segment breaks down.  There is the rich, and then there is the super-rich.  Selling to a billionaire is different than selling to a millionaire and you need to understand the process and mindset of each.

2) Find where they hang out whether its online or in the real world. They don’t hang where normal people hang.  If its online you’re going to have to do some detective work to locate them and then lurk for awhile to make sure you’re speaking their language.  If it’s real world you’re going to have to spend some significant money if you plan to infiltrate their world.

3) Respect their time.  When selling, state the facts and get to the point – fast.  They have far more money than they have time.  In fact time is one of the few things that they can’t buy more of.

4) Understand that the rich buy much more impulsively than average people. They buy $hit that may be utterly useless to you and me.  And sometimes they’ll buy things that they never actually use. They buy unique things to impress, entertain, and collect.

5) Target customers who’ve already bought what you’re selling.  A guy who have 5 sports cars certainly would like a 6th.  Wouldn’t he?

6) Bend over backwards. The affluent like to be pampered so go the extra mile by handling every small detail of the sale with a personal touch.  Just like they expect when they hang their hat at the Four Seasons Hotel.

7) After closing a deal, follow up like your life depends upon it.  Your income just might. The rich love and appreciate follow up so much that they might just tell a rich neighbor or two about you.  Or perhaps a golf buddy down at the Country Club.  Get it?

Selling to rich folks effectively takes a lot of homework…

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P.S.  BTW there is no affiliate program for the high dollar ice. I already checked

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