SalesEnvy Review And Bonuses

How To Turn SKYPE Into An Amazing CRM & Call Solution…

SalesEnvy is a great new app that replaces high-cost CRMs and phone dialing solutions. It will allow your company to:

    • Sell Smarter
    • Sell More
    • Reduce Overhead

SalesEnvy will instantly turn Skype into a cost-reducing CRM, outbound call solution & lead generation machine! Here are some of the features and benefits of SalesEnvy.

Complete CRM System Alternative:

        1. Integrated Skype Calling: Take advantage of the lowest monthly VoIP calling service for your team’s outbound dialing solution. Make unlimited calls and use unlimited minutes for $3.00/month.
        2. Schedule Meetings: Easily schedule meeting with team members, potential & existing customers directly from inside SalesEnvy.
        3. Auto-Dialing Ability: Time is money. SalesEnvy allows sales reps to be able to not skip a beat, as the next phone number on your list is automatically called as soon as the previous call has ended.
        4. Sales Pipeline Management: See the entire sales process from prospect to customer and See at-a-glance stats on your overall sales team performance and metrics.
        5. Sales Script: Import dynamic sales scripts that your sales team can utilize when on a call for quality assurance and to maximize conversions.
        6. Follow-Up Reminders: Take control of events for follow up, timing of the day to call, time zones, follow-up dates dues or overdue.
        7. Call Recording: Record every call that is placed in SalesEnvy for training, quality assurance, and to reference at a later date.
        8. Integrated Email Followup: Easily send out personalized follow-up emails to your prospect to keep the conversation going.

      SalesEnvy Video Demo:

      The Verdict: SalesEnvy Is A Winner

      The groundbreaking product allows any business to instantly turn Skype into a formidable lead generation machine. SalesEnvy enables Skype to become a cost-reducing CRM and outbound call solution that will allow your business to increase both sales and productivity while reducing overhead.

      Using Skype enables your business to implement campaigns that have unlimited outgoing minutes to use for contacting potential prospects and turning them into customers. Your outbound calls will not be restricted by the cost of data or voice mail minutes.