How To Create Sales Funnels That Work

Step One:
The first step in creating lucrative online sales funnels is to map out your progression of offers or services. This is what marketing legend Dan Kennedy calls the Ladder of Success or Ascension Ladder and here’s how it works:

In Dan’s ascension model, your relationship with your customers is structured into different levels. Each level provides your customers with a higher quality of service and price structure. Your customers start at the bottom of your model and work their way to the top. They will get a higher level of service with each rung in the ladder and you’ll earn more income as well.

Russell Brunson, in his book Dotcom Secrets, refers to the ascension ladder as the value ladder which is the same thing.  The ladder is essentially a series of upsells. As Russell explains in his book, an example would be a dentist. Here is how a successful dentist may structure his value ladder:

  1. Teeth cleaning – Free (aka: ethical bribe)
  2. Teeth whitening – $
  3. Retainer – $$
  4. Cosmetic services – $$$
  5. Regularly scheduled maintenance (continuity program) – $$$$

Take note that the price, level of service, and value go up as your clients ascend the ladder which also makes you (the marketer) more income the higher they go. Not everyone will progress up the ladder but a certain percentage of your customers will.

Once you complete your own value ladder you’ll be able to start building your funnel which is the next step.  

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