In order to be successful in the online marketing arena, you must know your numbers. As Marcus Lemonis, self-made billionaire and host of the hit television program The Profit says, ‘if you don’t know your numbers; you don’t know your business.”

This is what makes tracking platforms imperative. The tracking, analyzing and management of your data is what will drive your business either into the ground, or into profit orbit.   

RedTrack Review

RedTrack.Io Review 

RedTrack.lo has developed a state-of-the-art platform that allows both affiliate marketers and media buyers to compile and track performance data that helps maximize online profits.

RedTrack’s platform is a must-have tool for any serious internet marketer. Plus you can also promote it and earn income as one of their affiliate partners. Features

Our RedTrack team is constantly rolling out new features and improvements to their platform based on testing, tweaking and implementing new technologies. 

Here are some of advantages:

  • It’s Fast And Easy To Get Started: The navigation throughout the tracker is intuitive. Data tables are easy-to-read and analyze, and you can always customize the data columns in the way you need it. Step-by step video tutorials, extensive knowledge base with quick and friendly support is always at your service
  • 90+ ready-made Network templates: You don’t need to hassle with servers or geo balancing. You don’t need to wrap your head around macros and postbacks. RedTrack has 90+ smooth integrations with major Advertising and Affiliate Networks that allows you to get started with tracking in a few clicks
  • Granular reporting with 30+ data points for traffic monitoring and analysis, including source, network, offers, landers, geo (country, region, city), OS type and version, browser type and version, connection type, date and day parting, IP, ISP, referrer and referrer domain, proxy type, user agent, language, among others
  • S2S Postback: Cookie tracking becomes more and more complicated. With S2S postback tracking offered by RedTrack, you have the ability to precisely track the user journey by seeing signups turn into transactions, becoming commissions
  • Automation & Optimization features: Extensive integrations with Traffic Sources via API allow RedTrack users to set the rules that automatically optimize campaigns, streams, landing pages, and offers. Sophisticated algorithms can stop, postpone or redistribute traffic in the best way possible
  • Fraud Reports: RedTrack helps to monitor the traffic quality. You get a real-time reporting about every click on the ad and if it is subject to fraud — the reason for that. Cookie stuffing, click spamming, “proxied” connections and other 11 reasons will provide a holistic overview of the traffic quality you buy and protect your advertising investments
  • Direct Traffic Tracking: With RedTrack LP script, you can track the events from both paid and organic traffic when traditional tracking links can’t be used. RedTrack LP (direct traffic) allows you to send traffic without redirects, and get all the information like you normally do. This features is especially popular among those who run campaigns on Google AdWords and Facebook that often ban non-direct traffic
  • Impression tracking: Real time 100% impression tracking with no sampling gives you a vital overview of your ad campaign performance. Working at any scale, it immediately shows you where you have more impressions and fewer click-throughs, and vice versa
  • Full SSL Support:’s platform provides SSL support for your custom domains Makes It Easy

I’ve used many tracking platforms over the past decade. Most are long gone simply because their dashboard was difficult to learn and their data hard to read and understand.  

That’s where RedTrack shines. It’s recognized as one of the easiest-to-use affiliate and performance campaign tracking and analytics platform in the business. It’s backed by Affise – the leader in performance marketing software, so it delivers functionality and user experience for both beginners and experts alike.

RedTrack Referral Program

You can also earn income promoting RedTrack’s referral program. RedTrack offers you 10% lifetime commissions on all paying referrals (subscription fees). Summary

Tracking your online marketing efforts today is not optional. Not if you want to be super successful.

RedTrack is one of the easiest-to-use affiliate and performance campaign tracking and analytics platforms in the business. It’s a great tool for you to use to maximize your performance and profits. It’s also an excellent platform to promote from the affiliate side.

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