Top 5 Reasons to Promote Natural Health Affiliate Programs

Looking for the perfect niche affiliate program? Natural health affiliate programs may be your perfect fit. Here are the top 5 reasons these programs translate to consistent and great commissions for you.

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  • Growing Fast. The wellness industry is a $3 trillion plus business with natural solutions taking the lead. People want more natural products and they are willing to spend more for it. They are also willing to take a chance on a lesser known brand as this industry is still relatively ‘new.’ At least new in a capitalistic kind of way.
  • Consumers Want It According to NBC News**, 59 million Americans relied on some form of alternative or complementary treatment. Now that is a large target audience! With companies like Living Oils and DoTerra reaching the living rooms around the country with a mom focus multi-level marketing strategy, consumers see natural products as a viable and effective solution.
  • Immediate Need = Conversions. You know how in marketing the key is finding the pain and solving it. Well with natural health niches, the pain is real and so is your solution. This makes for great conversions.
  • Perfect For Long Tail Keyword Optimization. With natural health affiliate programs, like Healing Natural Oils, there are unlimited long tail optimization opportunities for very specific ailments. It might not always be the sexiest topic but it is in demand. Also, you can feel great about recommending a product that not only works but also is void of chemicals and toxins
  • Great Companies To Choose From. There are several natural health affiliate programs to choose from. One of my favorites is the Healing Natural Oils ( affiliate program. You can learn more about this program below.

Healing Natural Oils (

  • 20% Commission (mention this article in your application and automatically get bumped to 25% commission)
  • 15+ years in business and over a 750,000 products sold. This company isn’t going anywhere!
  • 100% content affiliate program. No worries about sales being hijacked by coupon or loyalty affiliate programs
  • Products specific to ailments make for great niche sites and conversions
  • Regular bonus plans to keep you motivated and introduce you to new products
  • 90-day money back guarantee to give your followers to confidence to purchase
  • Incredible testimonials and ratings verified by a third-party company
  • Trustworthy and experience affiliate management team, Robbins Interactive

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