How Productive Are You?

Hey… we’re all busy. But are you just being busy or are you actually being productive?

There’s a huge difference between just being busy and being peak productive.

Forget motivational speeches… morning routines… performance drugs… shiny marketing tools and overpriced personal development programs that are only filled with little ‘hacks’ or dump a bunch of useless time management information…

Is There An App To Increase Productivity?

Yes. It’s new, state-of-the-art and downright effective. It called Fruitphul.

Fruitphul is a cloudbased app that allows you to:

[+] Know exactly what you should do each day and when gain major leverage and accomplish goals 1/100th
of the time it normally takes
[+] See precisely where your time is going each day in one click w/ data graphs
[+] View color-coded ‘microtask’ to-do lists for each day so you can get started making major dents in
big goals w/ no will power needed
[+] Full calendar interface to schedule tasks, reassign them, ‘sync’ to leverage values upon entering
them, & more.
[+] Fully cloud-based & mobile friendly, access & use from anywhere.
[+] Requires just 5 minutes of work per week to start reaping major results and saving years of work in
the long run.
[+] Leverage assigning & scoring technology so you know what small parts of a major goal to focus
on first for biggest impact

Fruitful features include:

[+] Assign ‘Leverage Value Scores’ to Commonly Done Tasks – This is going to help prioritize and track
how much impact longterm a task will have toward achieving big goals where your time should be
going to be more productive
[+] Build Strategic, Color-Coded To-Do Lists of MicroTasks – Create and view lists of easy to get
started with ‘microtasks’ each day that are colored coded and synced to a leverage value you
choose, or one of your previous ‘leverage value tasks’

This helps you knock out major projects fast by avoiding procrastination and knowing what higher leverage activities to do first for the greatest impact with least amount of energy spent possible every day.

[+] Full Calendar Interface to Schedule, Recorder, & More – Use the calendar to ‘assign’ yourself
time to work on your high leverage tasks, reschedule microtasks that can’t instantly be done to
free up headspace and avoid cognitive dissonace, reorder or ‘roll over’ tasks that weren’t done,
& more.
[+] Track Time Spent Doing Tasks – Easily record yourself doing each microtask or manually enter the
time on the desktop or mobile. See how much time is really going to what tasks to help you make
major productivity changes & save time longterm.
[+] Analytics to See Where Your Time is Going – Quickly view graphs of how much time was really spent
on your specific ‘Leverage Value Tasks’ or how much time was spent on high or low value tasks in
[+] Fully cloud based and mobile friendly
[+] Requires a little as 5 minutes of work each week for major results longterm

Go Have A Look At Fruitphul Here

But wait! There’s more. (I love saying that). But I digress…

Fruitphul also comes with a super cool ‘Reboot’ Camp Training from principals used by these guys:

Here are a few of the things you’ll learn in this high-end training:

[+] Outsourcing, scaling, and hiring strategies to put your business (and personal life) on autopilot,
even if you don’t think you have the budget to begin delegating tasks.
[+] 3X your energy in a few weeks – What you should eat and how to exercise to get tons of high quality
energy and focus. (Way more than just ‘eat your fruits and vegetables’ advice)
[+] The breakthrough Fruitphul strategy of accomplishing goals in 1/100 of the time it normally takes
by microbreaking and leverage assigning.
[+] Stop and reverse the things (both internal and external) that are sabotaging you from being more
productive and being successful and happier
[+] The best, fool-proof method for totally eliminating procrastination & building productive
habits w/ no resistance
[+] How to find “hidden time” in your day to make major progress on your goals
[+] A simple trick to silence your negative self talk and limiting beliefs, break bad habits that
sabotage your success and unleash unstoppable productivity, every day
[+] The evolutionary reason you’re always getting distracted and can’t get momentum— and a little—known
way to automatically train your brain to tune out the noise, and focus on tasks like a kid watches
[+] A quick tactical switch that makes the hardest tasks easy to complete no matter how tired you are,
without relying on willower, and without stress
[+] How to identify what you really want in life, and why most people set superficial goals that never
make them happy and how to avoid that.

Go Have A Look At Fruitphul Here

How To Be More Productive

Jeff Walker just released an excellent six minute video on productivity. It’s well worth your time because time is your most important asset as an internet marketer. Use it wisely and you’ll find yourself winning this game and making a high passive income every month. Misuse it and you’ll find yourself wallowing in mediocrity. 

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  1. DNN

    Failure is a stepping stone to greatness.

    • Bill Burniece

      IT sure is DNN. I’ve failed my way to success several times. Thanks – Bill