Tips On PPC That Will Boost Your Ecommerce Store

Guest post

PPC campaigns can be really good when done properly. They can boost your traffic and improve your revenue. However, the realppc tips for ecommerce challenge is making a PPC ad so good that your audience notices it immediately next to all other content online. An even bigger challenge is to make them click. So, you need to learn to make your PPC ads almost impossible to resist.

But first, here are some PPC things that you should already be doing:

Create great ad copy

The most basic step in creating PPC ads that convert is writing catchy copy – something that steals attention quickly and gets people to click. To do this, you should add your unique selling proposition. This is what makes you stand out. It could be something free or something unique that you have to offer to the market.

Your PPC copy should also contain a CTA – something like “buy now”, “try out for free” and so on. You can also add click to call buttons for mobile users who can call you easily. You can increase the number of people clicking this way. You can further improve your ad by adding extensions which can help you stand out in the crowd. This way you would be increasing your click through rates.

Here are some of the extensions you could use to improve your PPC ads.

  • Sitelinks Extension – If you want to feature some specific products in your ad, use this extension which allows for more keywords.
  • Review Extensions – Show awards and achievements, reviews and so on through this extension
  • Structured Snippets – Highlight the features of your product with this extension.
  • Location Extensions – If you have many locations, you can help your customers find you with this extension. You can also use all of these extensions at once to improve your ads rates.

Make sure that you test your ad copy as well since there might be some better versions for it out there. Create different versions and split test them to see which version gets the most audience and then keep that version.

Qualifying the traffic

“When it comes to your ads, you want traffic and clicks but you don’t want for everyone to click on your ad because this spends your money and the sale is not always guaranteed, especially when someone clicks and doesn’t buy anything from you. So, it’s crucial that you start qualifying the traffic coming to the ad – try to be precise and accurate so that you can know for sure who’s likely to click and who’s likely to convert,” says Allan Foster, a marketing professional at Revieweal and Big Assignments.

Here are some tips that will help your ad appear only in front of the relevant audience that won’t waste your clicks.

Be more specific when writing the ad

When you are not specific – this usually happens when you use highly competitive keywords – you will get plenty of clicks and more reach but people will not be likely to buy. Your product or service won’t be as compelling and relevant to everyone. Some people that click may not even understand your product. You are getting clicks but those clicks are just wasting you money and not bringing anything in return.

Those people are probably clicking by accident or looking for something more specific that’s not your product or service. Maybe they are window shopping, comparing prices and looking for the lowest price.

However, you could fix this by creating a more specific approach in which you would focus on more specific keywords that would help your visitor get all of the information they need without even clicking. This could include model number, name of the manufacturer or any specifics like colors and other relevant data. You are narrowing down your audience and lowering the cost of clicks at the same time increasing the conversion rates.

“You should also use a keyword research tool for PPC and then use those keywords in the Ads. If someone is searching with this exact keyword, they will be more likely to buy something from you and it’s an easy way to put yourself in front of the right audience,” says Lila Banks, a digital strategist at UK Writings and Top Canadian Writers.

You can also use modified broad match keyword bidding which will make your keywords just right – not too specific and it also won’t make it too wide and irrelevant. Another option are negative keywords which can help you get more qualified audience by selecting which keywords you don’t want to compete for. For instance, you could eliminate “information” or “info” because these keywords mean that your visitor is not ready to buy yet. This will prevent you from overspending. These are all great ways to get a more specific and prepared audience based on your keywords.

Include prices

To reduce the amount of money wasted, you should add prices to your ad. This way your visitors will know what to expect and what the cost is and they won’t click just to see the price, especially if they are not ready to buy yet.

Be specific about your location

“ If you are located in one city and only deliver products and services to a limited area, you should use certain modifiers to specify where you are located and get more clicks from the relevant audience in your area,” says Holden Fox, an ecommerce marketer.

Create a marketing campaign

After you have made sure that your ad will only be seen by the relevant audience, you should make the message simply irresistible to that specific audience you are targeting. They should be very tempted to click on it and act on that desire. This involves great copy and a great offer.

After these changes, you should see your clicks increase and the overall cost of the clicks decrease. However, if you are still not seeing more sales, then this means that you should set up a remarketing campaign. All of the tips above should help you set up a great remarketing campaign.

While PPC campaigns are definitely not the only way to drive traffic to your ecommerce website, they are quite effective when done right. But, you have to employ great copywriting, excellent SEO practices and narrow down your audience. Keep in mind that it could take some adjusting for this to work optimally.

Nora Mork is a ecommerce business journalist at Assignment writing service in UK. She is often invited to speak at public marketing and tech events, and to write for blogs, such as Essay Roo and Academized.