SEO in a post-Mobilegeddon world

From all indicators the Google Mobilegeddon search engine adjustment was far from apocalyptic. Most marketers were well-prepared for the change and thus avoided painful mobile placement penalties. If you still don’t know whether or not your sites were impacted please go through my series of posts starting HERE.

There are still some updated SEO factors to keep you in Google’s good graces and the organic mobile-search traffic flowing your way.

6 SEO Tips For Mobile Search 2015: 

  1. Relevancy:  Give Google what it really wants and that is the most relevant content possible that matches the search engine user’s intent. Never stray too far from the topic your title promises to provide. Google will always strive to serve the user the most relevant result possible and it will use whatever data sources and means they can to do just that.
  2. Lengthen Your Tail: Google still likes long descriptive keywords that match the user’s search intent. Long-tail keyword phrases are less popular and thus much easier to rank for. Plus, long-tails convert better than general terms do. For example, it would be far more lucrative to rank highly for the term ‘best natural anxiety supplements’ than ‘anxiety’ or ‘anxiety treatment’, even though ranking for the shorter search terms would bring you more traffic. Shorter keyword names often are used by people looking to research a topic and not necessarily buy a product in that niche. In the post-Mobilegeddon world, it’s best to focus on the quality of the search traffic you receive rather than the quantity.
  3. Shorten Your Paragraphs:  Long blocks of text on a mobile device’s small screen are difficult to read and cause many visitors to look for a more eye-friendly option than your site. Keep your paragraphs short, use bolding to highlight important points, and make use of bullets or numbered lists to keep your reader on your page, engaged, and undistracted.
  4. Be More Social: Google loves engagement almost as much as they love relevancy. As they see it, higher engagement means the searcher is finding the content they’re looking for and interacting for more. Being active on social media channels leads to increased visibility, links, and content shares -which all lead to higher rankings for you. The key to social media success is to find which social media channels your target audience hangs out on the most and engage them there. Do the necessary research to find out where your flock congregates. 
  5. Make Your Point: With mobile you’ll need to shorten the path to your ultimate call-to-action. Whether its opting in and joining your list, buying your product, or just leaving a comment. Don’t draw out your posts with your call-to-action only at the bottom of your posts. Since mobile users are less patient, many of your readers will never get there.  
  6. Swim In Your Own Pool: Make it a point to surf your sites on mobile frequently to make sure you know what your visitors mobile experience is. If it’s slow, dysfunctional, and confusing its only a matter of time before Google sniffs it out and penalizes it.  


Photo Credit: Free Grunge Textures – via Compfight cc

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