PLR Marketing eBooks Are Master Resale Magic

Most internet marketers start out selling other peoples products. This ‘affiliate marketing’ model simplifies the process and shortens the time needed to start making money online.

At some point, many marketers consider creating their own product (such as an eBook) so they can keep 100% of the profits generated by their own sales and a portion of the profits generated by their own affiliates. Most, however aren’t good enough writers or lack the funds necessary to hire a ghost-writer to complete it for them. That’s where PLR comes in.

Private Label Rights

In digital marketing, private label rights is a license that the author of an eBook or course sells to others providing most or all of the intellectual property rights to their work; including resell rights.

The PLR license is not limited to just eBooks Other formats include:

  • Articles
  • Software
  • Courses
  • Graphic templates or images
  • Email newsletters
  • Sales tools and copywriting to help you sell it

You can rebrand all of these and put your name on them (or an alias) and boom – you have your very own product.

PLR eBook Advantages

The advantages of buying Private Label Rights eBook content compared to creating your own are:

  • Saving time not having to research the topic and write it yourself
  • Having professional quality content that your customers will be happy with and less likely to refund
  • Saving money compared to hiring a ghost-writer or buying exclusive rights to an eBook. Most PLR eBooks are very inexpensive
  • Gaining a reputation as an “expert” on a subject even if you know little to nothing about it

Example Of A Great PLR eBook For Marketers:

5 Ways To Start An Online Business In 2018
5 Ways To Start An Online Home Based Business In 2018: 

  • Product Release Date: April 18, 2018
  • Product Creator: Shelley Penney
  • Product Category: PLR 
  • Reviewed By: Bill B. 
  • Review Grade: A+
  • Guarantee: 100% Money Back – 30 Days
  • Where To Get It: Click Here

What Are The 5 Ways To Start An Online Home Based Business In 2018 PLR?

5 Ways is a with PLR (Private Label Rights) course that you can resell and keep 100% of the profits. It is a proven Udemy Course that more than 1220+ students have already paid to take this course on Udemy…

“5 Ways To Start An Online Business In 2018” (from the comfort of home) PLR package comes with EVERYTHING you need to profit from it including:

  • Module #1 – Make Money Online Video Course
  • Module #2 – Make Money Online Course Transcription
  • Module #3 – Make Money Online Audio Course
  • Module #4 – Make Money Online PowerPoint Presentation
  • Module #5 – Make Money Online DFY Sales Funnel (sales page and product delivery page)
  • Module #6 – Infographics Internet Marketing Edition
  • Module #7 – Make Money Online Marketing Graphics
  • Module #8 – Private Label Rights License

9 Reasons Why I Love This Product And YOU Will Too:

  1. This Product Is YOUR Product: All you have to do is put your name on your product, upload it and you’re in business for yourself.
  2. This Niche Is A Huge Niche With Plenty Of Room For You To Make Money In: This course is appealing to everyone who wants to start a business or expand their current one.
  3. 100% Risk Free: This course is already proven to sell. You don’t have to HOPE it will sell. If you dislike it for any reason you’re protected by a 30 day money back guarantee.
  4. Charge What YOU Want: That’s right- you can set any price over $15-20 or more and keep all of the profits yourself.
  5. Use Our Reputation: We’ve taken time to develop the program. We’ve already gained a reputation, and the testimonials show it. That means instant credibility for you.
  6. Earn Money Long Term: There’s no time limit on this offer. It’s evergreen. You can put it up and sell it for a long time. There’s no limit on your earnings.
  7. YOU Get Paid Immediately: No longer do you have to wait for delayed commissions to be paid out. This is your product. There’s no middleman – you collect the money.
  8. You Don’t Need Any Technical Skills To Put It To Use Or Sell It. All you have to do is put your own name on it and use the tools provided.
  9. You Get To Learn From The Course Too. You will learn additional skills to help you make income online.

The price is ridiculously low for what you get.

5 Ways To Start An Online Home Based Business In 2018 PLR Is Live. Click Here To Check It Out

How To Profit From Your PLR Products: 

  • Sell it as is and keep 100% of the profits yourself
  • Use it for personal use and gain the same value from the content that your customers will 
  • Sell it will resell rights for your buyer so they may benefit and profit from it too
  • Put your name on it as the author which is a great way to brand yourself as an expert. Yes, you can do that!
  • Use it to generate traffic to your websites by dicing up the content and sharing it on social media channels
  • Give it away as a bonus when customers buy another product from you 
  • Use it as a lead magnet (give it away for free) to help grow your list
  • Retitle, edit and profit from it. Retitle the product, change the contents and include your own backend affiliate links to boost sales. Yes, you can do that too!
  • Use it as an upsell for more profits on other products
  • Sell it as a ready-made product (done-for-you)
  • Create a physical product from it
  • Re-package it to include speaking rights so your customers can use it to create their own seminars and webinars
  • Use the contents for a membership site and charge a monthly fee to access it
  • Use the content for your social media posts that will help you build authority and more engagement
  • Split the content and use it for your blog posts or articles
  • Repurpose the content for offline use in presentations, articles, seminars, DVDs and courses
  • Use the content for webinars
  • Add your affiliate links to key portions of it to generate more sales and income
  • Translate the content into other languages and dominate foreign markets which are less saturated for more profits
  • Use it for your newsletters to build trust and authority
  • Implement ideas for your an upcoming launch
  • Create podcast episodes for your audience
  • Recruit other affiliates to sell it for you and share the profits

This only scratches the surface of the possibilities.  Get creative with it. 

Where To Find Your Own PLR Products To Sell:

PLR Assassin

Master Resale Rights

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