Pinterest ‘Power Pinners’ Are PO’d About The New Buy Buttons

In its latest move toward monetization, Pinterest announced that it will soon roll out buy buttons on its pins that will allow visitors to make purchases directly from their site. This should come as no surprise since it will bring Pinterest millions of dollars in revenue that they have been leaving on the table up until now.

The move will allow Pinterest to charge much more for their ‘Promoted Pins’ which are essentially paid ads on their site now.

But not everyone is excited about this change. The site’s most loyal content providers, referred to as power pinners, are still reeling over Pinterest’s decision to eliminate affiliate links on their site.

I feel for those Pinterest bloggers who lost their income stream because something similar happened to me once with Amazon Associates. Through no fault of my own, I was banned from that program because I live in a state (Colorado) where our governor, at the time, decided to call Amazon’s bluff on the online tax issue. He lost. And it cost all of us in Colorado the Amazon revenue stream we used to enjoy. Those who relied solely on it were the hardest hit, just like many of those power pinners. I get it; it sucks.

The lesson in all of this, which I’ve written about before, is to never ever rely on only one income stream. Diversify your income, and your traffic sources that drive it, to avoid losing your affiliate marketing business literally overnight. Social media platforms, especially new ones, evolve and change very quickly. Most wait until they take off before monetizing so expect changes and never become too dependent on a single source.

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