Where To Buy Website Traffic Cheap

Many newbies to affiliate marketing get frustrated at first when traffic to their newly created website only trickles in. The problem is that search engine optimization takes time to develop as does social media traffic while you make efforts to get noticed in your marketplace.

While there are many other effective free traffic-getting methods out there they usually take time to learn as well.

The answer? Paid traffic.

But that’s a problem too since paid traffic can be expensive. Further, when first starting you’re going to be testing and tracking your offers to find the right combination that’s profitable for you. That means much of your paid traffic is going to be wasted prior to optimizing your site with a profitable formula.

Learning how to buy traffic using PPC ads from the numerous sources is tricky at first since each platform has its own set of rules and metrics. Not only that but those PPC dashboards are daunting when you first look at them. I mean look at all of this data they throw at you in just one screen:

For first time PPC’rs it looks like an airplane dashboard.

How To Navigate Paid Traffic

Tomorrow, Saturday August 15 2015, an extremely valuable white paper is being released[/highlight] by internet marketer and media buying expert Fred Lam. In it, you’ll learn how to get paid traffic at a fraction of the normal cost and turn that paid traffic into conversions, sales, and profits. However, I use the term white paper rather loosely here since [highlight]it’s really a 53 page playbook on paid traffic. This valuable and very detailed white paper is FREE to you. Stick with me for a minute and I’ll let you how to get a copy of your own. 

Who the hell’s Fred Lam you ask? 

Fred is one of the top internet media buyers in the world. He’s has created several multimillion-dollar businesses online. And this should get your attention: Fred Lam was also recognized as Clickbank’s top client two years in a row. Today, Fred is a certied Google Partner and works directly with the senior teams at Google. Are you excited about this white paper now? 

In this free white paper, Fred will be sharing with you the three pillars to get a tidal wave of traffic for less than most advertisers and even Fortune 100 companies. Here’s exactly what’s covered:

Introduction: Meet Fred Lam

Chapter One:

  • The Pillars Of Traffic
  • Your Perception Of Paid Advertising
  • The Greek Column
  • The Advantages of Paid Traffic
  • The 3 Pillars Of A Multimillion-Dollar Business

Chapter Two:

  • Cheap Access To Over 2 Million Websites
  • Network Within A Network
  • Search Audiences
  • Contextual Audiences
  • Display Audiences
  • The Google Setup Scam
  • How To Access Over 2 Million Websites
  • The Ultimate Tip To Minimize Your Risk Of Burning Through Cash 

Chapter Three:

  • Targeting on Steroids – What Google Can’t Do
  • The Power Of Facebook – Precise Targeting
  • Facebook Targeting Features
  • Lookalike Audience Revolutionizes The Advertising Industry
  • How To Setup Lookalike Audiences
  • Lookalike on Steroids

Chapter Four:

  • Legally Steal Website Visitors From Fortune 500 Websites 
  • CPV Explained In Length 
  • Preparation Work For CPV Networks

Chapter Five:

  • Tip Of The Iceberg 
  • Exposing 3 Secrets To Make Instant ROI On Paid Traffic

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    Thank you for sending this information
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    I reserved my seat for the workshops and
    I have read it It is valuable information!
    I look forward for the Workshops.
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    Debora Raposo