The Future Is Very Bright For Affiliate Marketing

Perhaps the most amazing revelation about affiliate marketing is the fact that this business model is still in its infancy.

I remember when the internet was born, prior to the birth of e-commerce, it was primarily used to share a wealth of information on every topic imaginable from all corners of the world. It was touted The Information Superhighway and was like having a complete library right in your home accessible from your very large and bulky desktop computer.

Funny, because I don’t recall, from that point forward, ever getting a knock on the door from another encyclopedia salesman. That era was done.

When early internet entrepreneurs began thinking of ways to make money on this amazing new platform they ran into a very big problem. That problem was TRUST. People weren’t ready to enter their personal information and especially their credit card numbers into a machine yet.

The early pioneers in e-commerce eventually convinced people over time that their information was secure enough to earn their trust and the rest is history.

But make no mistake about it… this market is still very, very young and growing rapidly. I’ll prove it to you below.

Online Retail Forecast: U.S. consumers will spend $632 billion online by 2020

As we approach the end of 2016 e-commerce is exploding. In fact, that growth shows zero signs of slowing down into 2017 and beyond. The truth is that e-commerce is quickly becoming the future of retail sales as nearly all of the growth in the retail sector now takes place in online sales.

“BI Intelligence, Business Insider’s premium research service, forecasts that U.S. consumers will spend $385 billion online in 2016. Moreover, BI Intelligence predicts that number will grow to $632 billion in 2020.

This is hardly surprising considering e-commerce’s healthy growth. Though the U.S. retail average growth rate in the first half of 2016 was just 2% for total retail, it was 16% for e-commerce.”*

Check this out:


When you analyze the chart above take note in which markets are predicted to see the most growth and you have a pretty good roadmap of which niches you should be looking at. This is the kind of data, when analyzed and implemented properly, that makes people wealthy.

If you’re new to affiliate marketing this is very good news for you. Even though you may feel behind the curve to those of us with a decade (or more) of a head start on you, you’re still on the ground floor of the burgeoning e-commerce market.

The future is bright. 

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