What Is OctoSuite?

Octosuite is new software that automates practically any online business model you presently use.

It works like this:

  1. The software finds you the most viral, trending, and liked content online from numerous networks
  2. It allows you the ability to edit this content with your own calls to action and offers
  3. It automatically posts this content for you to unlimited FB fan pages and FB groups. This includes FB groups that you’re not even an admin of
  4. Plus it will let you MASS join and post to FB groups within your niche

Here is a short 3 minute demo on how Octosuite works:

Octosuite solves these problems – some of which you’re probably experiencing:

  • Not enough time to manage FB pages and groups
  •  No budget for a dedicated social media manager
  •  Don’t know how to effectively promote on FB
  •  Sick of paying inflated ad costs
  •  Not able to convert fans and followers into consistent sales
  •  Not knowing what kind of content to post and how to go viral
  •  Info overload
  •  Not understanding how to get in front of your FB audience
  •  Wasting money on FB ads that don’t convert
  •  Not enough traffic
  •  Online business takes more time than a typical 9­5 J.O.B.
  •  Inconsistent results
  •  Shiny object syndrome and nothing works
  •  Don’t know how to automate traffic
  •  Not knowing how to learn from the competition
  •  Simply not believing ANY method will work for them

Here’s what Octosuite will do for you:

  •  8 X your business by automating the top 8 issues that cause most marketers to fail using FB
  •  6 figures per month with FB marketing
  •  Get 100s of THOUSANDS of real, targeted and engaged fans to your sites, 100% free
  •  Automate every single FB traffic generation process
  •  No need to pay a penny for traffic
  •  Tap into the 1.65 billion active FB users
  •  AUTOMATE the top tasks needed for viral traffic and sales
  •  Complete autopilot, set and forget 24/7 system
  •  All in one tool
  •  Replace the need for a social media manager
  •  Have ALL your fan pages and groups posting the most viral, trending content INSTANTLY
  •  Send your organic reach through the roof with viral posts
  •  Automate HOURS of daily work
  •  Grown your audience and bank account
  •  Never manually post to FB again
  •  Leverage the most viral online content for your own gain
  •  Bulk post, schedule and drip­feed posts across your social network
  •  Automate an ENTIRE month’s worth of content posting in seconds
  •  Mass join FB groups in your niche
  •  Post to unlimited FB groups ­ even those you’re not an admin of
  •  It’s cloud­based
  •  Never struggle to find engaging content again
  •  Fully tested with real proof of results right on the page

Go Get Octosuite Now

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