Affiliate Marketing News September 2016

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September 30, 2016:

Club Med To Begin Targeting Affluent Millenials

“The legacy brand Club Med has been around for more than 65 years and its image remains outdated in the eyes of many.

At one time, according to Julia Cosgrove, editor-in-chief of AFAR, Club Med was “where all the cool kids went in the 70s and 80s.”

Cosgrove interviewed Henri Giscard d’Estaing, CEO of Club Med and son of former French President Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, at the Skift Global Forum in Manhattan on Wednesday and he responded immediately to her point…”

What Separates The Good Guys From The Bad Guys –

“In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Peter Esho discusses successful habits in sports and business with former athlete and business owner Denan Kemp. Kemp, a retired Australian professional rugby player in the National Rugby League (NRL), now hosts the Facebook show The Locker Room, where he interviews athletes...”

September 29, 2016:

Holiday Sales Tips From The Pros

“The fourth quarter is busy for affiliate marketers. Consumers start perusing content and deal sites in October, gathering ideas for holiday shopping. Merchants with affiliate marketing programs will likely see an increase in traffic as affiliates publish new content...”

E-commerce Surge Powers Affiliate Marketing Companies –

“Five years ago, global data-driven marketing and loyalty analytics firm Aimia wanted to enter India in collaboration with a renowned Indian business house with interests in retail, among other things, to launch a loyalty programme in this market. However, its effort came to naught and eventually it had to abandon its India plan. Aimia is the Canadian customer loyalty firm that operates programmes (Aeroplan and Nectar) in various countries...”

September 28, 2016:

Are Seth Godin On One-Size-Fits-All  Marketing

“In his talk, Godin said that the “David Ogilvy” model of advertising has been busted since we live in a “world of clutter” where even water bottles have been branded to death. As the advertising industry undergoes a digital and mobile revolution, Godin said that the brands that will win moving forward will be the ones that deliver “anticipated, personal and relevant messages to people who actually want to get them,” not the ones that try to sell “average products for average people...”

LeadClick Is In Trouble With The FTC –

“Siding with the Federal Trade Commission, a federal appellate court ruled that the affiliate marketing company LeadClick is responsible for fake news sites that promoted weight-loss products.

A three-judge panel of the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals rejected LeadClick’s argument that it didn’t create the fake news sites and therefore shouldn’t be held responsible for duping consumers. “A defendant may be held liable for engaging in deceptive practices or acts if, with knowledge of the deception, it either directly participates in a deceptive scheme or has the authority to control the deceptive content at issue,” the judges wrote in an opinion issued Friday…”

September 27, 2016:

Are The Days Of Multiple Marketing Platforms Over? –

“Marketing is hard. Yes, that’s a bit of an over-simplification. But if you’ve ever put in a 60 hour work week in hopes of attracting just a single visitor to your website and come up with nothing, you understand. The problem is that there are so many options when it comes to marketing that it’s impossible to know what works and what doesn’t. Fortunately, one company is looking to disrupt the marketing movement in Chicago by providing an all-in-one platform that caters to every option. And it’s working.…”

Awesome Goal-Setting Tips That You’ve Never Heard Before –

“Years ago, my boss, who’s the vice president of human resources at our company, asked me to write my goals for the year. Having never had any training in, and no real reason for, writing professional goals, I went back to my boss for guidance. But, getting help from him was a lot like having a 3-year-old help you cook dinner — after a while you just want to tell the kid to go set the table and forget everything else…”

September 26, 2016:

How SEO And Content Marketing Can Augment One Another –

“Mark Traphagen of Stone Temple Consulting is a pillar of the speaking circuit and regularly does videos and blog posts about SEO. He always has helpful insights and actionable steps for marketers to better their content and make it appealing to both the search engines and the users.

I had a chance to interview Mark before our last SEJ Summit SEO conference of 2016, happening November 2nd in New York City. Check out his answers below…”

How Virtual Reality Will Change The Way We Work –

A slideshow…

September 25, 2016:

Leadpages -V- Clickfunnels –

“On this episode of the Dot Com Lunch, I pit ClickFunnel against LeadPages and tell you which service you should be using for your internet marketing.

In addition to the sale pages battle, this episode has the big highlight from the recent Titanium Mastermind, and a new feature from Tesla’s Version 8 software that prevents you from killing your kids/pets…”

Four Solid Email Marketing Strategies –

“Email marketing allows you to reach a highly targeted audience at a low cost. In fact, experts at Campaign Monitor, an email marketing company, estimate that an effective email marketing message has the potential to result in $38 in revenue, for just $1 of marketing investment…”

September 24, 2016:

Hot B2B Areas –

“If you are a B2B marketer, gone are the days when you hammered prospects with outbound email and telemarketing campaigns designed to prompt their interest in your products and services. Today’s savvy buyers hunt down their own information with search and social tools in a self-education process that taps into brand content late in the game. This new reality is why tactics such as B2B inbound marketing are now mainstream for B2B marketers and one of five techniques to focus on in 2016...”

How To Turn Negatives In Positives –

“When we experience failure, tragedy, or hardship, I believe we all struggle with envisioning the absolute worst outcome. When I got injured in my very first game in the NFL, I was completely broken and defeated in that moment, but I made it even worse because I chose to feel sorry for myself and refused to take the initiative to improve anything...”

September 23, 2016: Launches New Affiliate Program –

“ announces the launch of its free affiliate program. This exciting venture allows digital publishers to promote through their own channels and earn commissions on referred sales. After signup, publishers are provided with banners and text that direct back to using a unique link. Any click that results in a purchase translates to earnings...”

Why Beer Is Good For Business –

“Dr. Matthias Liechti, the head of clinical pharmacology at the University Hospital of Basel, has put some serious time and effort into proving something Homer Simpson taught us all decades ago: beer makes people happy...”

September 22, 2016:

Six Must-Have Podcasts For Affiliate Marketers –

“Affiliate marketers are always looking for a way to stand out in a crowded market. You need to be updated on what’s going on everywhere at all times. One of the easiest ways to do this is to subscribe to podcasts. Find out what’s going on in the world from the best. With podcasting popularity increasing by 23% in the last twelve months, now has never been a better time to learn from the best...”

Do Your Colleagues Hate You? –

“It’s important to get along with your co-workers — you spend 40 or more hours of your week with them.

It’s no fun to bump heads with a colleague. Office drama can really take a toll on productivity. From not getting invited to social outings to starting rumors — a nasty colleague can put a damper on an office…”

September 21, 2016:

Is Omnichannel The Future Of Marketing? –

“‘Omnichannel” has been a buzzword in marketing circles for the past few years. As consumers are increasingly connected to multiple screens, seamlessly engaging with retailers across online and physical channels has been progressively challenging. Yet, amidst these challenges for brands, consumers’ expectations are heightening...”

How To Influence How Customers Review Your Brand

“TripAdvisor has long been a destination for finding cheap flights, but this summer, it unveiled its biggest redesign in seven years when it introduced user reviews of airlines. The reviews will contribute to an airline’s overall “flight score,” which affects its position in search results. Airlines with higher scores will move to the top of the queue.…”

September 20, 2016:

Kevin Wilke on Getting “Unstuck”And Many Other Things You Want Need To Hear –

A podcast…

Ten Gadgets To Help You Sleep Better

A slideshow…

September 19, 2016:

Travel Brands Thriving On Affiliate Marketing Models –

“Competition in travel is already fierce with complex consumer journeys and more touch points, channels and devices than ever before. Brands must fully integrate their customer-facing marketing activities and e-commerce operations across various channels, devices, and marketing partners, as well as constantly measure the return on investment of those efforts....”

How To Draft A Killer Blogger Recruitment Email

“The best way to get new bloggers into your affiliate program is to connect with them, often through email.

However, with bloggers facing inbox fatigue, there are a few key things to remember when crafting your recruitment emails to ensure you get a new signup, rather than an email that lands directly in the trash…”

September 18, 2016:

Are High-End Swiss Watches A Victim Of Their Own Success? –

“When people buy a luxury Swiss watch, they are first buying a name and second buying a product. In fact, you might say the same thing about most luxury products in general. People are more interested in being part of a brand that they have been marketed to, versus acquiring the utility or craftsmanship of a particular item they will appreciate...”

Essential Online Skills For Every Entrepreneur

“Everyone and their great-grandmother has heard of the internet. It’s lowered the barrier to entry for entrepreneurs worldwide. It’s also leveled the playing field where your target audience can be global rather than regional. But some entrepreneurs still don’t want to pick up web skills. And if you’re on the business/marketing side of things, I can understand why...”

September 17, 2016:

Does Network Marketing Still Work? –

“There are many diverse opinions when it comes to Network Marketing. Some people will swear by Network Marketing, whereas others will swear Network Marketing is a scheme where only a few make money and the ones on the bottom of the tier make little to no money...”

Top Influencers on Snapchat

“One of the major complaints people have about Snapchat is that it’s hard to know who to follow. 

 In fact, even if you know who you want to follow it’s hard to find them. You basically have to know what their username is. This annoyance has caused many to ignore Snapchat, but that’s a dangerous game for marketers…”

September 16, 2016:

Video Marketing Success For Small Businesses –

“‘The power of video can’t be ignored. It’s the most engaging type of content available today. And it’s never been more affordable to create one. There are many ways in which you can use a video to grow your small business. This guide is going to show you how to do it...”

Ten Killer Online Courses For Only Fifteen Clams

“What if we told you there was an awesome opportunity to invest in yourself, improve your knowledge, and take your skills to the next level … for only $15?

We thought that might get your attention…”

September 15, 2016:

Zac’s Five Step Plan To Affiliate Marketing Success –

“‘If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die” – Warren Buffett.

Buffet is so right. Poor people work for money while rich people find ways to make money work for them.

Did you know the surest way to make money while you sleep working online?..”

Six Common Marketing Mistakes

“I recently hit a wall in one of my businesses, recognizing that I was making some critical marketing mistakes. But until that moment, I hadn’t realized that I myself was an offender. Credit the power of networks: I had the perfect contact in mine to help me fix the error of my ways and stop making the (common) mistakes I was making...”

September 14, 2016:

The Social Media Marketing Checklist –

“Managing a brand’s social channels is about more than just coming up with witty posts. You’ve got to ensure that your message is on-point, that you’re reaching key influencers, and that you’re generating a return-on-investment (ROI) for all of your marketing and sponsorship campaigns. Although this process may sound daunting, social listening tools can help you track your interactions across all mediums so that you’re always one step ahead of the curve...”

Great Reads To Boost Your Marketing Prowess

“With the advent of the internet, how we marketers do our job has changed significantly. We’re now using technology (e.g., marketing automation, predictive marketing) to engage prospects through a wider variety of media outlets (e.g., Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat). We are also being made more accountable than ever before for our business’s performance...”

September 13, 2016:

Content Marketing World Recap –

“The dust is just settling from the 3,500+ attendees that eagerly flocked to Cleveland, Ohio, last week to glean insights from industry experts and hone their content marketing skills at the sixth annual Content Marketing World. While attendees are likely looking for ways they can implement the insights they gained, those that had prior obligations or missed the memo now must search the internet for takeaways from some of the industry’s thought-leaders...”

Four Major IT Mistakes

“Today’s company relies increasingly on technology for success. Between 2010 and 2013, the percentage of small business owners who felt keeping up with new technology was very important to the success of their company rose from 65 percent to 70 percent, according to a National Small Business Association survey...”

September 12, 2016:

Marketing Tactics That Build Loyalty –

“Today’s customers are smart, technologically adept and unwilling to be lumped in with “the masses.” That’s why marketing techniques from even a few years ago no longer get the job done. The key is getting customers engaged with your business and your products or services — not the same thing as selling to them...”

Mobile Advertising Gaining Steam

“By any measure, $100 billion is a very, very large sum of money.

And come 2017, $100 billion may be the figure that accompanies the sum total of mobile online advertising by marketers in America.

According to a recent report by ZenithOptimedia entitled Advertising Expenditure Forecasts, U.S. brands will spend somewhere around $99.3 billion on mobile advertising in 2017. Additionally, this staggering total is expected to outpace the amount spent on desktop online advertising – anticipated by ZenithOptimedia to clock in somewhere around $97.4 billion…”

September 11, 2016:

September 10, 2016:

How To Overcome The Fear To Succeed –

“You have come across with an opportunity of a lifetime and you have to make a decision. However, this decision is not easy and involves you to change your life completely or get out of your comfort zone or start everything from scratch. Therefore, part of you wants to go for it badly but your other part is holding you back. In this case, what should you do?..”

Tumblr Adding Affiliate Links

“Tumblr followed July’s introduction of ads across users’ blogs with an announcement Thursday that it will add affiliate links.

The new feature was announced in a question-and-answer-style post…”

September 9, 2016:

How To Become A Successful Entrepreneur Without Any Expertise, Friends, Or Dough –

“As host of the Success Hackers podcast, I interviewed Leonard Kim, who’s managing partner of a company called Influence Tree. Kim’s team teaches you how to build your personal brand, get featured in publications and growth-hack your social media following...”

Old School Marketing Strategies That Still Work Today

There are lots of new marketing strategies that have arisen with the march of technology. The best businesses are not exclusively using these brand new ideas, though. A lot of the ideas from the past still work today. With some slight tweaking, you can take what worked yesterday and make it relevant to today…”

September 8, 2016:

How To Build A Billion Dollar Network –

“At the outset, building valuable relationships with successful individuals shifts your perspective to open up a whole new world and a brand new you. Additionally, when you associate with millionaires and billionaires, these powerful individuals teach you the importance of having high standards for yourself and those around you. Immersing yourself in this type of environment helps you to grow and succeed at an accelerated rate...”

Diginomics Launches New Affiliate Program

“Diginomics has announced the initial stages of their affiliate marketing program for established publications and professionals in the cryptocurrency industry.

The affiliate program allows partners to promote digital currency courses offered by the company and receive monthly payouts directly in bitcoin…”

September 7, 2016:

Why You Shoud Start With Predictive

“If you want your business to take off and scale, you need to embrace data from day one. Scratch that: Don’t merely embrace data. Put a ring on it and shout a resounding, “I do!”

Here’s why: As the landscape grows increasingly more data-centric, it’s better to become data-savvy from the get-go. Think about it: The fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants approach might work early on because of your great instincts; but what happens when you have to train a sales team?..” 

Amedeo Moscato Launches New Affiliate Program –

“Finance Magnates has today learned that former LCG Digital CEO, Amedeo Moscato, has launched Soho Media, a boutique web, mobile affiliate network.

After establishing its Israeli subsidiary LCG Digital last year, London based online forex and CFDs brokerage LCG Holdings announced in June that it was moving its digital marketing operations back to the company’s headquarters…”

Kona Gold Solutions Jumps Into The Affiliate Marketing Game

“Kona Gold Solutions, Inc. (OTC Pink:KGKG), a premier hemp lifestyle brand of exclusivity and status, has announced the launch of their new affiliate program aimed at creating more exposure online, create brand awareness, and gain more market share.  The Company’s affiliate program is open to anyone that is interested in signing up, offers great commission payouts, and low minimum payout requirements...”

September 6, 2016:

Influencer Roles In Affiliate Marketing –

“A key skill for the modern marketer is being able to evaluate and adapt new digital marketing technologies. In no time at all, entire new industries sprout up around the latest digital buzzword. Knowing when to jump on the bandwagon and when to let it pass by is essential.

The current digital darling, influencer marketing, is generating the usual set of questions and unknowns. Should it be fully embraced and what is its role in the affiliate marketing mix?..”

Kim Dotcom’s Affiliate Program

“Kim Dotcom, the notorious internet entrepreneur and Megaupload founder, has been building hype for the relaunch of his file-sharing website on Twitter and various media outlets over the past few weeks. While the general tech community seems interested in what Megaupload 2.0 will have to offer, the Bitcoin community is more interested in one specific aspect of this new project...”

September 5, 2016:

Landing Page Split Testing –

“Every blogger will tell you that collecting email addresses from the start is very important. Neil Patel stated that it’s very hard to get 100,000 visitors per month to your blog without having consistent return visitors through email marketing. You have several easy to install web forms that make collecting email addresses and sending follow-ups very easy. However, visitors no longer trust newsletters the way they did at one point. Why? The answer is very simple and it involves being unable to achieve the trust factor with your visitor. Because posting information is so easy online, many people are publishing low quality content that doesn’t provide value to the user. This creates a trust gap and people are reluctant to subscribe to blogs. It’s that simple! In short…

Marketing Tools You Should Be Using

“Between your company’s presence on social media to its website traffic, your marketing strategy could always use a helping hand. But what are the best tools out there for the job? Turns out, they may be ones your company never even considered using...”

September 4, 2016:

How To Choose The Perfect Affiliate Marketing Opp –

“If you’re one of the many people, like me, who have grown sick or frustrated by the traditional job market and the grind that comes with working a 9-to-5 job, there is an alternative. That alternative is creating a new career for yourself on the Internet by making money online. There’s no shortage of ways to to do just that; you just have to find one that fits your skills and interests. One method of making money online that’s growing in popularity is affiliate marketing, which can pay off big time in the form of residual income. However, finding the right company to partner with can be a tricky proposition. Here’s what you need to know about finding the affiliate marketing opportunity that’s right for you...”

Is There A Dark Side To Content Marketing?

“‘Create awesome content.” “Deliver value.” “WOW your users.” “Master the art of storytelling.” “Users will find your content online.” “Build relationships with customers first, they will buy when they need.”

We’ve all heard it and it all sounds great…”

September 3, 2016:

Social Media Video Marketing Hacks –

“This might be the last article I ever write. I’ve built up a substantial portfolio over the past few years, championing the use of video marketing via carefully considered words of wisdom, offering my two cents on subjects such as why emotive storytelling works in content marketing and how to sell yourself in six seconds...”

How To Fire Up The Hype Machine Before Your Business Even Launches

“You’ve been prepping for months — maybe even years — and your new business is finally starting to take shape. Chances are, you’re getting extremely nervous about whether or not your startup will be successful. You can have the most groundbreaking product or service in history, but without building anticipation in the months leading up to the launch, your business will fall flat, right out of the gate...”

September 2, 2016:

Is This The Future Of Email Marketing?

“You know, we email marketers can be a pretty conservative lot. There are good reasons for that.

First, the limitations of email standards and client software mean we don’t often get to push the envelope, technically speaking. Moreover, we’re an empirically minded bunch, so we tend to iterate and fine-tune what’s worked for us in the past.

And maybe most of all, we know that any radical change to our sending and content practices introduces a real risk of deliverability challenges. When our businesses depend on staying on the good side of the inbox, it’s understandable we often default to the attitude “once bitten, twice shy…”

Clever Ways Big Data Makes Your Marketing Amazingly Personal –

“Predictive marketing may sound like a new thing, but if you ask any retail buyer, they’ll tell you they’ve been doing it since fashion became a thing. The definition of a fashion buyer’s job is to figure out what customers will want next season–and in what quantity...’” 

The Secret Military Method To Tell If Someone Is Lying To You

“Former Green Beret Sergeant Major (Retired) Karl Erickson has faced all kinds of liars: combative locals who don’t want to tell you where the bad guys are hiding, friendly forces who exaggerate their capabilities to help, guys on your squad who don’t want to admit how badly they messed up, the list goes on and on...”

September 1, 2016:

Is Content Marketing Losing Its Luster?

“Here is the question. If you aren’t a content marketer, how many blog posts are you reading on a daily basis? You must answer this for yourself, of course, but if you are like the general populace, you are reading less than you were a couple of years ago.

In fact, a team at Buzzsumo analyzed one million random blog posts in 2015 and discovered the following:

  • Half of the posts had eight or fewer shares; and
  • Three-quarters of the posts had 39 shares or less…”

Is Localized Marketing The Right Tactic For Your Business? –

“Whether to localize global-brand marketing programs remains one of the most contentious debates in multinational organizations. On the one hand, local brand managers typically argue that consumer habits in their market are different, their consumers’ purchase behavior is different, preferences and tastes are different, the media and the retail trade are different, and, therefore, their customers require unique, tailored, and delicate handling. The head office, meanwhile, takes the position that achieving scale justifies losing some local customers in return for global efficiencies...’” 

The Ideal STATE Of Marketing

“Let me start by saying right off the bat that I don’t believe the ideal state of marketing is ever achievable — at least not in my lifetime. The speed of innovation today has created a constantly changing environment that marketers need to adjust to in real time. New technology, new platforms, information more readily accessible for consumers — the list goes on...”