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September 30, 2015

Eight Great Online Influencers In Digital Marketing

“In the last several years, the world of digital marketing has exploded and become one of the most influential tools for companies of all types and sizes to grow their brand. However, as this industry has grown, a number of big names have emerged from the market...”

What You Can Learn From The Expedia Business Model

“The online travel agency (or OTA) industry has seen the development of various business models that have changed the way it has historically worked. The model used mostly depends on the market in which the agency is operating and the negotiation between the hotels and OTAs...”

September 29, 2015

Why Success Is Never An Accident

“Like everyone, I’ve made some pretty dumb decisions in my life. Early in my career I passed on a great job offer to go with a startup that ended up going nowhere. I later went head-to-head with a boss who just happened to be my CEO. Who do you think won that battle? I’ll give you a hint: it wasn’t me...”

Can Ad Blockers Be Defeated?

“The two big themes that emerged from the recent IAB Affiliate Committee workshop on plans for 2016 were A) The race to the bottom (the unintentional devaluation of the model) and B) Ad blocking.   There’s certainly a connection between the two – addressing one may help mitigate the danger of the other...”

September 28, 2015

Twenty Two Common Mistakes Newbie Affiliate Marketers Make And How To Avoid Them

“Are you thinking about getting into the affiliate marketing business? You’re probably a little scared because of all the possible rookie affiliate marketing mistakes. Right...”

Not All Millennials Are Glued To Social Media

“A study from Battery Ventures, a technology focused investment firm, shows that thinking of millennials as a monolith is a bad idea...”

September 27, 2015

Ten Must-See Movies For Entrepreneurs

“No one ever said being an entrepreneur would be easy. A million obstacles seem to stand in the way each and every day. The naysayers and budget woes can be enough for the average person to start waving the white flag...”

How To Use ‘Facebook Mentions’

“Facebook Mentions is an application that is designed to let people know what users are saying about their articles and other posts.  It is most commonly used by celebrities, journalists and other public figures who need to keep up to date about how people are interacting with their posts...”

September 26, 2015

Luxury Spending Is Booming On Mobile Platforms

“Australian shoppers have more than doubled their spending on luxury items online in the past two years, with the average single order value now hitting $420, according to new data released by Rakuten Marketing...”

How To Set And Meet Your Goals On Twitter

“I’ve written in the past about SMART goal-setting on Twitter. Essentially, this method ensures that your goals are possible to achieve, can be measured, and will impact your overall business goals in a positive way...”

September 25, 2015

Three Resources You Need To Become A World Class Content Marketer

“Professional content marketers think like students. They study all of the content they consume with a critical eye, looking for ways to learn from smart techniques that others use.

But how do you know what works right now in content marketing and what doesn’t?..”

Kerri Pollard Named Keynote For Affiliate Summit West 2016

“Affiliate marketing icon, Kerri Pollard, will be a keynote speaker at Affiliate Summit West 2016 on Monday, January 11, 2016 at Paris Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV. Joining affiliate marketing company, Be Free, in 1999, Kerri possesses sixteen years of industry experience…”

September 24, 2015

Just What Is The Single Best (Free) Traffic Source?

“As a blogger, one of the main and most important statistics of a website will be the amount of visitors and pageviews your website gets per month or day. At its most basic form, the more the better. However, another important statistic associated with traffic is where that traffic has come from to reach your website...

Is Instagram A Viable Revenue Stream?

“When you look at the full spectrum of social channels, shopping apps, and digital sites that consumers engage with today, Instagram has continued to prove that it is a rising star...”

September 23, 2015

How To Negotiate Like A Pro

“Negotiations: you either love them or hate them. In either case, you will have to do it when you’re in the business world. For those who would rather not deal with them, it’s a necessary evil...

A Few Things About Online Advertising Fraud

“It’s touted that advertisers waste $6 billion per year in ad spending due to fraudulent advertising practices. With such a highly replicable business model, this unscrupulous activity carries a high profit margin, with no legal ramifications for the fraudsters’ actions...”

September 22, 2015

A Few Surprising Things Super Successful People Do That You Should Too

“What separates the super successful from everyone else? There are well-known factors such as work ethic, passion, intelligence and grit. But there are also less obvious habits that allow certain individuals to separate themselves from the pack and become truly great at what they do...

Why You Should Go Back To The Basics

“The New Business Podcast has now officially become Youpreneur.FM.

This first Youpreneur.FM episode kicks off with host Chris Ducker discussing the importance of why entrepreneurs need to go back to basics when it comes to building their businesses…”

September 21, 2015

How To Create Killer Landing Page Images

“Landing Pages are the spice of life. Or at the very least, the spice of a good online conversion. In addition to writing a great headline and having a great offer, you’ll need some great imagery to complete your landing page. After all, a picture says a thousand words...

The Beauty Of Working At Home

“One of the questions that I am often asked by people is how they can make money online. Although a lot of scams can be found online, there is a lot of work that people can legitimately do, and are, in fact, currently doing online which fetches them good income...”

September 20, 2015

The Fine Art Of Selling to the Affluent

“I recently had Matt Oechsli on my Podcast Show, Living Outside the Cube. As part of my business entails selling private jets to wealthy clients I found this interview very informative .Matt is a leading authority on attracting, servicing, and retaining affluent clients...

How To Promote Big Ticket Affiliate Products And Services

“Imagine if could sell just one affiliate product and make $250? One product a day = $250/day.

What if you could sell one affiliate coaching program for $1997 and grab 50% of that? How about selling just one $3000 or $5000 high ticket offer a month? Yes, just one! That’s $3000 or $5000 per month income…”

September 19, 2015

Can How One Blog Post Drove 226,626 Unique Visitors In Only One Week

“I’ve been a big fan of content marketing for a long time. Sure, paid traffic is fun, but when you can bring a tidal wave of traffic to your site for zero cost other than your time, it’s a beautiful thing...

The Very First Documentary On Affiliate Marketing

“Ahoy there readers! In case you missed it, STM just outed there biggest project yet.

And it’s truly a groundbreaking world first.

Without further ado, we’re excited to announce our latest game changing project that STM has been working on with The Angry Russian, Fernando and the 317 film crew…”

September 18, 2015

Can Affiliate Marketing Income Replace Your ‘Normal’ Job?

“Let’s stop for a moment and consider the “traditional” mindset and roadmap for a safe and secure livelihood. It starts by pursuing some form of higher education with a decidedly practical element to it. This is schooling that is directly related to particular career. After that, you might land an (unpaid) apprenticeship or an internship somewhere to gain some experience...

Five Types Of Social Media Marketers

“An infographic...”

September 17, 2015

Why Affiliate Marketing Is The Most Desired Online Skill Of 2015

“On September 14, 2015 an interesting report got published in the UK. Based on a survey conducted collaboratively by Smart Insights, eCommerce Expo and Technology for Marketing & Advertising it polled more than 1,000 marketing professionals asking them “about their current digital skills, how they wanted to develop and what trends they saw in the industry...

Fifteen Chunks Of Internet Marketing Advice

“A lot of marketing advice is available online, some of it extremely helpful, some of it outright incorrect. The Internet can be a double-edged sword: Information is readily available and easy to access, but not all of it is good advice...”

September 16, 2015

Seventeen Websites That Will Make You Smarter

“Tired of wasting your time watching cat videos or scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed? Want to be more productive next time you go online?

Here’s a list of websites that will actually make you smarter…”

The Importance Of Personalisation In Your Message

“Personalisation. Personalised marketing. One-to-one marketing. These are just a few of the ways marketers are pushing the boundaries of relevance in today’s digital world. Often coined as the most extreme form of targeted marketing, personalisation refers to targeting a product or service to an individual or very small group of customers, with relevant content at the right time in the customer journey...”

September 15, 2015

How To Cloak Your Affiliate Links In WordPress

“Over the last few years, Affiliate Marketing has emerged as a quickest way to make money online for website owners. The count of affiliate marketers is increasing day by day, especially in the field of WordPress. Strictly speaking, people today prefer using affiliate marketing rather than solely depending on an advertising program, like Google AdSense, to monetize their websites..

How To Boost Your Amazon Affiliate Earnings

“Brands often need help to sell products, and affiliates want to make money off generating leads or sales to a brand. This is how the Amazon Affiliate Program became such a success. Amazon is already a trusted brand to consumers, and their affiliate program gives website owners and bloggers an incentive for selling a specific product from Amazon...”

September 14, 2015

Free Webinar: Profiting From Membership Areas, Courses, And Downloads

Every great website is a membership site.

In today’s economy and online environment, marketing can no longer simply be the promise of an experience — marketing must actually begin the experience. Hence our indefatigable focus on the idea of media, not marketing. Because your marketing is not effective if it is something people want to avoid. Instead, it must become an experience that is sought-after and valued…

How To Improve Your Life In Only Six Minutes Per Day

“Oh, you’re busy? Weird, I thought it was just me.

No matter where you are in life at this moment, there is at least one thing that you and I have in common: We want to improve our lives and ourselves. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with us, but as human beings we’re born with a desire to continuously grow and improve. I believe it’s within all of us. Yet most people wake up each day and life pretty much stays the same…”

September 13, 2015

Why Newbies Fail In Affiliate Marketing

“An infographic…

What’s All The Buzz About Shoppable?  

“The company was started by Heather Marie out of her frustration with online shopping: she’d often come across unique products while browsing online (but not on a retailer’s site) but she could rarely find that same product for purchase elsewhere on the internet. Several times she would try to search for where she could buy it online but after a few clicks she gave up because it felt like too much work. Shopping was supposed to be effortless and fun. Marie felt like something was missing…”

September 12, 2015

How To Find Your Ideal Niche In Only One Hour

“Creating a value proposition that investors and customers are likely to buy into isn’t easy. After all, you need to distinguish your brand from the thousands of other startups competing against you every day.

With consumers today being equipped with more knowledge than ever before, your ability to not only create but innovate will be tested constantly…”

Charlie Ngo’s Daily Routines  

“Here’s a checklist of what I do on a daily basis. Why are routines and rituals important?

As much as 40% of our behavior each day is automated and due to habits. By constructing routines, we’re taking control of our lives. We’re paying attention and doing what matters.

You can take a look at my routines that there’s a HUGE emphasis on health…”

September 11, 2015

What The Wealthy REALLY Focus On

“You don’t need to be an expert about personal finance, know which stocks are the hottest, or come from an affluent family to strike it rich....”

Twelve Sites To Learn Basic Coding For Free  

“There was a time when knowing how to program was for the geekiest of geeks. That’s not exactly the case today. As most entrepreneurs, freelancers and marketers will tell you, learning how to program can help you succeed. Over the past year, I’ve been learning to code. It’s helped me to become a much better entrepreneur — I can dive in when my team needs to fix a few bugs on the site...”

September 10, 2015

The Art Of Branding

“Your brand isn’t what you say it is … it’s what your customers and clients say it is. That doesn’t mean you can’t influence the space you occupy in the minds of your intended audience, as long as you understand the role you’re playing...”

Is Entrepreneurship Only For The Affluent?  

“Not having to answer to a boss is a dream that plenty of workers have had, and for a long time, it’s been a pretty attainable one. Through a combination of financial savvy and hard work, many Americans  have been able to start their own businesses, from selling coffee in a corner store to managing real estate in a corner office...”

September 9, 2015

Top Selling Domain Names Of The Year So Far

“Thousands of domain names are purchased, sold and expired on a daily basis. What happens to those domains names once they are registered, transferred or dropped is always a mystery — some will be built into web sites, others will be held for future sales, while many will expire and go up for auction in the domain name aftermarket...”

What Are ‘Immersive Ads’ On Facebook?  

“Facebook has confirmed that they are testing a new type of mobile ad on their platform.  The ad does not yet have an official name, but it is generally being referred to as ‘immersive ads’ by those who have been talking about it...”

September 8, 2015

How To Ride A Twitter Hashtag Wave

“Twitter is a constantly changing and evolving social media platform. This is especially true with the trending topics and hashtags which seem to spring up out of nowhere. These trending moments are when individuals truly have a chance to shine as the right tweet, with the right message, can go viral and be retweeted, commented, and favorited in the hundreds in minute...”

Mistakes You’re Likely Making Every Single Morning

“For many of us, the morning doesn’t seem like it’s anything important. The time between your initial wakeup and your arrival to the office is usually a blur, and your routine has become so second-nature that you never think to change it...”

September 7, 2015

Your Full Guide To SEO

“This tutorial is separated into 3 sections:
Section 1: establishment to Search Marketing
Section 2: Internal SEO (On-page SEO)
Section 3: external SEO (Off-page SEO)
If you finish reading this entire guide
You will comprehend SEO enlarged than 90% of beginner internet marketers out there.

Landing Page Tips For Small Payout Offers

“Do I need a landing page?”

Visit a marketing forum, and you will see this question treated with scorn. Affiliates are adamant that, 90% of the time, a landing page is required to make money. You cannot simply direct link paid traffic to affiliate offers and expect to make a profit.

It would be too easy…”

September 6, 2015

Why You Should Take Labor Day Off Tomorrow

“For most people, Labor Day is a time to kick back, relax and enjoy the company of friends and family. But for many entrepreneurs, it is just another work day.

While burning the midnight oil is often an necessity to get your startup launched and keep it trucking along, a little R&R can not only help recharge your batteries but research has shown it can help boost your productivity…”

Digital Marketing Trends In 2015 So Far

“Marketing is not a static concept. The ideas and tools that worked for marketers 100 years ago are ancient compared to those in use today. Even the tactics, tools, and concepts employed just a decade ago are outdated to some degree. Marketing is a fluid concept that changes with time, technology, and shifts in economies and cultures. One need look no further than the fact that digital marketing, which didn’t even exist as a separate concept even 20 years ago, is the dominant force in the field today…

September 5, 2015

How To Identify Biz Opps

“Entrepreneurs are those that find and recognize good business opportunities. The question is, how do you train yourself to identify opportunities that will earn you money?

The reality of the matter is that this is tricky even for the most experienced entrepreneurs. Even if you do your due diligence, there is still the chance that things won’t work out for you and you’ll have to move onto new ventures…”

Top 30 Affiliate Marketing Firms

“The 30 best affiliate marketing companies have been named by for the month of September 2015. Each month the independent examination team spends time testing and reporting the best affiliate marketing companies around the world to assist businesses in selecting the best firm to meet their specific needs…

September 4, 2015

Just Where Is The Big Advertising Money Coming From?

“Whenever discussing the digital ad industry, or advertising in general, many stats come out about how many billions of dollars are spent each year in one area or another.  These huge numbers can be quite interesting, but they can also be very overwhelming...”

Zero To Sports Blog In 5 Steps

“Starting a sports blog can be one of the most exciting things to do for an avid sports fan. It doesn’t matter if you want to create a sports blog for fun or for profit, we are going to walk you through everything you need to know to get your blog live within the next 20 minutes…

September 3, 2015

Has Amazon Set Its Sights On The Affluent Market?

“Based on Amazon’s recent endeavors, some upscale marketers (both affluent and luxury) are now wondering what else, if anything, Amazon plans to do in these markets in the near future...”

Are There Benefits To Joining Only One Affiliate Network?

“When two become one, everything becomes a little bit better. I am not talking about personal relationships, but rather a network relationship. Once upon a time, there was a strong case for an advertiser to use two or more networks i.e exclusive affiliate partnerships or increased reach, however in 2015 this is just not the case…

September 2, 2015

Fifteen Entrepreneurs That Have Killed It On Social Media

“Have you heard this advice before: “Follow your passions!” “Do what you love!”?

And have you thought, what if my passions are my hobbies? Things that I could never be paid for?

For some, the advice to “do what you love” seems possible only if you have a passion for things like finance or accounting or coding. Well, I’ve been happy to find that it’s possible to follow your passions into a career, no matter what those passions may be. With social media, you now have a platform to do what you love–and to make a career out of it…”

Can Your Idea Make Money?

“The mark of a good niche is the amount of money you can earn from it.

It is easy to come up with a niche that you love and know inside and out. But passion and knowledge will not pay for the costs of setting up and developing your site…”

September 1, 2015

How To Build Authority Online

“What would happen if you wrote an article and Moz wrote about the same topic? Which post will rank higher?

Your blog or Moz? Obviously, Moz!

Why? Because it is popular. But why is it popular? Why would people prefer Moz over your blog?

You are a terrific writer. And so are the writers of Moz. But why does Moz still have the upper hand? Any guess?

You are absolutely right. It will receive more traffic just because it is an authority…”

Why Newbies Fail

“An infographic...”