Affiliate Marketing News October 2016

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October 31, 2016: Happy Halloween!

October 30, 2016:

9 Dream Cars For Wealth Entrepreneurs


Story-Driven Marketing

“Most small businesses rely heavily on marketing strategies to retain current customers and attract new ones. However, the digital realm, including social media, is changing rapidly, and marketers must adapt their strategies quickly if they want to continue to reach their customers...”

October 29, 2016:

How To Get Your First Quarter Million Followers On Instagram

“Instagram is hands-down one of the most popular social media networks. There is so much available attention to capture, which is why building a large following is such a top priority for brands and individuals...” 

Multi-Channel Marketing Musts

“Over the past few decades, the media landscape has been a rollercoaster of changes, evolution and revolution. Advances in technology, growth of the internet and adaption to new digital practices have changed how we communicate and how we collect information and gather news. So here are three musts for every marketer to master the multi-channel approach:...”

October 28, 2016:

Eight Social Media Game Changers

“No doubt you’ve got an arsenal of tools to help you leverage social media as part of your marketing strategy. But, like any toolbox, it can get overloaded as you add more and more items. Perhaps it’s time for a little spring cleaning — okay, fall cleaning — and an update to the apps and tools you’re using to build your social media presence...” 

The Future Of Chatbots

“Chatbots are treated like the simpletons of the artificial intelligence world, overshadowed by movie-trailer-creating Watson and its ilk, or the suggestion engines of huge etailers….”

October 27, 2016:

How To Get Some Free Press Coverage

“On this episode of “Getting Down to Biz,” Entrepreneur Network partners Kate Volman and Karyn Turk meet with lifestyle blogger, business owner and marketer Dana Peller to discuss how to impress the press and get on the news...” 

How To Be More Effective At Mobile Marketing

“Mobile marketing is different than other methods of marketing because it lets businesses get directly in front of customers on devices they use all the time – tablets and smartphones. From mobile check-ins to text messages, to emails and social media, mobile marketing may help small businesses boost sales when they send coupons or offer discounts, sales, or promotions to customers...”

October 26, 2016:

Let Your Passion Drive your Success

“a video..” 

Why Did Twitter Cut Marketing Jobs?

Twitter is cutting 9% of its global workforce, with sales and marketing the most heavily affected departments.

The social network says the restructure is intended to create “greater efficiency” as it moves toward its goal of becoming profitable in 2017...”

October 25, 2016:

Is College Still Worth The Expense?

“One question many of us have sometimes when it comes to whether or not to go to college is, “Do we really need a college degree to be successful?” The answer to this question is really up to the person deciding on whether or not to pursue that pricey sheepskin...” 

Instagram Success Stories

“Is traditional marketing dead? As the web expands its ever-encompassing tentacles, and as long-standing mediums such as radio, television and print begin to fizzle out, while technologies such as social media and streaming video take their place, there’s an undeniable new reality setting in that’s hard to ignore...”

October 24, 2016:

Analytical-Based Marketing –

“The most significant culture shift today for marketing teams is adopting an analytical marketing approach. Change has been forced on us, due to the steady creation of new digital channels that have affected customer expectations. The problem is that while marketers are thinking differently about their data, in many cases they’re not acting differently based on what the data is telling them...” 

JustForex Launches New Partner Program

“Forex brokerage house JustForex has launched a new affiliate program based on the click-per-action (CPA) model, the broker said over the weekend. The program offers earnings of up to $1,500 per each attracted customer.

The CPA program is available to partners, media buyers, email marketers, bloggers or active affiliate networks users. The program provides a number of benefits, including individually customized conditions, dedicated affiliate manager, advanced marketing tools, reporting statistics, and more than 20 options to withdraw earnings. CPA affiliate partners get paid for any deposit amount under the program…”

October 23, 2016:

20 Signs You Should Quit Your Job

An infographic..

Premium Video Marketing On The Cheap

“Video marketing is one of the most quickly growing content marketing trends, and according to Cisco, it will account for 69% of all online consumer traffic by 2017. Video also has been known to have a higher conversion rate than any other medium because of its powerful psychological influence. 73% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video and 71% say video content leaves them with a positive impression of the brand, which means that video is quickly becoming one of the best ways to increase engagement and connect to your target...”

October 22, 2016:

Seven Must-Follow Digital Marketers On Twitter

“With more content and competition in the world today, it’s easy for anyone to get started with a social media account, website, or blog of their own. However, if you really want to build a following and show off your expertise, it’s going to take a special set of skills, dedication, and passion to stand out from the crowd....” 

Are You Marketing Medical Products?

“Medical products are an example of a type of product that affiliate marketers can find too intimidating to start selling. As these products are supposed to help with certain medical or health conditions, affiliate marketers want to know what they can do to make sure that the product that they are promoting is effective, and will not cause harm to their potential buyers...”

October 21, 2016:

Is Affiliate Marketing Experiencing Offer Fatigue?

“Voucher codes, cashback and offers are regularly under the watchful eye of advertisers, whether it’s evaluating incrementality, impact, lifetime value or other KPIs. But why do so many merchants decide to offer discounts? I believe this is where you should start when considering discount marketing – asking the right questions...” 

Premier Fashion E-tailer Rosegal Launches Affiliate Program

“Rosegal is a premier fashion e-commerce site offering both attire and accessories. The company focuses on providing the latest fashions that are both trendy and chic. Customers love Rosegal because of the affordable pricing, and strict quality control measures. This ensures that customers only get the best products at the best prices. Like the name implies Rosegal is a wholesale brand meaning that there is little markup on any product, to make a profit Rosegal focuses on getting as many customers as possible to buy the products...”

October 20, 2016:

What Exactly Is Interactive Content Marketing? –

When you hear the term “interactive content marketing” what comes to your mind?

Is it:

  • a) The use of polls in your content
  • b) The use of quizzes in your content
  • c) The use of white papers and infographics
  • d) All of the above…”

How To Keep Your Advertising Dollars In Your Pocket

“My company OrigAudio manufactures premium quality audio products. The bulk of our sales comes from customizing products for brands to sell and give away to their employees, fans and customers as promotions and giveaways. Getting in front of our target market audience is difficult, and we invest a lot of time and resources into creative marketing efforts...”

October 19, 2016:

How To Scale Localized Marketing –

“It’s exciting to be part of a growing business. But growth can also be stressful, especially for the corporate marketing department. In fact, sometimes growth can cripple your business if you do not have the resources to adequately support it.he terms “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” can fill any marketing manager with dread and excitement in equal measure. These two days have become essential to ensuring Q4 is as successful as it can be, so it’s more important than ever to plan them carefully...” 

How To Keep Your Ego From Sabatoging Your Success

“Ryan Holiday believes that in order to attain lasting success, you need to learn to embrace humility.

This advice may seem to fly in the face of many success stories, which suggest that being self-centered and cocky are the main ingredients to achieving fame and fortune. But Holiday’s new book, Ego Is the Enemy, explains why your own arrogance may be the biggest roadblock to ultimate success…”

October 18, 2016:

Planning Your Own Black Friday And Cyber Monday Online Campaigns –

“The terms “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” can fill any marketing manager with dread and excitement in equal measure. These two days have become essential to ensuring Q4 is as successful as it can be, so it’s more important than ever to plan them carefully...” 

Marketing Land’s New Tech-Beast Martech Today Launches

“As you can gather, this new website is dedicated to covering the rapidly expanding world of marketing technology, or “martech,” as it’s commonly called. Marketing technology forms the foundation of most of what marketers do today, whether it’s social media management tools, programmatic ad platforms, SEO software, data management platforms or something else. As a Marketing Land reader, this is an area of the industry that you should be following closely (if you’re not already)…”

October 17, 2016:

The Merging Of Marketing And Sales

“Theres’s been an explosion of “must have” sales and marketing technologies, but — I hate to break it to you — most automation tools are a waste of money without the right data to fuel it.

Why? It’s easy to be swept up by the hype of fancy tech, but what most sales and marketing teams are missing is cooperation. There’s even a name for this united sales and marketing strategy: account-based marketing (ABM)…” 

How To Boost Your Landing Page Conversions

“You know what really sucks?

Building a website, putting up a landing page and fighting to get as much traffic as possible to that landing page only to rush to your analytics to see — nothing. A lonely space on a graph where your conversions are supposed to register…”

October 16, 2016:

How To Become A Digital Marketing Star

“If there’s one budget that gets cut when finances are tight, it’s marketing. The vehicle by which we drive interest towards our businesses, establish a tone of voice and pitch ourselves as experts often gets a rather raw deal.

Thankfully, we now live in an age where anyone can become a digital marketing star. And the best news? You needn’t spend a penny – the only thing it requires is your time and, of course, the tips contained within this post…”

Find Your Purpose In Life

Sometimes we feel we don’t know what our purpose is when in fact, it’s lingering within us. In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Ben Angel discusses how to uncover your purpose...”

October 15, 2016:

Influencer Marketing Trends

“Imagine what your relationships with your spouse, friends, family, or business partners and audiences would look like without trust. If those relationships even still existed, they’d probably be on thin ice, and it wouldn’t take much for them to fall apart...”

Inspiration From A Few Business Titans

“Starting and running your own business can be a risky venture, to say the least. Not only will you be devoting a lot of time and energy to it, but you may also be sinking every cent you have into it with the hopes that everything will turn out right. If you’ve never run a business before, you will probably feel completely out of your element, at least at the start...”

October 14, 2016:

Marketing In An Automated Shopping World

“Much of marketing is premised on companies delivering messages to customers to influence their purchases and consumption. Indeed, the largest advertisers in the world are companies such as Procter & Gamble, Nestlé, and Unilever, which sell branded low-involvement products that are routinely purchased and consumed at a regular pace. The purpose of much of the tens of billions of dollars they spend on advertising is to remind consumers to pick up their laundry detergent, soup, coffee, yogurt, or pet food on their next shopping trip...”

Driving Toward The DMO

“The CMO Survey asked marketing leaders to rank a set of marketing capabilities in terms of importance and to identify their organizations’ biggest gaps in these same marketing capabilities. Details of these analyses are available here.

Creating a matrix that crosses capability importance and organizational gap, the Figure shows firms’ digital marketing capabilities (including digital, social, and mobile) as the area with the greatest opportunity for company investment…”

October 13, 2016:

7 Solid Ways To Monetize Your Blog Traffic

“People love blogs. We read them, think about them, use them to promote our brands, and oftentimes blog as a hobby or personal endeavor. Clearly, people are making money blogging, or there wouldn’t be such a heavy appeal—so how are they doing it?

Obviously, you can use content marketing to attract people to your main site. But if all you have is a solid blog that people like to read, how can you turn that traffic and interested audience into a real stream of revenue? It’s simpler than you might think…”

Retailers Re-evaluting Their Affiliate Marketing Channels

“Some retailers are becoming more selective with the affiliates they include in their networks.

Retailers are changing the way they look at members in their affiliate marketing networks to determine where to allocate..”

October 12, 2016:

Festival Of Marketing Recap

“The reality is earned is splashing around in the sidelines. If you want marketing that makes sense, marketing that’s measurable, you need to get into the performance area.”

That was David Parkinson, Nissan’s head of digital for Africa, Middle East & India, speaking to PeformanceIN at Festival of Marketing last week at London’s Tobacco Dock.

Headlined by Steve Wozniak and Katie Price to name just a couple, and with an agenda heavily geared towards ‘marketing-spiration’ and wow-factor, many might think this conference pays little mind to the accountable dogmas of performance…”

How To Turn A Crazy Idea Into A Very Lucrative Reality

“Megan Miller wants to know: Why aren’t you eating bugs yet?

That’s because Megan is the co-founder and CEO of Bitty Foods, an innovative artisanal snack brand that makes delicious cookies and snack chips from their signature cricket-based protein flour…”

October 11, 2016:

How Companies Are Cashing In On Baby Boomer Market

“Those in the marketing, advertising and PR businesses are spending an inordinate amount of time worrying about how to market to the rapidly growing millennial market. The fact that this younger population responds less to advertising than any previous generation has marketers scurrying for alternative solutions. But while devoting energy to capturing millennial spending money, those marketers may be forgetting about what is still an even bigger market — baby boomers and senior citizens...”

Five Newbie Affiliate Marketing Mistakes –

“The real secret to become a successful affiliate is to know how these popular affiliates’ uses the standard tactics, and how they put into place. If you want to become a great or super affiliate, then you should know that you need to do hard work, and spend a lot of money and follow these simple rules:

– Have Patience

– Have Persistence

– And, Eagerness to learn, and implement…”

October 10, 2016:

Five Great Social Media Tools

“It’s these tools that make it possible for you to reach marketing goals, track results and engage more efficiently across a multitude of platforms. And, more and more, they’re a necessary step, given that 52 percent of online adults now use two or more social media sites, and the average social media user maintains five accounts...”

What’s Agile Marketing? –

“We spoke with dozens of marketers recently to get a clearer picture of what agile marketing is and their views on the emerging practice.

Google Trends shows us that the search term ‘agile marketing’ has increased in popularity over the past few years…”

October 9, 2016:

Marketing Lessons From This Crazy Election

“The presidential election is almost at an end and most of the country couldn’t be happier at that fact. But businesses might be looking at the presidential election in a different way. There are a lot of marketing lessons that can be learned from both candidates, in both a positive and a negative way.

This guide is going to go into the key marketing lessons that can be learned from the 2016 presidential race…”

The Skills And Mindset To Find Huge Long-Term Success –

“In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Peter Voogd meets with entrepreneur, investor and thought leader Gerard Adams to discuss the mindset and skills necessary for successful millennial entrepreneurs. 

Also known as “The Millennial Mentor,” Adams goes over the importance of culture, money and commitment. He brings up examples of his own failures that have helped him grow…”

October 8, 2016:

Crafting The Perfect Blog Post

“Running a blog for the past eight years has taught me what works, what doesn’t, and the kinds of things readers crave from your writing. In this episode, I’m sharing my time-tested advice for common blogging hurdles like picking the perfect topic, letting go of writing insecurities, working with keywords, and leaving your readers better off than they were before...”

Excellent Affiliate Marketing Directory

“I was so confused the first few months that I tried to learn affiliate marketing.

My main source of information at the time was forums. I was like an outsider eavesdropping on everyone’s conversation.

I had one big problem – I couldn’t understand any of the terms people were using. It was as if affiliate marketing was a secret society with its own language. And it’s not like I could go to urbandictionary to easily find out what something meant…”

October 7, 2016:

Essential Productivity Tools

“We’re getting closer to the end of the year. It’s been a very exciting year for me achieving most of the goals that I’ve set so far. And of course, it wouldn’t have been possible without the help of some tools that have provided great shortcuts...”

Luxury Institute Names Best Global Luxury Hotel Brands

“NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwired – October 05, 2016) – New York-based Luxury Institute released today the 2017 Global Hotels Luxury Brand Status Index with rankings and ratings of 40 global luxury hotel brands based on surveys of affluent travelers from the world’s richest countries. The independent and objective Luxury Institute surveyed 3,900 individuals in seven different countries meeting the following income thresholds in local currencies: United States ($150,000); United Kingdom (£60,000); France, Germany, Italy (EUR50,000); China (1 million CNY); and Japan (¥15 million)...”

October 6, 2016:

Four Key Roles For Every Marketing Organization

“All marketers today need baseline skills in data and analytics. Today’s marketer needs to go well beyond reporting and metrics, and be more proficient in a full range of analytical skills –including knowledge of data management principles and analytical strategies, and an understanding of the role of data quality, the importance of data governance, and the value of data in marketing disciplines. Marketers today also need a nuanced understanding of current and emerging digital channels...”

Zaful Launches New Affiliate Program –

“Zaful is all about pushing boundaries, the company offers the latest in edgy, daring, and exciting fashions. The fashion e-commerce site is geared towards bringing less mainstream fashions to attention. This is a huge selling point behind Zaful, however many customers choose to shop with the company because of its extremely affordable prices mixed with its industry leading quality. With millions of loyal users who use the website year round Zaful has been put into a great position to give back even more. The company now is proud to announce the launch of its own affiliate marketing system...”

October 5, 2016: Jumps In With A New Partner Program

People who wish to make extra money in their free time can consider the aforementioned website for details. It is a legitimate email service provider with a 5-tier affiliate program. They have introduced a new 5 tier system called the ‘Profit Strike’ which allows partners to get substantial commissions. Their tools have been described as genuine and effective…”

Should You Be Pulling Or Pushing? –

“Chief marketing officer at global shoe and accessory company Aldo, Erwin Hinteregger, says marketers should refocus on the pull effect, rather than the push.

Speaking to AdNews this morning at Dreamforce in San Francisco, Hinteregger, who has previously worked at Mars and Wrigley, says the brand’s strategy is about consumers ‘wanting’ to engage with them instead of bombarding them with messages…”

October 4, 2016:

How To Finish This Year Strong In Internet Marketing

“This week on the Late Night Internet Marketing Podcast, I talk about how to finish the year strong. We all started out with grand plans this year. In many cases (for example, in my cases especially), those plans just didn’t pan out the way we planned. Hey, I get it. life happens.

A couple of weeks ago, we talked about how to get back on track by leveraging the “Science of Achievement.” It’s all boils down to realistically assessing your situation and moving forward toward a new vision. When you do a realistic assessment of this year, you suddenly realize that there are three entire months left!..”

How Much Does Your Page Load Time Affect Conversion Rate?

“Most marketers understand that a slow page produces low conversion rates. But how significant is the correlation? How fast do customers expect sites to load? Are customer expectations for page load time changing?..”

October 3, 2016:

Salesforce Is Digging Deep To Buy Startup

“Salesforce is about to get tons of marketing data as it builds upon and improves its data analytics technology for salespeople.

The sales software giant said in a Monday regulatory filing that it would acquire marketing data and technology startup Krux for around $340 million in cash. The total value of the deal is worth $700 million, which includes both stock and cash, according to the filings and a Salesforce spokesperson…”

Are You In A Creative Rut? –

“To succeed as an entrepreneur, it’s critical that you consistently develop resourceful solutions to solve difficult problems. Being stuck in a creative rut can jeopardize your ability to lead effectively. This is particularly problematic since no one is “on” 24/7. At some point, you will find yourself in a fixed routine that just isn’t working. Here are four ways to break out of an inspiration dry spell...”

October 2, 2016:

Hot B2B Areas Right Now

“Marketing as a B2B company requires a much different approach than an approach used by a B2C. Whether you are trying to convert your management style to a Moneyball technique or otherwise, there are certain marketing strategies you’ll need to implement to help with creating a more successful business. Most of these strategies involve reaching the over 2 billion people that access the internet daily. Here are some of the hottest areas of B2B marketing right now...”

Why It’s Critical For Entrepreneurs To Take Care Of Their Health –

“Working a 9-to-5 job can be stressful, too, of course, but entrepreneurship is even more so. After all, entrepreneurs own their time, and that isn’t always a good thing: They use this precious resource to the detriment of their well-being. Entrepreneurs often overwork themselves and engage in strenuous activities. They may also develop bad habits along the line...”

October 1, 2016:

What’s Really Going On In B2B?

“Marketing in B2B requires an understanding of social media. Social media marketing and selling are constants for any business looking to grow themselves further. This is no different in a B2B design. You want to make sure your time is going to be dedicated to the right social network as a B2B. Here are some of the real truths behind which social media accounts you should be maintaining for your marketing strategy...”

How To Stand Out On Instagram –

“Instagram just hit half a million advertisers. But things haven’t always been that rosy: When the company introduced its advertising capabilities,  there was a lot of disgruntlement from users. Now, well into its foray into ads, Instagram is not only still alive but blooming...”