Affiliate Marketing News May 2016

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May 31, 2016

How To Use Chapsnap For Business

“With over a 100 million active users and nearly 500 million snaps being taken every day this simple photo and video sharing app can’t be ignored as an effective and useful marketing tool.  True, the app has come a long way since it’s conception back in 2011, by opening the door to marketers who are seeking a creative way to reach their audience...”

What Causes One To Be A Workaholic –

“Dedication to your work is important, especially when you’re launching a business, but according to a new study, an inclination to be on call or in the office 24/7 could actually be a symptom of a larger mental health issue...”

May 30, 2016

Top Digital Marketing Trends By The Insiders Who Know

“According to the experts rounded up in our chat, digital media would no longer be a standalone platform. Close integration with offline media in the form of PR and non-digital marketing will form a part of a complete ‘digital’ marketing campaign.

We asked several questions to the experts, including, “What, according to stats, are the top 3 digital marketing trends for the year 2016?”…”

How To Execute Your Biggest Money Idea –

“When I was broke and living on my sister’s couch back in 2008, I was in love with a TV show called The Big Idea.

Do you remember it?

It was hosted by today’s guest on , Donny Deutsch, and it was a huge inspiration to me early on as an aspiring entrepreneur.

So when I got the chance to interview the host for the podcast, I had to take it.

I loved meeting Donny and thanking him in person for his work that inspired me (and many others) in their entrepreneurial journeys before shows like Shark Tank existed…”

May 29, 2016

Reddit Partnering With Viglinks To Start Monetizing Old Links

Reddit is launching a new way to make money. Starting on June 3, the site is going to use a popular strategy called affiliate linking to get a small cut of purchases that happen after a person clicks through to an online store from Reddit.

For example, if you click a link to a glitter phone case on Reddit and then buy that phone case, Reddit will make some money. It’s partnering with the advertising company VigLink to automatically rewrite links to around 1,500 different merchants...”

How To Tap Into Your Inner Genius

“Creativity may be in more demand than ever. With the rapid rise of the internet economy, creatives have begun to make unique work opportunities for themselves. Online entrepreneurs are making things up as they go because the commerce and industry we experience today is still a new frontier...”

May 28, 2016

Overcoming The Fear Of Loss

“Are you scare to lose? Does that fear of lost keep you from taking action? If that is you, then you need to watch this episode of Driving with John Chow.

In this video, I talk about the fear of lost and how it keeps you down. I also offer a solution to overcome this fear. You feedback on the video is welcome. Please leave it in the comments…”

Fifty-Five Business Ideas

“Better user experience is a goal that has jumped to the top of most businesses’ priorities list in recent years. Making sites easy to use, responsive and user friendly are qualities that can make or break a brand’s success...”

May 27, 2016

Do You Have What It Takes To Make It As An Entreprneur?

“Entrepreneurs are individuals ready to undertake new ventures and create new businesses regardless of calculated risks. If you wanted to embrace entrepreneurship and venture into it, you need to be ready for exciting and profitable undertakings like creating new products, new markets, new methods and of course, new challenges and successes.

Being an ultimately successful entrepreneur is more than just running a business venture smoothly every day. This is about the right determination and attitude towards business and the desire to succeed no matter what. A successful entrepreneur also has the stronger inner drive that helps him succeed in his business venture...”

Essential WordPress Plugins

“Better user experience is a goal that has jumped to the top of most businesses’ priorities list in recent years. Making sites easy to use, responsive and user friendly are qualities that can make or break a brand’s success...”

May 26, 2016

Google Tweaks Bidding Rules To Adjust For Mobile

“Recent numbers from Google have shown that more than half of the searches going through their search engine are now happening on mobile devices.  This is a big milestone, and a sign of a big trend of people using their mobile devices for searching more and more.  Of course, this trend is expected to continue long into the future...”

How Influencer Marketing Is Like The Old West

“Influencer marketing is a topic that is brought up at most meetings these days, and while it has been the core principle of a public-relations approach (third-party endorsement) it is fast becoming a channel of choice for many agencies, regardless of the sector in which they operate.…”

May 25, 2016

Google Tweaks Bidding Rules To Adjust For Mobile

“Recent numbers from Google have shown that more than half of the searches going through their search engine are now happening on mobile devices.  This is a big milestone, and a sign of a big trend of people using their mobile devices for searching more and more.  Of course, this trend is expected to continue long into the future...”

How Influencer Marketing Is Like The Old West

“Influencer marketing is a topic that is brought up at most meetings these days, and while it has been the core principle of a public-relations approach (third-party endorsement) it is fast becoming a channel of choice for many agencies, regardless of the sector in which they operate.…”

Publisher Discovery Continues To Evolve

“The affiliate marketing tool Linkdex Publisher Discovery is now to be known simply as Publisher Discovery after its creator – SEO platform Linkdex – signed off on its separation from the core business.

Many of Europe’s affiliate networks, tech providers, advertisers and agencies use Publisher Discovery for finding and assessing the performance of different affiliate publishers. 

The tool has garnered plenty of praise during its four-year lifespan, claiming a Best Use of Data prize at the 2013 Performance Marketing Awards among other accolades…”

The Best Of The Best Of CES 2016 –


When talking about the massive CES® 2016 convention held annually in Las Vegas, the word vision usually applies to the imagination of forward-thinkers. The technological dreams that will become reality. The metaphorical “seeing into the future.”

But for Aipoly, vision has a slightly different, and very literal, application…”

May 24, 2016

The Consumer Impact On Affiliate Marketing

“It seems that everywhere you look lately, you see terms like cross-channel, multichannel, omni-channel, cross-device, and online-to-offline. It’s enough to make a marketer’s head spin. With the proper context, however, these terms aren’t nearly as intimidating or confusing as they appear at first glance. Simply put, consumer behavior has changed and these terms all describe our attempts as marketers to catch up...”

How To Reach Your Target Audience Through Live Streaming

“Want to build buzz around a new product or connect with your customers? Columnist Jordan Kasteler outlines some live streaming ideas to help your business take advantage of the benefits of video…”

May 23, 2016

The Evolution Of Marketing

“One of the biggest mistakes I see companies continue to make is believing that quality content should be created, distributed, and used only by the marketing team. This belief is not only false, but it’s also a dangerous mentality that dramatically limits your long-term growth...”

The Five Books Bill Gates Wants You To Read This Year

“When it comes to his reading habits, Bill Gates is an open book. As he does every year around this time, the brainy billionaire Microsoft co-founder has once again released his summer reading list. Unsurprisingly, it’s comprised of challenging intellectual volumes — no easy, breezy reads for the beach…”

May 22, 2016

What’s A Facebook Dark Post?

“Heard of a Facebook dark posts?  Yes?  No?  Either way, we’re going to have a discussion about them today.  Dark posts, a colloquialism for Facebook’s unpublished posts ad product, are a way to post things from your own Facebook page that can show up as posted by your page, but only to certain people...”

Is PPP SEO The Next Trend In Internet Marketing? –

“The answer is yes, it is. Pay for performance SEO is the next big thing in the field of internet marketing. The best thing is that you pay only when your SEO specialist delivers results. The performance based SEO model ensures that your SEO specialist proves himself and his services…”

May 21, 2016

10 Must Read Entrepreneurial Books

“When the guy who re-wrote the book on Google Advertising shared his list of must-read books for entrepreneurs, we listened. A highly sough-out consultant, Perry Marshall is the author of seven business books dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and small businesses owners like yourself gain more from online advertising to teaching you how to get more sales from 20% of your customers...”

Why Most SEO Money Is Wasted

“Do you know what snake oil is? It’s a term used to describe any product with questionable or unverifiable quality or benefit. If you read this Wikipedia article on the topic, you’ll see that real oil from snakes used to be prescribed as a cure for everything from small cuts on up to arthritis and skin diseases…”

May 20, 2016

What Is Sensory Marketing?

“If you’ve ever picked up a product and took note of how it feels in your hand, you understand the power of sensory marketing. Manufacturers understand it too, which is why tactile information like the famous contour of a Coca-Cola bottle or the textured burlap packaging of Marfa brand soaps are unique and memorable...”

Low Cost Marketing Strategies

“Let’s be real. Marketing can get expensive. With such a strong emphasis on digital marketing, it can seem like the only way to be successful is through buying ads or paying for SEO. While both of those are very popular and useful ways to market a business, there are also many marketing strategies that come at a low cost, if not for free…”

May 19, 2016

Do the Affluent Shop Online?

“It has long been assumed that affluent shoppers prefer shopping online, while their lower-income counterparts prefer the brick-and-mortar outlets. While this is sometimes true in the big picture, there are multiple shades of grey, especially in what they buy, how they shop, and what they value as they shop. And as internet shopping grows in sophistication and scope, there are a few important ways to keep focused on affluents’ unique flavor of online shopping behavior...”

Crafting A Message On Social Media –

“Social media is an essential part of any effective marketing campaign. According to Pew Research, 62 percent of American adults use Facebook, 26 percent use Pinterest, 24 percent use Instagram, 22 percent use LinkedIn and 20 percent use Twitter...”

May 18, 2016

Super Cool Ways To Make Money Online In 2016

“There is an abundance of ways to make money online. Whether you simply need to supplement your current income or need a way to work from home full time, the internet provides companies with the opportunity to cut back expenses by exploring remote workers. No matter what your circumstances or needs are, there are hundreds of ways to start making money online now...”

eMindful Launches New Affiliate Program

“eMindful, the leading provider of evidence-based mindfulness programs, today launched its Affiliate Provider Program at the International Congress of Integrative Medicine & Health. The program offers tens of thousands of integrative health service providers such as psychotherapists, naturopaths, acupuncturists, MBSR teachers, and others a resource to supply an online mindfulness support system for their patients and clients.…”

May 17, 2016

What’s The Future Of Online Marketing?

“I recently wrote a piece on my “7 Predictions For How The Internet Will Change Over the Next 15 Years.” Among my predictions were the disappearance of conventional Internet “connections,” the commoditization of privacy, the arrival of augmented reality, less work for skilled humans, and the arrival of the Internet to planets beyond Earth.…”

What Type Of Entrepreneur Are You? –

“There are many different working styles out there. Entrepreneurship is no different.

While some ‘treps are all about the hustle — makeup maven Mary Kay Ash, for instance — others thrive on innovating and challenging the status quo, such as Zappos CEO Tony Hseih. While Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk is a prodigy that can rely on innate intelligence and instinct as well as a higher degree of emotional stability, Apple’s Steve Jobs was constantly trying to look ahead and plan his next move…”


May 16, 2016

MageWorx Launches New Affiliate Program

“MageWorx, LLC, an established Magento and Shopify solutions provider, launches a new Affiliate Program. The Program offers big opportunities for those who want to generate revenue by reselling the MageWorx products and promoting the company’s brand.
“We are really excited to be launching the Program in an effort to strengthen our connection with the Magento community,” says Vitali Dudin, the CEO of MageWorx…”

Pinterest Will Allow Affiliate Links Once Again

“Pinterest is bringing back the top way that its users make money from the site.

Last year, the company banned affiliate links, which gave Pinners a cut of the sale when other users bought one of the products that they had posted…”

May 15, 2016

Beware Of Beonpush Bogus Scheme

“Investors are being warned to be wary of a new online advertising investment scheme that promises returns of up to 150pc. Launched last year, Beonpush, which is frequently promoted by Facebook users, claims to offer individual investors a way into  a potentially huge market for online advertising.  ...”

What You Need To Know About Mobile Marketing

“There are now a whole host of different ideas and ways to advertise and market your business, from PPC to magazine editorials – but with so many different ways, where should your business be spending its valuable hard earned cash?

Sometimes it can be hard to sift through all the information out there, every different way claiming they are the best, every business claiming they are better than the other and every salesman speaking is pumped from watching The Wolf of Wall Street and trying to get your custom…”

May 14, 2016

How To Be A Thought Leader –

“So, you know your stuff, you’re confident of your abilities and you’re widely considered an industry expert, but are you a thought leader? Here are five ways to tell–or to make it happen...”

Video Editing Apps To Boost Your Content

“Simply put, video is the alpha and omega when it comes to content marketing. Video content is on top, becoming more and more popular as consumers lean away from overt marketing and towards native advertising and influencer marketing. According to the Content Marketing Institute, video content will account for 55 percent of all Internet traffic this year, increasing 18-fold...”

May 13, 2016

How To Build Your Audience Using Social Media –

“There are a whole lot of blogs out there on the internet. Tumblr reports a cumulative total of 300 million blogs on their site since 2011, while WordPress reports that over 400 million people visit their blogs each month. And those two numbers don’t even account for the many other blogging platforms and self-created blogs that are out there. As you sit and read this article, the number of blog posts written around the world has been climbing at a rapid pace...”

Crowdfunding Is About To Get Easier

“Monday, May 16, 2016, will be a very big day in the world of crowdfunding.

More people will be able to invest in entrepreneurs through crowdfunding than they were just the day before. And that means that more entrepreneurs with more innovative ideas will be able to launch more businesses…”

May 12, 2016

Affiliate Marketing: The Nuts And Bolts –

“In this article we are going to address the precise mechanics and how understanding this can help you to be more effective at your job as affiliate marketer.

What happens for example, when someone clicks on one of your affiliate links?

The answer is ‘cookies’. Cookies are small files that get saved on the computer and are handled by your browser. Websites can store cookies and then look for them and they use this to keep you logged into Facebook, or to show you relevant adverts based on your browsing history…”

How To Get Your Customers To Like You Through Video

“If you listen to the radio in the summer, you’ve probably noticed how four songs always seem to be playing on a permanent loop. It’s like listening to campaign ads in a swing state — you can’t escape. That kind of repetition is key to creating a catchy tune, and it doesn’t matter how cynical you are...”

May 11, 2016

Dell Jumps Back Into The Affiliate Arena

Global tech business Dell is launching an affiliate programme with global performance marketing network, Affiliate Window, after a three-year hiatus in the channel.

Digital agency MediaCom has been appointed to manage the Dell programme, and has placed reach and partnerships at the forefront of its strategy. On behalf of Dell, MediaCom is looking to develop long-term affiliate partnerships and aims to significantly raise the profile of the Dell consumer brand in the electronics space...”

Playster Launches Affiliate Program

“Playster announced today that it has partnered with StreetLib, the largest independent multi-language publishing distributor. The partnership will bring 90,000 ebooks to Playster’s platform, including titles from indie and self-published authors...”

May 10, 2016

Digital Marketing Tech Lagging Behind

“Digital marketing technology is too immature to effectively address enterprise business strategies. 

That’s the stunning conclusion of new research from the independent analysts at Olney, Md.-based Real Story Group (RSG)…”

How To Build Better Blog Traffic –

“Blogs are ubiquitous today. Back in 2008 when ShoutMeLoud was registered, the blogging peak had not hit India – yet. However one thing that never ceases to amaze me is the timeless lure of quality. What was working back then, still works today. Of course, the form and the specifics have changed and adapted with the rise of mobile browsing and other major digital trends. But at the heart of the issue, an ethical approach, a genuine desire to help people and valuable content still rule the roost...”

May 9, 2016

Why Smart Boards Include Marketers

“Marketing-experienced executives are rarely invited to join boards of directors. In one director, who has served on several boards, suggested that the reason why so few marketers serve on boards is because they have little to contribute.

However, in research I conducted with Ryan Krause (TCU) and Don Lehmann (Columbia), we found that when marketers are on boards, there is a significant difference in firm outcomes—specifically, revenue growth. Given that growth creation is at the top of most CEOs’ “to-do” lists, it would seem that perhaps marketers do have something to contribute…”

Movie Quotes To Inspire Entrepreneurs –

“I’m not sure if this will finally be Leonardo DiCaprio’s year, for The Revenant, or if newcomer Brie Larson, in Room, will trump perennial favorite Cate Blanchett for the latter’s role in Carol. What I can tell you is that people are inspired by movies and jazzed by Hollywood’s award season. But what does that have to do with business?…”

May 8, 2016

UK Performance Marketing Up 10%

“The International Advertising Bureau (IAB) released their most recent numbers of performance marketing for the UK, and it is looking good.  The IAB works with PwC to assess key performance marketing channels as part of their overall look at economic worth.  In 2015, approximately 1% of the UK’s total domestic product was influenced by performance marketing in some form...”

Why Digital Marketing Is A Must Now –

“Has the word ‘digital’ become overdramatized and sensationalized by marketers? Yes, and that’s a bold statement to make coming from a CEO and founder of a digital marketing agency.

The sole purpose of marketing is to garner attention for a business selling a product or service. Several subsets of marketing (like content, social media, and digital) have emerged, changing the way organizations market their businesses. That said, they all have the same primary function: to garner attention…”

May 7, 2016

Adding Up The Affiliate Numbers

“The popularity of affiliate marketing is growing by the day. In fact, according to a recent Rakuten Affiliate Network study, the affiliate market in the United States is developing at an astonishing rate.With an annual growth of 10.1%, the industry is expected to grow to 6.8 billion dollars by the end of this decade. And while these statistics are indicating that affiliate marketers can make a decent living in this profession, sustaining a profitable affiliate marketing project isn’t that simple...”

Motivational Quotes To Get You Pumped

“A little extra motivation and inspiration can sometimes help you push through difficult times and remain focused on the end goal. A positive mindset goes a long way.

Read the following quotes to help you reach your entrepreneurial dreams, regardless of what they might be. Use them as motivation to achieve happiness as well as success…”

May 6, 2016

Killer Link Bait To Bolster Backlinks

“No, I didn’t say “clickbait”. This article isn’t about sucker-punch headlines that don’t deliver.

Today, we’re talking about the type of content that is so link-worthy, it gets a massive influx of backlinks for your domain. Like this…”

eCommerce Conversion Hacks That Work

“There are roughly 47 billion web pages competing for our attention. Of these, about  websites, though only 650,000 (or 3 percent) actually net more than $1,000 per year in revenue.

While this may seem few in the big scheme of things, consider that if you were to endeavor to visit each revenue-generating ecommerce site from the comfort of your couch and with a bag of Doritos, spending only one minute per page for 18 hours every day, it would take over one and a half years to visit all of them — and probably more than a few bags of Doritos…”

May 5, 2016

How Promos And Marketing Will Shape Your Small Business

“How do you go from running a business out of your brownstone to creating a national brand and having your products carried by Target and Walmart?

According to Miko Branch, CEO and co-founder of the Miss Jessie’s brand of products for natural hair, the secret is marketing…”

Digital Commerce In A Nutshell (And Animated Video) –

“Here are a couple of startling stats to start your morning:

$9 billion. That’s the amount of money spent worldwide on ebooks in 2015.
$21.3 billion. That’s the amount of revenue from online education in the U.S. alone in 2015.
And let’s not forget that mobile usage is off the charts, podcasts are growing in popularity every day, and software as a service is a new business norm…”

May 4, 2016

Should Companies Outsource Their SEM Thru Affiliate Marketing?

“An affiliate program strives to generate quality traffic to your site, in order to generate leads, sales, or other desired actions.

One of the most difficult steps in obtaining high quality traffic is deciding which sources are best managed in-house, and which ones are best outsourced through your affiliate program…”

How To Start A Side Business Without Quitting Your Primary Job –

“When people consider launching a new business, most imagine quitting their jobs, abandoning financial stability and risking it all. And, with heavy hitters as our role models — people like Elon Musk and Richard Branson, who went “all in” and won big — it’s no wonder many of us believe theirs is the only way to do it...”

May 3, 2016

Luxury Brands Try To Solve Amazon’s Loyalty Conundrum

“Amazon’s favorability among the affluent represents a long-term concern for luxury brands, according to a new report from the Shullman Research Center.

The online retailer still remains firmly outside of the luxury industry, as Amazon does not carry high-end brands, but its success nevertheless permeates all income classes. Brands need to prepare for the giant’s potential entry into the luxury space by beefing up digital purchase channels…”

Boost Your Marketing ROI By Finding Free Content (That You Can Legally Use) –

“Increasing your marketing return on investment (ROI) happens when you increase your returns, decrease your costs or both. Both, of course, is what most marketers aspire to, but it’s admittedly difficult to achieve. One of the easiest leverage points in the equation is to reduce costs, and that’s where free content comes in...”

May 2, 2016

FTC Cracking Down On Bogus Weight Loss Products –

“Hungry to prevent more companies from selling allegedly bogus weight loss products, the FTC has settled yet another false advertising suit against various sellers of diet pills, in a case similar to February’s Sale Slash settlement blogged about here.  The FTC’s latest diet pill settlement enjoins distributors of the dietary supplement known as Pure Green Coffee from claiming, among other things, that any dietary supplement, food or drug causes or assists in causing weight loss or fat loss, unless such claims are not misleading and are substantiated by competent and reliable scientific evidence…”

Businesses You Can Start For Under $1K –

“Laura Cattano went from working in a restaurant to managing her own business in less than a year and spent “next to nothing” to get started.

Her biggest initial startup costs? Replacing an old computer and spending about $400 to create an LLC. Since then, Cattano’s client list for her professional organizing business has grown to be “in the thousands” and multiple major fashion magazines have featured her work…”

May 1, 2016

What Is Cornerstone Content?

“Cornerstone content is vital for both seasoned bloggers and anyone launching a brand-new website because it can help you accomplish many of your content marketing goals.

Goals like:

  • Getting links to your website
  • Finding new readers
  • Attracting subscribers
  • Ranking in search engines for competitive keywords
  • Highlighting archived material

But what exactly is cornerstone content?”

How To Crank Up Your Content Marketing –

“Ah, content marketing… The newest buzzword in the never-ending sea of marketing buzzwords. And as a buzzword, you will get the same scrutiny that “guest blogging” and “native advertising” both received over the last few years. Both of those previous trends gave varying levels of success to marketers and entrepreneurs who tried them out, but they also turned many people off from trying anything new due to some backlash from Google...”

How To Work At Home Together

“If you and your partner both work at home, you are part of an ever-expanding number. Personally, I can think of four families who have recently, and rather abruptly, had a spouse join the other in coming home to work.

One of the couples lives in a beautiful four-bedroom lakefront home in which there are separate offices for the wife and husband. She is a real estate agent. Her office is on the main floor in a sunny room in the front of the house, where she has a large desk, bookshelves, filing cabinets and all the tools and accessories you might need or want in an office…”

Content Marketing Tips –

Marketing a business online is no simple task. There’s a lot that goes into it. And members of our small business community have plenty of experience dealing with online and content marketing. Here are some of their top tips for online and content marketing…”

Strong Data-Driven Marketing Strategy Elements

“According to a Insights Report, which surveyed 162 U.S.-based senior executives, a “a whopping 64% of survey respondents ‘strongly agree’ that data-driven marketing is crucial to success in a hyper-competitive global economy.” While there’s no denying that both executives and marketers are realizing the benefits of data-driven marketing, there are still a number of hurdles to overcome. For example, “data stemming from disparate providers, disconnected systems, varying internal teams, incongruous accountabilities can prevent marketers from reaching the right consumers, at the right time, with a relevant and consistent message…”